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    Dog Fuckers 10

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    dogs fuck girls

    Uploaded by Gazelle · Rating: 4.3 (14 votes) · 1871 views


    clearly a guy holding the dog and moving him in and out.

    petlover69, posted

    Useless dog.

    bowchickabowwow, posted


    dudek, posted

    The first girl is hot ide love to lick that wet pussy. Just look at those swollen pussy lips

    clancy1, posted

    This dog has fucked a lot of women, and you'd think he'd get better at this. Feed him some Viagra, and you'll see some humping then.

    Stepiwolf25, posted

    Everyone of these women were beautiful and hot. Ypu could tell that they were turned on and enjoying the fucking they were getting. You could also tell that they were totally turned on. To bad there was not knotting.

    ultralord, posted

    mmmmmm would love to lick the dog cum from her yummmmmmie

    bipuss2011, posted

    This dog is a loser

    uku, posted

    The close ups of that huge cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt are excellent, if you do not get aroused from watching this one you are probably dead. Certainly a very well trained dog who knew what feels good.

    Pyrenees, posted
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