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    Dog Fucks His Mistress


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    A dog fucking his mistress, homemade horny dog movie. The quality is not perfect but still it is horny to see. Sorry there is no sound on this one.

    Uploaded by frankscholte · Rating: 3.6 (255 votes) · 104201 views


    we r just like dogs we go crazy when our dicks hit the pussy and we cum fast and we hike our legs up to get more dick in the pussy lol

    tonloc173, posted

    Fearkiller, god loves animals. That's why he made so many of them and let them procreate so much. Holy Shit, that is some beautiful piece of ass. Those are some beautiful legs, beautiful ass, beautiful cunt and a body to die for. And combined with a nice dog. Ya, too bad there is no sound. It would've been nice to hear her sigh, when he entered her and when he started pounding her. Also too bad, they haven't taught him yet, to stay on longer. He mounts her, fucks her for 14 seconds and is off her again. The whole thing takes him 20 seconds. On her, 20 seconds later off her. The dog can be taught to stay on longer. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted


    bigdamo09, posted


    Fearkiller, posted


    uli123, posted

    my turn;-)...i get her ass....grrrr NICE

    steelernation, posted

    nice clip to bad no sound that would make it a great clip. just the same nice dog who knows what to do. I would love to knot with him

    bubbastephens, posted

    •Aluzky• Where is the sound? That is one of the best parts... no sound makes a video mediocre.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    he did'nt waste no time!

    cyberx76, posted

    Sound would be nice

    sexydogs, posted

    nice quick fuck

    cuddles2puddles, posted

    Why mo sound? Would have been better.

    Lorenk, posted

    Mmmm, I'd love to have that big boy in my tight little ass and pussy. Loved it.

    Tierlover691987, posted

    even though it lacks sound he gets in delivered into her pussy awesome

    dfpjs137, posted

    even though it lacks sound he gets in delivered into her pussy awesome

    junglebunny, posted

    Pound heeerrr

    WitchTaiga, posted

    I Loved her Hot Ass.

    doitonetime, posted

    That looks just like my wife's white ass! Where were you honey?

    Bigeightincher, posted

    That was amazing ,dog fuck her like she was is wife.

    jokersam, posted

    hoho good vid

    alucard743, posted

    good,real good

    bulletshooter, posted

    OH. Good !

    tubeobin, posted

    this scene is very nice

    vagabondo32, posted

    i want to fuck that fat ass with my big cock

    casanova1972, posted

    It,s clear that it's not the first time the dog fucks his bitch. Like to hear the bitch moaning. Like to see more....

    flanker07, posted

    that's a fat ass.

    tonktaf, posted

    love how she dresses for her breeder, wishes it was me

    dutiful9, posted

    That dog looked soo horny

    irakleio, posted

    very good wish i could join in...ohhhhh makin me wet....

    summer4103, posted

    Duidelijk iet de eerste keer dat de hond dit teefje dekt. alleen jammer dat er geen geluid bij is. verder een zeer geile scene, op naar meer..

    flanker07, posted

    dam u look good

    locc91st, posted

    very hot

    svfc48, posted

    im shock!!!

    ddffgg, posted

    You know what? Actually you did a pretty good job! Dog and lady at good distance from camera, action sraight to the point, and good finish. Keep up good work.

    Donnatto, posted

    Nice pussy full of dog sperm! My wife likes to fuck dogs and small horses! Always a lot of cum! And very hot to watch!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    wow that dog is well train thats for the video

    relly20012001, posted

    worked fine if the sound would be better than dogs

    bolkepce, posted

    im 16 male and live in canton oh... looking for someone to have fun with... as in fucking each other i the ass

    bigcaboom1, posted

    if anybody wants to talk message me im 16 and horny as hell

    Achilles7750, posted

    Hat den niemand einen lieben Rüden um damit meine Frau zu decken??? Bei sympatie darf der Besitzer vor meinen Augen meine Frau auch vögeln!!!

    MacLeoud, posted

    Young hot female from FL looking for some fun. Message me if interested ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    It may have been ok with audio.. looks like Taylor to me.

    jayko, posted

    I hope MY wife never gets that fat, and I also hope I never get so bored with her that I have to video her getting fucked by a pet dog for me to get turned on. Most of all I'd hope the videos never make it onto the web!

    tonktaf, posted

    would love to see the knot inside her

    mack45, posted

    she is so HOT! many tnx

    fredog51M, posted

    any owner willing to help do it all . in Heathrow area zzuke@hotmail.com. I know this difficult but I sure would love do it.

    ianmax, posted

    another well bred bitch. Good vid, too bad no sound.

    dutiful9, posted

    THIS WAS A GOOD MOVIE, I would recomend it. the doggy has a really good aim never missing a beat, fucking the wife quickly and passonatly right till he comes. the doggy fills her with come, and she receives it willingly with her juicy pussy. she has a really hot ass and knows how to fuck her dog well. At the end you camera guy gives a nice shot of her juicy come filled pussy, focusing on her nice round ass and then zooming in to her clean shaved cunt. the doggy does it all in one shot without taking a rest, just fucking and fucking with real intensity but there is no knot lock. I need to get this black lab for my wife...... yes

    orangemf, posted

    wow,what a scene i like this movie,this k9 is very aggresive and know what he's doing which makes this clip good.the female has a nice ass which everybody should agree with me on,im sure there's more to this that we will see.if you look closely you will see a nice ass jiggle, while the k9 is hitting it from the back which is also a sexy part,then when he climb off while pulling his short knot out.this is a sexy lady that i would love to see do my husky at anytime,wow what ass she and dog , i started to bust a nut on that total awsome video something i would watch over again and again

    antdog12, posted
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