• a funny cartoon of movie beauty and the beast. beast fuck with love and beauty likes this. After the violence , the sweetness and finally it is no worse for the beauty

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    Thats what really happened haha

    mattyevans3904, posted

    should be a prince by now lmao

    x116, posted

    What. The. Fuck.? Anyways, the first one was way better. Shouldn't have put in that music too.

    redtulips3, posted

    cant watch the film in the same way, its better tho

    kitykat, posted

    god hot video

    chubbyladie, posted

    that was great

    inuyasha86, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    I never quit dreamin about Disney cartoons. Just in a different way.

    Tierstein, posted

    OMG! My childhood is ruined! DX

    Emos86, posted

    Hilarious! Music playing in the background was great, lmao!

    mjhm, posted


    hahano, posted

    Two words, Besides these I mean; Rule 34!!!

    Laramie, posted


    caninehoney, posted

    Meine Tochter sagte es ist garkein Kindercartoon! Oh, aber geschmunzelt hat sie beim zusehen - na ja ich auch - hi hi!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    Hilarious that they used the actual song from the movie in this. Copyright infringement, anyone? Not that I'm complaining; this has been a sexual fantasy of mine for a LONG time. If only Gaston were involved...

    A.N.Roquelaure, posted

    This is why Disney is blamed for furries. I LOVE it!

    ladynereida, posted

    that was so cute. now to find a beast of my own

    slavetok9, posted

    I wish it was abit longer but very much enjoyed it.

    episoide, posted

    I like that. A change is always good, and this was good, just wish it could have been longer.

    jardypop, posted

    where did u find this?

    missyelliot, posted

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    coco72, posted
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