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    She Get Lick


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    WOW, what a hot video! This is a very beautiful woman with a very lovely pussy, at first, playing with herself to get herself in the mood for her dog! She is a squirter, and that is nice to view when it happens, and to hear her gasp and moan when she does. The dog seems to be a little bored in the beginning just listening and watching her play with herself! But, when she taps that juicy and bald pussy, the dog knows EXACTLY what to do, just like he probably has done before!!! He enjoys licking those juices from her pussy and her thighs, and MAN, I would love to do the same also!!! What a beautiful woman, with a hot pussy and she loves to squirt those hot juices into her dog's mouth!!! Can I have some too please? What a treat that would be!

    Uploaded by pirate777 · Rating: 4.1 (920 votes) · 107496 views


    kik cjh8837

    cjizzle, posted

    I totally came watching this one! Jacked off so hard I think I broke something! LOL. Loved seeing her squirt and her puppy licking it up. Did you notice how her pussy opened when she was cumming. I could eat pussy like that ALL day.

    sdheavypapac, posted

    mmm Wanna get licked like that :3

    kiplup, posted

    Hi! Is any women from wolverhampton or birmingham who likes zoo? I looking for a woman who want to meet with a man who like too zoo.

    Sexywolf30, posted


    poetd, posted

    can i be the one licking ur pussy

    hornyguy1019, posted

    There is nothing better than a good lick.

    jjt1966, posted

    Love this bitch..I just came all over my self

    jayskywalker, posted

    Damn what a beautiful pussy on this girl! Great hole, nice licking, oh yeah. I like this!

    junglejohn, posted

    Love horny bitches like this, I give them multiple orgasm with my thick cock.....

    realmande, posted

    mmmm those juices comig from her cunt lovely i would like to see more on the dog

    peterbilt81, posted

    yummy, real 10 thick, huge inch here, i wish to watching guys and ladies playing k9, if u got dog and cam plzz add me, blackbitop4cuck@yahoo or Skype under BlackBiTop, ty

    BlackBiTop, posted

    OMG!! This vid made me cum so hard...I miss having a doggy tongue on my clit :(

    SuckK9Cock, posted

    Very nice pussy on this girl! And she does love a good licking! Very nice with the fingers too. Would have liked to have seen her tits, but very nice! Anyone like to share stories? e mail me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com....

    junglejohn, posted


    xwildcatx, posted

    i love this video! i wanna see more from you!!!

    amandanrocky, posted

    This is SO fucking hot, she even squirts on the dog!

    jayko, posted

    i love to squirt... whish i could make a puppy do it for me

    wednesday1, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada looking for a camera person? if so, message me

    infuse90, posted

    @ Aluzky ummm... yea.. that IS female ejaculation. There is a lesser form that is only droplets of cum.. tho this is an extreme level of female ejaculation.. you can always study up on the matter thru the link i have just messaged to you. It will school you on somethings.. as far as teh movie goes? wow.. I give it a 9 out of ten.. would have been a 10 out of 10 however the dog couldnt get more active in things...

    shirin.anton, posted

    •Aluzky• @jjustmme69, @jayko, Female ejaculation is just a few drops of fluid, not a yellow stream of pee.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    How about you learn how to clean your ass before you make a video! I'd understand if you just got ass fucked but it doesn't look that way to me. It just looks like you're too lazy to use some fucking toilet paper or baby wipes. If you are that lazy just let the dog lick you clean then! Fuck, that ruined the whole thing.

    leroyjenkins69, posted

    WOW!!! SHE IS HOT!!! Where do you find a women like that love the clip.

    intime4, posted


    freeme69, posted

    Great video!

    SuperMeMN, posted

    Hey guys is love to hear some stories from women who have done stuff like this :) just message me 20/male/Florida

    ray8110, posted

    Too bad the woman didn't want the dog to lick her claen. Maybe she should've let the dog have a go at it. But ya, I know, dogs can be disappointing. They can start licking eagerly for a few seconds and then loose interest. So, if you do it yourself, you know, it will be done. That's a nice cunt, with a gaping hole. Did the dog stretch your cuntlips that much for you? L A T E R ! ! ! 18@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    would love to see the dog do her besides the dog making her squrt

    inuyasha86, posted


    patomarvado, posted

    Yes, she is hot, but would like to see the dog go deeper and longer.

    steveace, posted


    JoeBudd, posted


    oocumoo, posted

    this is so sexy mmmm

    agedbutter, posted

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    ziro995, posted

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    patomarvado, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

    Love it when the woman wants the dog to lick her claen..

    alfaone, posted

    so damn hot wish there was more women like here around damn

    mrbill63, posted

    No, that is female ejaculate. Look it up. This is a great clip, even tho the audio and vid are out of sync...

    jayko, posted


    113curious113, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    audio is like a minute off from video. sux.

    Dilk1000, posted

    Mmmmm.....soooooo wet now!!

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    Very nice,I love the way her pussy opens up when she bears down and the dog is totally enjoying lickling her hole.

    breeder09, posted

    Is that piss squirting from her pussy all over the dog? Is that a the way women get their pets to lap up their pussy?

    Bayer337, posted

    really a beautiful woman who seduced the dog

    nagpet, posted

    Yummy, and Delicious!!! Thanks for sharing! Please share more! ;)

    south2, posted


    vascom, posted

    I want to be her.<3

    aikaamaya, posted

    WOW the only part I did not like is when the dog tried to get between her legs she stopped him. GREAT movie

    wishy2, posted


    xdutchx, posted


    guim, posted

    I wonder who tastes better....her luscious, clean-shaven pussy or her dog's huge, hard, cum-spewing cock? Only one way to find out......

    k9manslut, posted


    jeannasr, posted

    mooi kwaliteit mmm

    kangeroe, posted

    like to have seen Rover give her his bone!1 she sure seemed to like that Licken!!!! I wouldnt have minded haveing her lick me while she was gettin boned!! Or I could lick and suck her clit while she sucked Rover!1

    nativeiowan, posted

    YUMMY! super hawt!

    Barron_Giovanni, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    Mmmm love this!

    brandle1, posted

    Love watching her pussy open and close at the start.

    jakdark, posted

    i lov that loose pussy

    evildogman, posted

    Very nice shave job on the pussy and closeup with the camera. I loved the gaping slit pussy hole as she shot her sex juice over and over as she kept on cumming. I wish I could cum over and over so quickly. That dog sure enjoyed a treat of some prime sex juice. Gotta love the squirters!

    alifealife22, posted

    that lil bitch (human one) has a spastic little pussy on her :) ,the buzz indicates that the Licker is also bitch , would luv to be hard and deep in doggy bitch while she's licking , then try out (Human)bitches for comparison ,,, wonder if human bitch clenches as hard as doggy

    bari, posted

    i have a bald pussy

    ginagirl, posted

    You're right JJustmme -- it is NOT a myth! Hot video and very good licker!

    vachick64, posted

    Aluzky - You seem to be the keeper of all that is "true", "right", "wrong", "the meaning of beatiality" and "good" on this site...Since I assume you are not a doctor and you have said you are not into "humans" perhaps you just don't know what female ejaculation is. Let me educate you: There are two types of female sexual fluids. The most commonly known is called leukorrhea and is what lubricates the vaginal walls. It is a thicker fluid and is slightly acidic in order to prevent infections. Female ejaculation is a thin fluid that originates in the gspot and is pushed out the urethra (where your urine comes out). The gspot is comprised of the Skenes / Paraurethral glands and is what makes this fluid. Female Ejaculation is real, it is not urine and it is a normal and healthy sexual response.

    jjustmme69, posted

    a great video one that i would watch over again

    donnydog, posted

    she's sure comes a lot and all over to, there's juices everywhere and the puppy, he looks young,is learning quickly to lick up all she produces, good dog.It would be nice to see her take this to the next level,she's sure gotten me hard as a rock and ready to join in thanks I LOVED IT

    mcnesby, posted

    she certainly was enjoying that as was I.

    sexydogs, posted

    not that good

    lsemnlrf, posted

    great squirting vid!

    einfachnurgeil, posted

    First Squirt video...I've seen!!!! This was a 5 star video!!!!

    freakyluvwatR, posted

    thats aurora...if you ever see her videos...she loves to lick k9 pussys....she is so hot doing it...makes mt bbw pussy squirt for her...yummy...watch her vids you will see!!!!

    ineedit, posted

    •Aluzky says• squirting? THAT IS PEE SQUIRTING, vaginal lubrication comes out not in squirts, the only hole that has the strength to shot fluids is the urethra, so that is actually PEE. IS a myth that woman can ejaculate lubricant like that, you people have see too much porn with woman peeing. Tell me, how many if you have had a squirt shot in your mouth and taste it to see if it is pee or not?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    i love watching videos of girls squirting, so to see a video of a girl squirting AND having her pussy licked out by a lovely doggy has just make me incredibly wet :D i'd like to see a video of this girl peeing and then being gently licked out.

    xDearPrudencex, posted

    That is hot! Makes me want to go get my dog.

    pussylickingk9, posted

    Still prefer homemade vids, even if this girl is hot and the doggy loves to lick, lick! Give me a girl that is horny, needed a good release and turns to her dog to get her off and fulfill her desires to be seen while doing it, not for money but the joy of petsex!

    browneyedog, posted

    It's not Pee! It's when a girl Squirts! Look it up. I can do this too Blaise Davenport. Look me up on F A C E B O O K

    eightythree83v, posted

    i want your sex

    pilupilu, posted


    bobbyjimmy888, posted

    Fucking outstanding video! Even if you take the dog out of it, watcher he play with her clit and seeing her cunt opening and closing is such a turn on that I had to rub one out by the time the video ended. Gooooood cum!!!

    elassowhipo, posted

    She could water my garden her pussy is so wet and squitey.I would love to see her face.But then her familey would know she was a dog fucker.

    smint123, posted

    •Aluzky says• Whats up with all the peeing ewww LOL, hmmm that bitch is cute and seems to like oral sex.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    hot... has love for the dog. and you can tell... great sound

    sillygoose41909, posted

    Bin ganz neu hier, zufällig gefunden. Finde sowas super geil, wusste garnicht, dass es sowas gibt.

    schlingelin, posted


    ozandy, posted

    what a shame she has mask on lovely pussy nice girl sound great.

    ralhper, posted

    Is amazing to see a nice pussy play by her self and the dog sleep by her side bored to see her play.I she find a man to play with her pussy.

    jokersam, posted

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    rjjuggalo, posted

    ahhhhh good

    rayyyyyy, posted

    I this person on a mental level that is equivalent to an adults?

    rosemeg44, posted

    Being watched coming to a climax is exciting enough but to be licked by a tongue that can get just about everywhere is something else. No wonder her climax was so intense.

    pats69, posted

    stupid mask but beautiful cunt love to be dog.lets see your tits. ralhper.

    ralhper, posted

    dit is echt geil pfff

    kangeroe, posted

    She squirts better than my squirt gun. :)

    drwizbang, posted

    i like the strange girl, the pussy is hot, but the vid is too much for show. there is no way that she does this without the camera rolling. i like amateur animal porn of woman getting off with their pets because they have to, nobody else is there to do it, just an OK vid.

    browneyedog, posted

    loving this

    dogfucker03, posted

    This is so hot. I can squirt farther than her :D

    dragonsgirl, posted

    love those squirters!

    aussie1970, posted

    looks like they both enjoyed it sandyl

    sandylove, posted

    That dog could have a go at mine any time !

    gloree, posted

    jonniekay... I totally agree, I'd also have a go at that cunt. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, n I think she's great.

    theprojectman, posted

    Some of you may think she's ugly but I'd sure take a turn at it. Im a bi female and she could squirt in my mouth all day long. She looks totally delicious.

    jonniekay, posted

    hot woman. would love to lick that pussy myself.

    cwr, posted

    does anyone one know how or where I can view videos like these from my 3g phone?

    henry1282, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    Nice, ever tried peeing a little? They like it.

    caninehoney, posted

    nice simple vid...well done

    thickboner4u, posted

    gott,mädel hast mich naß gemacht,tolle video,ich liebe spritzende frauen,ich tue's auch,kerl wix wohl vorne

    ebrusch, posted

    good job

    koley2, posted

    very hot video

    bigboy33, posted

    great hard on producing video. wish she was completely nude though

    pbhorny, posted

    Nice moonshot with the orgasm....I hope when her puppy grows up and his balls drop she will let him mount her and breed. Would love to see more of these two. She is young, sweet, and excitable......I'd swallow that.

    becauseican, posted

    was I the only one that noticed that she has what looks like shit in her ass? Its all brown and nasty. Come on there is nothing cute or sexy about what I assume is shit in ur ass when u have a dog licking you

    dldoglover000, posted


    dirk20200, posted

    mmmmm Prinsel this is hot

    k9lover12, posted

    i would love to lick that very nice looking shaved pussy jus before i fucked it

    johhnys, posted

    Gorgeous pussy and one eager dog! Fantastic! I'm jealous...

    Littlemoo, posted

    Looks like the catlady is playing with her poosy.


    Nice mask

    mixmaster, posted

    je suis du quebec

    Sampik, posted

    Look, idiot, at least gather SOME knowledge about your movie before you post a description of it. This is Aurora Bliss, famous because her dog is FEMALE, not male, and she engages in lesbian acts with it. For the record, she's also not hot. Actually look at her FACE and not just her cunt, and you'd realize this.

    Slinter, posted

    beautifful girl

    246748ajacs, posted

    fuck u

    jhadelloveras, posted

    This video is damn never everything I love. Great pussy, gorgeous dog, preferably CHOCOLATE LAB, and squirting. I bet that dog just loves to lick all of that up. Wish I was there.

    ilovedoggyknots, posted

    Love watching her squirt and have her dog clean up, I would love to clean her up after me and dog fuck her.

    667simmons, posted

    Excelente! realmente os caes chupam mesmo heheeh!

    Dog_lambedor, posted

    I would love to share that pussy with her dog. I am so wet right now. She isn't much of a looker, but I'd definitely suck on her pussy.

    callmetrouble, posted

    she's ugly, but she has some nice ass pussy. I would love to pound it.

    kinkyrae, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    she exploded! I am the same way :P

    dragonsgirl, posted

    sehr geil da würd ich auch ma gerne dran gehen

    Germanlike, posted

    I really love this..... I can only imagine how fantastic this would be to see in person.... the tease would drive me crazy in the best way imaginable!

    littlejohn, posted

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    yourholeinone, posted

    i like wet pussy

    likesitwetbaby, posted

    what a hot pussy.... makes me wish I was a dog....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    fredog51M, posted

    fucking hot couldn't keep my hands off my cock

    MasterRecruits, posted

    amazing video squirting pussy with dog liking and a nice girl too sexy good work pirate777

    happynono, posted

    what a yummy wet pussssssy

    redmandog, posted

    nice pussy.. id definatly slip in her hole!

    zeebler, posted

    Where do you find women like this??? I WANT one!

    dogweener, posted

    O~Baby!! :) her puppy likes her

    kitten2, posted

    Id lick it right along with him at the same time !

    mommmy, posted

    very nice film nice girl and chocolat i want more like this thanks

    happynono, posted

    very awesome!

    allsorts1950, posted

    I would fuck Aurora and Her dog every night multiple times a night!!

    ombras, posted

    i would love to fuck that pussy next; so hot!

    ravensley, posted

    I love this video, every time I watch it makes me wetter

    kcfucd, posted

    wow hot vid,would love to meet a women in lincoln area who loves animals too

    dirtywhore72, posted

    This was ok, wish she wouls have let her dog really lick on her pussy.

    sefa2002, posted

    Just so everyone knows, Aurora's lucky chocolate lab is also a girl. A bitch that likes to eat pussy. I like that. deepsix

    deepsix, posted

    I cant get enough of her and the dog. I just want to jerk-off to this over and over.

    usmerch, posted

    where can i get a dog like that? my pussy would love 2 b licked like that right now

    kcfucd, posted

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    Micka8892, posted

    very nice!!!!she was a very lucky woman

    kcfucd, posted

    SUPERB! Many thanks for sharing.

    digitallover, posted

    good god, that was awesome! i'd like a turn, too

    pablodiablo, posted


    mommmy, posted

    anyone around Lincoln NE who would let me fuck their female dog

    tempradar, posted

    This is one of the best videos on this site, it gets my highest rating. The quality of it is stunning and clear, also it has sound! The video starts off with the masked girl, which is seductive itself. She starts rubbing her beautiful pussy, and moaning, while the dog is just patiently waiting right next to her. My pussy just soaks waiting to see that beautiful lab start lapping her wet pussy. After a while of rubbing the girl just pats, its the dogs cue to jump on it. The dog then licks and after a while of getting situated, the dog goes to town. the moaning is beautiful, then she finally cums, and squirts. its so so hot! A must wach for sure.

    Cnasser20, posted

    This is a beautiful video. The girl starts off enjoying herself, rubbing and moaning. The sound of her moaning itself makes you want to rub all you can. Then you see the dog sitting by, waiting patiently, you knowing the whole time the dog is going to be right is that pussy is even more suspensful. After a while of watching her rub herself, which is hot as it is, she pats the bed then the dog jumps on that pussy and starts licking, after a little bit of getting it situated. he goes to town, it is so effing hot. I want that chocolate lab all over my pussy, and when she squirts, oh my its amazing this video gets 5 stars for me, amazing quality and has sounds. A must watch for sure.

    fdasfas, posted

    WOW, what a hot video! This is a very beautiful woman with a very lovely pussy, at first, playing with herself to get herself in the mood for her dog! She is a squirter, and that is nice to view when it happens, and to hear her gasp and moan when she does. The dog seems to be a little bored in the beginning just listening and watching her play with herself! But, when she taps that juicy and bald pussy, the dog knows EXACTLY what to do, just like he probably has done before!!! He enjoys licking those juices from her pussy and her thighs, and MAN, I would love to do the same also!!! What a beautiful woman, with a hot pussy and she loves to squirt those hot juices into her dog's mouth!!! Can I have some too please? What a treat that would be!

    silverfox1751, posted
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