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    Cunt Deluxe Part 2


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    It's been a long wait for more from this beautiful woman.Her's are the gold standard of this kind of amature vidieo.And her new partner,(max)adds greatly to the mix. "CuntDeluxe part2" opens with Max's hard red cock being licked and sucked by the gorgeous pleasure seeking mouth that reaches up to drain the hot red shaft that is covering 'CD's face in hot doggy cum.We are treated along the way with several peaks of CD's HOT tits and a little more.I only wish it was a little longer; but I think there are more parts!So thanks for sharing this with your fans and as the song says How do you like it,How do you like it?....MORE!More!MORE!!! THANKS "CD" and Max!Great Stuff

    Uploaded by reallybad · Rating: 3.8 (886 votes) · 141835 views


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    this clip from C.D. is pretty good with lots of desired action...however, I could live without the off camera male voice over. wish it wasn't there ~ it's very distracting.

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    Great Movie and she locked like she was rely enjoying it.

    John_murry, posted

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    bahamut66, posted

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    smint123, posted

    In past have left comment for some vids that sound would be appreciated. In this case, IS THERE ANY WAY OF REMOVING THE ANNOYING BLOKES INANE 'COMMENTARY'??

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    It's been a long wait for more from this beautiful woman.Her's are the gold standard of this kind of amature vidieo.And her new partner,(max)adds greatly to the mix. "CuntDeluxe part2" opens with Max's hard red cock being licked and sucked by the gorgeous pleasure seeking mouth that reaches up to drain the hot red shaft that is covering 'CD's face in hot doggy cum.We are treated along the way with several peaks of CD's HOT tits and a little more.I only wish it was a little longer; but I think there are more parts!So thanks for sharing this with your fans and as the song says How do you like it,How do you like it?....MORE!More!MORE!!! THANKS "CD" and Max!Great Stuff

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