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    Mounted By Brindle Pit Bull Dog


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    she was determind to get breed,i only here for the genuion stuff and there isnt very much to be foud on here.like this clip because her puppy knott her pussy.i wish she would have gotten knotted hard and suck the dog cock off getting him all hot,now this is the nice video.i like to see the girl body more but the dog makes up for that.nice mounting that was great,that girl know how to great time with her dog,love that pussy and her dog have huge cock to give her owner.would see that girl fuckit for the long time.keep up the great job and have fun about that.and that girl have to rest of her body,great video and contribute more like that.

    Uploaded by Fred_Nekron · Rating: 3.3 (606 votes) · 93960 views


    I love watching this woman being creamied by her lover ;)

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    I liked the way she was using her Cunt Muscels -but her Ass is up way to high for a small Dog

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    Fuck Me!! I love this vid.. Turns me on sooooo much.. my pussy is drippping wet.. I love how he sets there an juss fills her pussy with his seed.. you can see his balls twitch with each quirt as he pumps her full of cum.. hmmmmm Damn im turned on now!! Def. gunna watch this vid a few more times an perhaps cum while i watch it ;)

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    How good was that I love the sounds of a woman in lust and she surely was enjoying that cock pumping its load in her beautiful pussy! Nice lady and good dog he's not trying to jump allover the place to get what hes after just buried in her and filling her up mmmmmmmmmmmm great vid

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    From the beginning of the clip, the dog didn't have his knot inside the woman. But his dick was and it was pumping cum into her cunt with every twitch of his balls. And with every twitch of his balls, his dick twitched too and the woman felt it and loved every spurt. 'Cause his cum is hot! Like his dick! The woman holding the dog on top of this one, did a fairly good job. If you want to see more than a knot being outside a cunt and the twitching of some balls, watch another clip. Wishing there was more to see in this 1, want help you none. And if there was more to see, it wouldn't be a free movieclip. It's a free movieclip, BECAUSE there's so little to see in it. animalpsycologist.

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    kitykat, posted

    mmm, but I would have wanted to see him go in and out of her. Nice pussy, nice dog, would'nt mind a little of both

    zivago1, posted

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    jaydog29, posted

    nice to watch and enjoyable i like to watch n do message me if u r here

    koonkani, posted

    •Aluzky say• Nice movie, nice pitbull ass and lucky dog to have an owner that gets him bitches :)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I've never done this but looking to have sex for the first time with a dog. Please send me a message if you're in the North NV area.

    wwoman, posted

    Wonderful to see the dog pulsing into her; easy to see that he has been with this sweet girl before. So many envision only the beginning of the mating.... this is the heavenly part. Lovely too watch. Mary

    Maryes, posted

    süper ötesi olmuş:))

    cino_50, posted

    brilliant, the way that good boy just kept on pumping his cum into her, and she was loving it, the dirty bitch, and love her for it. wish i could get a shot of the dog, and let him fill me that was.

    bareback53, posted

    my...he is in her really deep....can only imagine what she is feeling...especially when he starts cuming in her...it must feel wonderfull, having that totally full feeling....

    LonelyLady, posted

    nice movie. liked seeing the dogs balls pumping his cum into her pussy. wish it also showed the dogs asshole pulsating.

    jayshaw, posted

    He never stopped cumming; just kept pumping into her 'deepest chamber': once that puppy bulbous penetrates her uterus, the knot snaps full and the pumping begins as his cock swells and thrusts a little each hot squirt. It's mostly automatic when he's locked just right; the bitch begins to cum over and over...just love those groans she can't keep in. Wonder what she does when she takes a break after vacuuming while hubby's at work? She'll never tell...

    abl72lok, posted

    would love to see more

    MIKErmike, posted

    i love his balls pulsing and filling her full of his cum.

    fishlover, posted

    very good

    promporn11, posted

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    cuttwice, posted

    Love to see the dogs nuts pulsating like that,means he's still ejaculating cum into her pussy,very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    Average video. Wish there was a little more action.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    Wirklich ein Genuss zu sehen. Der Knoten war auch in der Fotze der Frau, toll. Schön, wie die Eier des Rüden zuckten, da kam sicher die Ladung Sperma. Wer in Germany / NRW fickt auch mit Tieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder mitmachen...??

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    LOVE watching the balls twitch while she's pumped full of cum. Lucky gal!

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    BeastyFriends, posted

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    701e28th, posted

    I like how his balls pulse as he unloads his cum in her fat pussy...

    jayko, posted

    they both sure seemed to be happy especially her with all that inside her the whole time they video taped her

    k9novice, posted

    "Knot" a lot of action.

    r.dick123, posted

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    yeah, black screen! what the fuck?

    Prasak, posted


    SUNNYTAN, posted

    Mounted but never takes the knot!! This clip begins with the brindle already mounted. She never really takes the knot. She never really moves. The dog never really moves! In my option this video starts out exactly where it ends anti-climactic! No crazy dog humping... no cries that one would expect from brindles partner. Just 2 plus minutes of complete and utter disappointment! If you were looking for climax... I suggest you look at a different clip! Unless of course mundane over dubbed moaning and a clip that leaves you wanting way, way more is what you are into. But then again, bitch is getting fucked by a dog! Which is always a plus in my book?

    diamonddan44, posted

    A very good short clip. It would have been nice to have seen some humping of some sort, but her pussy was nice, her moaning was hot, and the shot was nice and clear. I do feel like the scene lacked action, we don't get to see the dog get up there and hump, only the aftermath. the girl's nicely trimmed pussy was a real high point though. based on how she was moaning, the action itself seems like it would have been hot, and, again, would have really been nice to see. I still really liked the clip, however. I'd give it maybe 7 out of 10.

    jbassmaster111, posted

    the dog and the women are in a nice knot. The dog and women were enjoying they mating so much. She love when his knot and balls bounces. she want more of the dog dick in her pussy. love that pussy and her dog have huge cock to give her owner. I will love to see the girl get hump to get knot it up by the dog..keep up the good job and have fun making more videos. that girl need some rest after getting knot by the dog. she want the dog so bad. love when the balls and the knot moves in side of her.

    sexy3465, posted

    Nice close up of a knotting, however, I would like to see the actual breeding rather than just the final act of being knotted. I did quite enjoy the fact that the woman was enjoying her furry lover. Her moans were proof enough that she was quite pleased by him. Additionally, I did enjoy the fact that the pup didn't slip out as is so common with different videos I have seen. Would like to see more of this woman and pit bull. It is rare to find a video that is such a wonderful close up. Not only did she accept the knot quite well, but the dog maintained his positioning quite easily, and the other person was coaxing him nicely

    FauxFame, posted

    Made me want to be right there and have her mouth on my pussy while the pit is on her. Love how the dog is nicely rocked on her as he is knotting her. Had to touch myself and rub my clit so much I came watching. Hot video. Hope to see more of the brindle pit bull dog and his hot bitch. Her moans made it such a turnon. I haven't been with an animal but if I can get my hands on one for a few hours, I am ready to try. I want a dog to lick me while I rub him and when he is ready, I am going to doggy style him and get him in my ass and pump him hard until I cum over and over.

    toohotformen, posted

    Excellent video all shot from behind with the dog already mounted. You'd think it would be boring, but instead it's a great look at the woman and her pet having the time of their lives! From start to finish, the video shows the dog inserted knot-deep and mounted. It's great to be able to see the dog's balls working up and down pumping out doggy goodness. Even though not much of the dog or woman is shown, they're both clearly enjoying their time together. Seeing the big dog knot firmly filling against her entrance is sexy as can be. Definitely a recommended video to watch. Authentic as it gets, with a beautiful dog and he's enjoying some beautiful woman parts!

    1111dogsex1111, posted

    I think that one of the best things about watching a dog fuck a woman is hearing the woman moan out in pleasure. This lady was surly being pleased and was enjoying the experience. I would have liked to have seen more movement and the dogs cock moving in and out of her pussy. There was very little movement. Movement, moaning, and cum. It would also have been nice to have seen a little cum dripping out of her hole. The video was clear and you could see good detail although I would haveliked a closer shot of her pussy. Igf she could have sucked the dog off a little bit would have been great. I give it two thumbs up.

    tankarrr, posted

    Nice angels but needs to have more action more of the dog pounding that add or pussy, nice video though but needs more to keep someones attention , like maybe fun oozing out dog pounding it and lady taking all the dog has. Needs to be more of the actions of the dog fucking the lady and more pumping action and more than just the dog sitting there with its cock in the woman. Want to see more of this couple doing a lot more sexually. It was an okay clip for being what it is I think it just needs more action and more cock and more cumming . It was kind of dry but liked the camera angel and the hole that they chose to use to let the dog duck her.

    wowwuzzby, posted

    very nice liked her moans but could use more action she has a nice ass but would like to see the dog do more such as mounting and humping on her until he gets his dick started in her even slide it in her ass a few times before shoving it all the way in it would be nice to actually get to see the dog pull out and shoot cum all over her ass that would be nice for a change jerking him off and letting him cum on her face would also be very nice to see also more action

    grizzledog, posted

    Very nice mounted clip. Pretty coloring on the dog, and a pretty nice ass and pussy on the woman. Would have loved to see more of the action leading up to this, as I'm sure that boy is one hell of a fuck. And definitely some after shots of just how much cum she took, since it was a pretty long tie, but this was definitely a good clip to watch. Calm, clear video and sound, her moans were a turn on as much as watching his balls twitch as he shot her full. They were both enjoying themselves. Certainly a must watch that will make you wish you could swap places with her.

    knotrllyme, posted

    she was determind to get breed,i only here for the genuion stuff and there isnt very much to be foud on here.like this clip because her puppy knott her pussy.i wish she would have gotten knotted hard and suck the dog cock off getting him all hot,now this is the nice video.i like to see the girl body more but the dog makes up for that.nice mounting that was great,that girl know how to great time with her dog,love that pussy and her dog have huge cock to give her owner.would see that girl fuckit for the long time.keep up the great job and have fun about that.and that girl have to rest of her body,great video and contribute more like that.

    ikankembung82, posted
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