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    Homemade Dog Fuck


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    a man films his wife being fucked by their dog the camera work is a bit shifty but u can hear she enjoys it a lot wouldnt we al love a wife like that

    Uploaded by Shadowaj · Rating: 2.9 (133 votes) · 166345 views


    Now that's what I call a closet zoo ;)

    mehoff, posted

    Anyone else in sc? hit me up.

    countrygirl4u, posted

    Mmm makes me so hot! If any women in the Austin, TX area want a dog... I'm trying to train one. Inbox me! I love to hear stories too. ;)

    LesbianRiley, posted

    pretty hot stuff

    Victrola25, posted

    turn on

    oocumoo, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    one horny bitch taking on horny dog pound that pussy hard

    derekgreen, posted


    gdfggzss, posted

    hey I'd be dwn for sme of tht ttcand1@yahoo.com

    tlvedogie, posted

    when can we expect more of her,she was great!

    jepcsp50, posted

    very nice dog fuck!!!

    Gitara, posted

    Camera waves a lot but for the times it stays still it looks real good.

    jediknight2452, posted

    I did not hear any audio

    butrflyangel02, posted

    my numero 1 try was a german SH

    thafurry, posted

    I want to try this. Anyone in central Missouri willing to show me the ropes?

    pest69, posted

    o audio,and bad camra, could be good video hope they try again

    bill76, posted

    Anyone please help me do appear on here love to do it all zzuke@hotmail.com in England London

    ianmax, posted

    You guys need to watch some good videos of dog sex to learn how it's done. This was a mess!

    Donnatto, posted

    It sucks when these people film this stuff with no audio. How do we know she was enjoying it??? Is she new to this? Was she moaning and groaning? Or is it so old hat that she just gets fucked and it's over? How the hell do we know? Put some audio in your movies!!!!

    likbrbvr, posted

    lovelly nice dog fuck sweet cunt

    hornbill, posted

    Hot!! enjoyed the sexy action!!!

    polarize, posted

    what were u doing 14 jan 2008??? i was bustin' my balls in work...nice to know some doggy was bustin' its balls in pussy...but my gf had a two-doggy weekend later on...such is karma

    gfnme, posted


    johndog, posted

    I couldn't hear her supposedly enjoying it. o_O

    sexyjenny16, posted

    the movie was ok i would not great it was not quite long engough but i would give 4 stars. some of the best parts were the dog climbing off and sniffing the pussy he was fucking then bening put back on to finsh what he stated. i feel it needed sound and that the picture quitly was very good. but a cum shot would have been nice to end the whole the. overall i would most likely show my friends. one thing i was not into was the guy in the video i like to just see women in the movie and see a nice pussy abused the hairier the better in my opion

    rob2169, posted

    that is so hot a sexy bitch beein nasty with her dog I have a girl I wish I could get to do that she reely takes it good you can tell she is hurtin some takin in that big dog dick more free movies please I cant afford a pay site if she love that i know shell love my horse dick as well this makes me so hard i feel ashame and dirtyu watchin this nasty bitch give it up to a dog theres really not anything better in this world than a nasty dog fuckin beatiful lady this is what i been lookin for my whole life thank u for not makin me feel alone im glad there are more perverts in the world like my self

    loppyy, posted
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