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    Swimmig With A Frisky Dolphin


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    A girl gets in trouble while swimming with a dolphin. the dolphin likes the girl so mutch hey want's to have sex with here. Here boyfriend has to protect here from the dolphin.

    Uploaded by John160 · Rating: 3.4 (372 votes) · 72440 views


    she should have fucked him!!!

    Spinelli69, posted

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    michaellj1972, posted

    I can't believe she didn't take advantage of the situation, Any female dolphins around?

    marelover2000, posted

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    conniechung, posted

    Oh yes he wanted her pussy his cock was hard and she neede to take those bottoms off !

    mehoff, posted

    not really funny or a relevant video for here..

    zjao, posted

    So I notice alot of you going on about how fun it would have been to see her get fucked. So for the girls, I hope you think it would be awesome to get your insides torn apart my the pressures of having a dolphin fire his load off inside you, not to mention the force of the impact when they give their final thrusts which would shatter a girls pelvic bone. Because Dolphins are not sensual love makers. When they rutt it can get down right violent and aggressive. Yes they have random spontaneous sex. But the female dolphin is built to take such kinds of sex. The human body is not.

    zionwolfspau, posted

    You do realize that it's "her", not "here", right?

    Petguy17844, posted

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    coryhogan, posted

    looking for someone who let me have fun with their bitch in maple grove MN please contact me

    cold12345, posted

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    young_one_65, posted

    i think it jus smelled fish...

    xxtraeispainxx, posted

    I'd love the chance to swim with a dolphin, let alone have a horny one try to get with me.

    xsetp, posted

    wish that she would have taken her bikini bottoms off & let him do what he really wanted to do with her! i would have taken my pants off in a flash if I had the chance that she did.

    bigarse, posted

    dolphin wants some pussy

    tgirlwhore, posted

    Wishing they had fucked.

    Indicated1, posted

    The dolphin's got a hardon. He wants to have sex. Why not let him have it. That's what you went down there for anyway. You just wanted to play around a little with him? Is that your game? Do you do that with guys too? animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    My o my.I would have loved to be their. I would have opened my legs and let him have his way with me. and the girl. Nothing more erotic than to be raped by an animal.

    jamieboxer, posted

    bastante interesante. seria bueno ver algo mas intimo de este tipo

    zoorojano, posted

    You know how many people in the world would KILL for a chance to swim with a horny dolphin...and all her and her boyfriend do is to go 'round and 'round in a circle trying to keep him away. Sheeesh...I don't even mess with the "boys", but in a situation like this, I'd HAVE to at least give the guy a hand-job :->

    TZwolf, posted

    Interesting and the girl laughing behind the camera makes this video humorus.

    bluedestiny, posted

    All animals have to fuck to procreate. Some do it in a funny way. Like a spider, an octopus or a fish. But they all have eggs, that need to be fertilised. And the woman knew, what was gonna happen. She was fortold before entering the water with that guy. She was waiting for it to happen. And when it did, she liked it. Just not so much to let the dolphin fuck her. Certainly not in front of that guy and the cameraman. Had she been alone, however... Be careful though! A dolphin can drown you, trying to fuck you. And the actual deed only lasts a second. Not worth dying for. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    thought it was beautiful as it creates our link to understand life is more than just us humans...life surrounds us each day in different ways and for each of us with a variety of experiences...to share life is our greatest reward

    Gingles, posted

    Not that great... funny not sexy

    sashgregory, posted

    that was great but all he wents is just sum pussy

    inuyasha86, posted

    Hot wish i was in the water with this horny dolphin woukd have let him fuck my male ass in an instant:)

    horselover192, posted

    logchain412000 almost 60 yrs o and still ignorant. ALL male animals 'FUCK for the PLEASURE... the JOY... the FUN of seXXXual enjoyment...' The girl did NOT get in trouble swimming with a dolphin. She, most probably, already knew, what was gonna happen. The guy's a pro, advertised it to the girl to get her to hire him. Wanna see a horny dolphin that would like to fuck you? Which woman would say 'No!' to that? Even my ex-wife would've gone for it. That is why they had a pro-cameraman present, so he could film the whole thing. And why do you think the intercom's there? Normally, when you go scubadiving, you learn signlanguage to signal to others, when there's something to see or look out for or when something's wrong. And the woman gigling meant, she knew what the dolphin was gonna do and she didn't mind it too much. And the guy not shooing the dolpin. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    this was hilarious!! he wanted her sooo bad even when her boyfriend was holding her he kept tryn! plus you could tell he was nudging at her crotch!!!

    fxygrl10101, posted

    that was funny... he wanted to fuck her so bad, and he knew where to go lol...

    doggy1234512345, posted


    hzw19701108, posted

    i wonder if she smelled like fish...

    unLegend, posted

    i cant believe she didnt let him get lucky. id sure as hell would ;)

    dixie2009, posted

    I can't believe the dolphin knew she was female!! I mean they are lucky he didnt get aggressive, maybe bite them. But wow,, how erotic!!

    debbiegirl29, posted

    i think is exicting because ... what person is fucked by a dolphin

    cagassagua, posted

    Hey anybody get the dolphins number ? This could be a great start for a romance flick ;D

    mehoff, posted

    cachondo ehh

    Humboldt, posted

    exciting but scary,,,, is this possible or is it dangerous?

    mousemat, posted

    He Knew what he Wanted

    dwain12, posted

    i bet lots of women fuck him alredy dats y he is despratley wana fuck her he is being used alredy tho

    yaz_boy, posted

    I think it was a shame to not let him fuck her as many women have before and enjoyed it as well. She was safe with the guy with her anyway, what a party pooper.

    Happydoggie, posted

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    1seximama, posted

    Wow tht was a very nice movie i would like to see more .

    letsdoit70, posted

    damn, i need to go swimming naked there :P

    kitykat, posted

    He probably smelled fish.

    weirdo12345678, posted

    IMAGINE...dicked by a Dolphin...!!! Dolphins and Humans are the only species that FUCK for the PLEASURE....the JOY....the FUN of seXXXual enjoyment.... and....that Dolphin was HoRRRny...wanting to FUCK that SHUGA...

    logchain412000, posted

    hey, i'll let him fuck me! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    its not here, its her "

    capulet69, posted

    wow that was interesting never heard of before def would love to try that out wonder why he was so attracted to her thou. musta been raggin lmao.

    keahshu, posted

    Agree with most about the bottoms getting dropped, would've been interesting to see outcome.

    calgarsfinest, posted

    that dolphin knows good pussy when he finds it!!! even better if she were naked! that would have been an intense Fuck!!! Sigh!!!!! thanks for sharing! please make more!!! :)

    south2, posted

    woow! this is sexy!

    Prasak, posted

    that was adorable lol but yeah, I would have opened my legs too. Or at least given him a hand to work with.

    Decemberist, posted

    I would have opened my legs for him

    jamieboxer, posted

    Omg He's Cock Got Hard Lol

    wetwetcum, posted

    I thought it was cute lol

    Dirtygirl51372, posted

    Well in case of danger, her boy friend was there he can protect her, the dolphin just want to have fun with her only or may be fuck her a little bit, it would not injury her pussy. the dolphin smells her vagina like his mate,so she just pull down your pants and let the smells flow around and see what happen than.if it tier to fuck her she just hold on to it fin than the dolphin can not fuck her deep in the vagina.may be her boy friend haven't fuck her yet so he can't let the dolphin fuck first.she is still young girl with a nice body.

    jokersam, posted

    I wonder if I'd have had the courage to drop my bottoms and see what happened? He did seem keen and what an experience!

    pats69, posted

    hahaha press charges against the dolphin who the hell is gonna defend the dolphin? :( a shark?

    MrOwnagePranks, posted

    He knew right where to sniff.

    joenorth, posted


    meiaibs, posted

    LMAO! :D Molestation! :D

    tercel, posted

    huh...stupid "dolphins ejaculate with enough force to cause internal damage" myth. Look, we mammals are all made out of the same stuff; same flesh, bones, blood, and mucus membranes. If any mammal could ejaculate with enough force to injure a human, than they would do the same damage to a member of any species, including their own, therefore rendering reproduction impossible (P.S. horses ejaculate greater volumes with more force than dolphins).

    jgt2598, posted

    No does not always mean no! Ha Ha what the hell pull your pants down baby!

    Adonia, posted

    inhuman0101... just because it may be 14mph, that is just speed/ force is determined by the volume and diameter of the urethra, so it is actually not very much FORCE at all... so there

    pikachulover, posted

    It's very funny! Dophine want rape the women

    koala62, posted

    RAPE! hahaha!

    asswiper12, posted

    thats funny :)

    beastybunny, posted

    smell like fish?

    chasxxx, posted

    that would be even better if she was naked

    vlarg, posted

    not that good

    yurilo, posted

    You know...human ejaculate with more force than dolphins then. If they ejaculate at 14 mph that is half as slow as humans who can shoot up to 30 mph.

    funsd960, posted

    He really wanted to fuck her and kept trying she should have removed her bottoms but she isn't a zoo like that shame

    mehoff, posted

    Comments like these are why we cant have anything nice.

    feral_sparky, posted

    This looks like so much fun. If i were in that position i'd let the dolphin rub itself up against me so it can have it's pleasure. I would have loved to see one of them run their hands along it's belly or pleasure it.

    SkyFox, posted

    too funny.

    luckie, posted

    I would like to see a girl with no clothes on let the dolphin fuck her. I kknow there are movies out there of women being fucked by horny dolphins. No it will not hurt the woman, that is BS

    budfurd, posted

    @inhuman: I'm tired of this myth perpetuating. If it was in any way dangerous to have sex with a dolphin, the female dolphins would all be too dead/injured from internal bleeding to mate the males.

    Lolcowsow, posted

    Die Frau hat noch gelacht. Andere Filme mit Delphin gesehen, da hat jemand ihm an dem Schwanz gefasst, wäre schön gewesen, sie hätte auch. Wer in Germany / NRW fickt real mit Tieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder mehr...??

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    its actually lucky for her that the dolphin did not penetrate and cum. when a dolphin ejaculates the stream is released at over 14 miles per hour. just a heads up for any woman looking to try this willingly. i would recommend just giving a hand-job and just licking the shaft. 14 mph is allot of force and can cause massive internal injury and possibly death in some cases.

    inhuman0101, posted

    i wish the dolphined fucked her and cum a shitload in her! she could also sucks its cock and cum in her mouth! but i wanna fuck her so hard and cum in your mouth while im fucking her mouth!

    jakomak, posted

    Must have her .


    smells like fish taste likes chicken

    tmbed, posted

    This would have been really good if she would have given him a little or a lot, which ever. let him do his thing, then that would have made it very good and exciting. Isn't that what this site is all about. Something different is always the best.

    jardypop, posted

    This may not be one of the sexiest videos out there, but it's certainly amusing, it starts off rather innocently, that is until the dolphin that the couple is swimming with decided that he liked what was between the girl's legs and was very determined to get it. From then on we get to plainly see the dolphin's erect cock sticking out as it swims around the girl trying to bury its mouth between her legs all the while the person operating the camera seems to be giggling non-stop. Even when she's grabbed by her boyfriend it doesn't let up, simply moving to take any angle it could while occasionally rubbing itself over her. I'm sure we all wish she'd decided to take a chance, as well as a grope, and return some of the horny thing's attentions.

    onilink0, posted

    An attractive girl gets persistant attention from a horny dolphin trying to get some girl pussy. He tries to stick his nose in her crotch. She starts laughing so much that she can not keep him away and her boyfriend helps to keep her away. The camera work is good and the picture is clear. I would like to see her let the dolphin fuck her with his big pointed cock. She has a very nice body and with her boyfriend's help the dolphin could satisfy her and give us all a great show. The video is worth watching and I would like to see more.

    purpleprod, posted
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