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    Knot And Pussy Full Of Cum


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    it was a knot of fun and very good on the close up and when they fuck its a good scene they just should of showed the part when the dog first got on her or mounted her and they could of used a better camera or video quality especially when he dog had got his little but swollen balls to pulse like they were going to explode when he had decided to release all of his little pups into her tight pink rose of a pussy that was also entertaining yet beat up from the vicious power of the dogs huge pulsating pink dick with a pool ball size knot on that sucker it could have ripped or torn that nice pretty pussy of hers but the did a good job on getting the dog to pulsate his balls against hes nice rose bud of a pussy if that's what you want to call it after that beautiful dog had got a hold of it and tore it a whole new one and decided to fill that spunk hole with a whole lot of warm juices from which came from down deep inside that that dog did not think he had in him after all that beating up he had done to her and her tight pink piece of meat she calls a pussy

    Uploaded by frankieisawhore · Rating: 4.0 (280 votes) · 73298 views


    Love it. Need to try

    doglips1969, posted

    One of the best movies on here !! Great job !

    silverbirch, posted

    Would love to get that dog's big cock in my pussy.

    seagem, posted

    any girls in florida who loves to fuck dogs, or horses? e-mai lme pimpn_ska @ yah oo .c om Im very interested in watching, joining or fucking an animal myself =]

    lightnin01, posted

    Mensch sah das geil aus, als der Hundesperma zwischen Penis und Schamlippen raus tropfte, war so erregt, habe es mir selber gemacht. Wer in Germany / NRW hat real Sex mit Tieren und lässt mich erstmal zusehen, später evtl. auch mehr...?? Diskretion sollte selbstverständlich sein!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    Nice some camera wavering but loved seeing that big dog cock pulling out and the cum draining from her hole,very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    worth it

    user1429, posted

    SHIT, There was enough room for another cock or two in this one.


    ich liebe es wenn ich jacks knoten in mir spühre dann bin ich sooo richtig geil und seinen saft dann in mir spritzt wow hm einfach ein geiles gefühl

    sinni, posted

    wow. you know what though, looking at some of these comments i've gotta think that 90% of the folks on here claiming to be women "ooooo that makes my pussy so wet" etc. are creepy old dudes. Yeah i'm talking about you creepy old dude.

    tonktaf, posted

    my pussy so wants this can any1 help me i want 2 be full of dog cum

    lesley, posted

    any one with pics plees sendm 72o3439449

    bthebaker, posted

    23 days ago HotPink69 wrote:

    aa147, posted

    thats sexxxy. id love to have that view

    wagamanel, posted

    mmmm my cunt is aching for a knotting like this, to be soo full of puppy cummmm... would love to find sumone local to help me.. i'm a awesome sub slut for cock...mmmmmmmmmmmm use all my tight holes pleaseeeeeeee xoxo

    luvs2sqrt4u, posted

    mmm i would love to find a guy near my age who is willing to hold the knot of my dog in me then fuck my tight pussy himself as the dog licks

    lickmykitten, posted

    Would have been a great movie if he could held the camera still.

    daredevil5, posted

    I wish I was her....Nice vid....thanks!

    HotPink69, posted

    hope she enjoyed it as much as i did

    windstar, posted

    lve the dog dick at the end mmmmmm

    ilovedogs24, posted

    lo disfrute mucho, buen polla y coño

    Panteon, posted

    hot but the camera work coulda been better!

    mikkey180, posted


    hungry4it, posted

    not great movie quality but enjoyed it wish he was in me yummy

    blondestar62, posted

    Sweet! Pup filled his bitch with his huge tool. Lots of cum!

    harleypoor, posted

    not great quality of video but i like it

    grayzoo, posted

    that was really hot

    welove2watch, posted

    Would love to see the dog fuckin' that cunt hard and fast.

    BamBam807, posted

    hell yeah that was good stuff, we really like wet gaping pussy pullout shots!

    redmandog, posted

    Wow I loved it. Such a hot woman. I just loved it when the dog came out of her and she was so wet and open. I would love to see a show like that in person.

    doitonetime, posted

    anyone here from Waco Tx, chriz1776@yahoo

    hailey, posted

    One great knot clip! I really love watching all that cum bubble out towards the end got me super wet!

    dazzledsheep, posted

    This started out and ended well, but broke up alot in the middle...

    jayko, posted
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