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    Doggy Style


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    Very sexy video. The video starts out with the huge dog repeatedly mounting and fucking the women as she rests hehr body on the bed and on about the fourth attempt he finally knots her. And then the women plays will the dogs testicles You can really see how pink shiny the dog's cock is. You can yello hoe much the women in enjoying herself in this video by how loud see moans and I love how the camera really gets close to see all the action. I love seeing the cum spray out from the dogs cock I really like how the dog has socks over its paws so that the women dosen't get scratched and after the final time he pulls out she gibes a aloud shriek

    Uploaded by crags1981 · Rating: 4.2 (1842 votes) · 181994 views


    Nice cock and balls wish I could suck them till he cums in my mouth

    kountryqueen, posted

    Waste of time, not enough action to get off to.

    kinkybruhman, posted

    this gal is hottttt

    shoff75, posted

    Awesome, she's so f'n sexy too. I'd love to see a lot more of her in action! Women near N. Louisiana, E. TX, S. AR who want to experience K9 breeding message me on here.

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    Such a hot clip, she definitely enjoyed the dog pounding her, what a lucky dog.

    GSD777, posted

    i wanna feel this sperm squirts inside of me ...

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    twsea72, posted

    wish i had a boy like that

    gloomgirl, posted

    lucky dog she's a hotty

    matty1884, posted

    very nice, wish i could take her place and let that dog get me :)

    want2trynow, posted

    hy habe auch so einen rüden -welche dame möcht es auch mal ..

    hundefan, posted

    ja so mach es spass gefickt zuwerden suchen so einen rüden

    wirsuchen, posted

    come on dont be afraid of that knot

    cocobarra, posted

    mm love me some big balls

    ilikelittledogs, posted

    Anyone in Toronto have a male dog who can knot me?

    Hornehgirly, posted

    She`s hot, I love the audio, though I didn`t see his knot actually enter her tight little snatch...

    jayko, posted

    Oh man I would have loved to be her ...that big dog dick going deep inside of me and knoting me ..mmmmm makes me so wet just thinking about it .

    fuckmeup47, posted

    That is one hot blonde chick, but I agree, she should have stuck her pussy up higher and let that boy show her that she was his bitch. Let him really get in her pussy and release that cum from his huge nuts.

    wineman123, posted

    The dog had so much experience with this woman, that he knew, that standing on his hindlegs, he'd be to high, so he needed to get his pelvis lower, so he did and by mounting and humping her, he did get his dick in a little. But not far enough to knot her. And if you ask me, the woman knew that. And because she didn't want to be knotted she didn't get her cunt in line with his dick, so he couldn't get it in far enough to knot her. The scream was just play-acting, because nothing really happened, that can justify that scream. And shaking your ass like that and showing your cunt, may work for a man, but not for a dog. It's pathetic to own such a nice big dog and to not know that. L A T E R ! ! ! 1202 animalpsychologist 4.

    cleclego, posted

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    yummy1245, posted

    i would to have tons of fun with that dog and his nice big balls 2

    inuyasha86, posted

    what an awesome woman and he would so love to knot her and she would love it too...she needs a coach!!

    CherriesD, posted

    Man, if she would have juss stick her ass out a little an actually get on her knees, he would have knotted her very quickly... you can see he wants to pump his seed inside his women... so im kinda disapointed with her!!.. the dog juss wants to love his mate.. an she teased an denied him the whole way... Shame on her!!

    HoneyMaster, posted

    that would feel amazin i want that sexy dog x

    dogsluttt, posted

    Man, if she would have juss stick her ass out a little an actually get on her knees, he would have knotted her very quickly... you can see he wants to pump his seed inside his women... so im kinda disapointed with her!!.. the dog juss wants to love his mate.. an she teased an denied him the whole way... Shame on her!!

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    This woman thinks, moving her ass around, swaying it to and fro entices the dog. SO NOT TRUE! The dog hardly sees her ass, certainly not her cunt. He smells it. A dog sees with his nose. His nose tells him more than his eyes do. Just like when we eat. When we eat, we need to see and smell the food. When we see and smell the food, it tastes better than when we don't. A dog can't really see that good with his eyes. And all species see in a different way. In the way they need to see. A horse sees other things than a dog does. Just like a cat sees other things than the horse and the dog do. But they all see mostly black n white. Chimps see in colours. So, sexy stripping and dancing to bring the dog in the mood is wasted on the dog. You wanna bring a dog in the mood. Let him smell your cunt. Make your cunt wet and smelly. Crawl around in the room on all 4s. The woman has got a nice body and nice ass. But only WE, (humans) see that. The woman is too low for the dog to really fuck her good. In the last part of the clip, you can see the difference between her hight and his. The dog can't think, he can't deduce, that he should get down lower and hang more over her, to give her a good fuck. He spreads his legs wide, which makes him come a little lower and still gets his dick in. Dogs can't bend their knees. Maybe the woman knew, what she was doing. Which means, that she didn't really wanted the dog to fuck and knot her. That's why she stayed so low. She already started to whine, when the dog's dick merely touched her ass. The dog did get his dick in a little or else he wouldn't get his knot. But not far enough, not long enough to knot her. Most times his knot just started to grow. At 1 time it stayed in a little longer and it grew a bit bigger (not at its biggest). animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    this is hott, i have never had sex with a dog but i want too

    sex_kitten, posted

    this is one of the best films i've seen on this site yet

    Barron_Giovanni, posted

    A very sexy movie, enjoyed this one

    model1034d, posted

    Good clip. I would like to see more like this. Nice girl and doggie

    longjohn9491, posted

    Good clip. Would have been nice had she let him knotted, but she was scared and it probably hurt her a bit as he pounded his knot ferociously. Anyone know what is the dog's breed? Great dane? Thanks,

    cooljim, posted

    nice doggie love his nutss and dick, dump the loser of a skinny women n cum over to someone who can teach you to fuck so sweet

    chubbyladie, posted

    Another reviewer, who knows shit and is full of it. Probably a foreignor, who doesn't know, what 'women' means. Another thing he doesn't know, is what 'to knot her' means. He thinks, that the dog knotted the woman on his fourth attempt. But the dog didn't knot the woman. NOT in this clip. NOT once! And this guy better not be around, when you're being raped, because he's gonna tell the police, that you weren't raped. And that he could 'yello hoe much you in enjoying yourself by how loud you moaned.' He is stupid. He is so very fucking stupid. Oh, and since he likes using superlatives (well, not in this review), he is the stupidest... animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    I'd love to be her dog. MAN what a hot body. really need to see more of that. getting fully knotted would be awesome.

    lvmydog, posted

    Beautiful woman, great dog cock = excellent video.

    pinkgarter, posted

    oh id love to be in her position! im soaking wet just thinking about it

    chibimako81, posted

    yea thats one hell of a pretty sexy girl.....it seems she is a little nervous.....at times as the dog is struggling to fully knot her.....hope to see more of her....thanks great vid

    kutha, posted

    i would like download full movie very -8 good

    Rupinder1974, posted

    Wow! What a woman, what a big dog! Great!

    gentleg, posted

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    logdog69, posted

    too bad he couldn't have knotted her better that'd really have her screaming!

    dazzledsheep, posted

    lucky bitch :p

    maceblack, posted

    i agree made me hard

    damtrav, posted

    very nice

    bigtrev, posted

    Love this video. He humps her so hard, looks like it felt so good. Lol and yeah the part where she screamed a bit was funny, it probably hurt :/

    mustanggirl, posted

    i like the way her humps her so hard!!!

    misskim, posted

    Very erotic

    perlonyx23, posted

    love that scream he hit her other hole I think

    lovemydogknot, posted

    its bilara she always moans

    ilovedogs24, posted

    what the hell is the bitch moaning about there is nothing happening but a bunch of mounting and moaning.. so phony!!

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    So Sexy. I can't wait until mine is big enough to do this with!!!

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    grande scopata non so se invidio lui o lei???

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    kkamugu, posted

    This pair has great potential & that woman could get rich with private films. BUT HONEY!, rotate your lower legs way out to each side so fido has room to work!!! & get the beautiful fanny up & open!!! If he's tripping all over you he's not going to be able to focus on really givnin' it to ya which is what we're all dying to see (and i'm sure you would enjoy too!). Hope to see more of you. Hasta, Rik

    pavium1, posted

    this video is amazing best of all clear and good sound.she was very very beautiful too with a good figure.that dog really know how enjoy beauty girl pussy.what a love to be my.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Like the way the third or forth time, her pussy's gotten stretched enough, you don't hear her protests,,, only about until the dog just about drives it into her a$$,,,then she lets out a shriek. I could watch deprived bitches like this *all* day long. Good vid.

    ScurvyDog, posted

    leaning forward is no good for the dog,ass up head down thats the way

    pedro9565, posted

    This was a good short, would have been better if there was some knot action

    waylander993, posted

    Would trade places with her anytime. Lucky dog!!! wonder how big his knot is?? Would live to have it inside of me.

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    Now that's what I'm talkin' about. A woman that's willing to take some big foriegn cock. Clear, concise filming,,,,got me hard, just wishing I was that fuckin' dog. ;D

    ScurvyDog, posted

    Wow what a combination,she is beautiful with a killer body and her lover is hung! It doesn't get any better than that!

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    DuncanAk, posted

    That dog was huge compared to her. She took it well until he rammed the asshole. That must of hurt. But it didn't deter her, she loves that cock and kept it pumping cum as long as she could. Looks like she coaks him one more time with a good ball licking at the end. Nice job.

    alifealife22, posted

    HOT lady but she just did not want that dog dick. OPEN your legs girl open your legs.

    wishy2, posted

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    freakhh99, posted

    Bilara is so fucking hot & I'd pay to share that big, horny dog (Toro) with her at least once a week.

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    Sooo good!..I almost cried when it ended. Who needs Viagra?..Fully erect in 10 seconds after seeing that beautiful ass fucked by a dog!

    peterperv23, posted

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    Cute chick!

    jackf9, posted

    very nice she sure loves the fucking she is getting from him,I wouldn't mind tapping that either.

    jepcsp50, posted

    •Aluzky• Looks like Bilara and Toro, though she has long hair and no techno music on the background. XD

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Sweet passionate perfomer : Bilara. Great acting as well.

    digitallover, posted

    Beautiful woman and nice big dog,but she doesn't help him out at all when he tries to penetrate her.She actually lays flat to prevent him from getting his very aroused hard cock into her!

    breeder09, posted

    Did you see the size of that knot? I almost came just thinking about taking it. My panties would be drenched if I were wearing any.

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    yeah it looks a lot like bilara she is the best and the sexiest with her dog there both so damn hot!the dog has nice big yumm cock balls body and tongue and bilara is so damn sexy

    ilovedogs24, posted

    I wish we could see the penetration better.

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    SilentLover, posted

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    Kittin2, posted

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    The girls is very attracticew has nice arse, and the dog knows what to do. Just wish he didnt slip out of her and would cun inside her. Made the wife very randy watching that now she has gone to get our Labrador for some fun. Doesnt take much encouriging from him to get down to business. Better go and wacth as this is making me randy

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    I also loved this dog . . . Call me an innocent, but even though I had heard tell of people having sex with dogs, I never really believed it because it sounded so crazy. I saw a movie a few months back and there was a scene of a woman being raped by a Great Dane and I then thought, well maybe it is possible. This clip definitely answered my question about why . . . obviously both the dog and the girl were enjoying themselves, and so was I.

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    daddysk9girl, posted

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    batan67, posted

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    St88man, posted

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    i sympathize with her, cause i too am a little hesitant with Porter, but it's just because i'm not ready to get on my hands an knees and spread my legs.. but i know sooner, or later i will. did ya notice the more she worked with him the more relaxed she become.. that was kool! :)

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