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    Amateur Fucking Dog


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    Micha my friend, is fucked by my dog, a big dog with a big dick, thick and hard, which penetrates the pussy. She becomes a bitch for a few minutes pleasant. The dog loves and enjoys liters of shit.

    Uploaded by Alex23brasilsp · Rating: 4.0 (28 votes) · 2879 views


    Awsome video!

    peetyj, posted

    Seen this before; repeat most visits: I love red-heads; especially ones with huge, red-meat bearing Puppies jammed inside their pussies...knot and all. This knot didn't make it all the way inside for a true 'lock': but what a young, beautiful woman and slick, big, black, healthy Puppy! Is there more clips of these two? Huh? Oh, OK, posted months ago so I'll search ALREADY! But, overall one of the best clips featured here.

    abl72lok, posted

    very good

    maike888, posted

    anyone around Lincoln NE who would let me fuck their female dog

    tempradar, posted
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