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    Lexi Fucks Her Dog

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    Lexi is back and ready to take her doggy loving to the next level. I love how vocal she is and she seems to be genuinely into it. Great to see a beautiful, fit young woman enjoying some alone time with her handsome doggy.

    Uploaded by knottygirl · Rating: 3.8 (490 votes) · 53641 views


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    xxsniper229, posted

    Alexis Wright is so hot! I wish I could fuck her!

    jackf9, posted

    oh my god she is so hot what a lucky dog

    youngblue, posted

    shes cute and insaciable but the dog wasnt into it at all

    angelcross8, posted

    Awsome Lexi, you need to give us some more of your dog dominating your pussy.

    risingmember, posted

    Male- Looking for a good fuck or a good dog :D 20/Florida

    DemonDaze, posted

    Lexi is super hot, but she and the pup need some time and practice...instruction may help.

    jayko, posted

    Nice video. Might have been a little better if the dog would have been more in to it.

    deeperdabetter, posted

    Looks great

    Jano11, posted


    kaidutran, posted

    She is beautiful. I wish she would make more videos.

    hugek9fuck, posted

    I've got some advice, that this girl needs, for the sake of MANkind; she needs to find a bitch, in season, rub the bitch's vulva, with her fingers, then rub her fingers on her own vulva. The dog will think she's a REAL bitch, and the birds and the bees will take over...I just wanna SEE it, that's all.

    landie_man, posted


    volevole, posted

    At 03:09 the movie froze. And when it resumed, it did so without sound. 20 seconds. The woman is hot. She is so very fucking hot, I wish, it was me instead of the dog with her. The dog didn't do a good job anyway. I would've done better. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    She has a bunch of free movies under her name on slutload.com.

    jackf9, posted

    Her name is Alexis Wright and she lives in Maine!!

    Aero23, posted

    The hottest girl i've seen here. Are the more than two movies? My gawd!

    flynewguy, posted

    Great flick! I wish there was better lighting, as that is the key to making it look more in focus and less dark. I would love to see more of her work and would love to do a project with her for film.

    jackf9, posted

    I had problems watching it the film stopped but the sound kept going later the whole thing stopped????

    mcnesby, posted

    Beautiful , If you enjoy it don't fight your urges go with them

    lostcontrol, posted

    she was awesome,she got a figure that was so fantastic excellent to look at and make hot and hard. her sexy voice can make my cock so hard it can thrust her honey pussy fast and hard.she was like imagination out ,like 3D movie.if she to find me think i was her dog also can as long as i with her.

    samsonsam123, posted

    I loved this. Really arousing. Very hot. Tasty even. Wish I were there to enjoy it too. Just wish it were longer. Better still, she needs to work on her positioning. She should have just got on her knees. Still, it was very good. Pantie dampener.

    mymichelley, posted

    i loved it and the fact that she did it by the doors so anybody could see is fucking hot. but love how she just went after that cock to fill her damn sexy hot

    mrbill63, posted

    Is she Sarah Silverman..She looks like her

    Aero23, posted

    •Aluzky• Audio is out of sink, and why is she wearing shows but at the same time naked? Weird... does she think that it is less "naked" that way? Anyways, decent video, though the pit had no eats (ugly)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    so wish i had a guy into this with a horny dog, nice :)

    siamese80, posted

    she is so very hot!!

    MEB504, posted

    The person who posted the review is obviously only partially literate and incapable of comprehending basic punctuation usage. Honestly, he ruined the video. Way to go dirtbag.

    Nekkofox, posted

    even if the vid is just for show, this girl might really love doggy dick, does it off camera just for the fun of it... thats what i want to believe anyway... shes and the dog are so beautiful, want both to fuck me! mmmm... pussy and doggy dick, enough said!

    browneyedog, posted

    im sooo in love with her!!!!!

    xanadu, posted

    How could anyone be uninterested in something that hot. Even if it was a dog he should know she is hot.

    tinymut, posted

    I likes this one, the girl is very sexy, which you don't see a lot. She has a sexy voice, and the things she said turned me on. I also like the way it looks when a girl is under the dog thrusting her hips into the cock.

    abcd1986, posted

    I wish the lighting had been better, none the less, this video is just, "fucking hot!!!" lucky pit bull!!! I would love "fuck and suck" "Lexi's hot tight pussy!!!" thanks for sharing! please make more! :)

    south2, posted

    What a Hot woman, probably the hottest I have seen in a B film. Be fantastic if we could see another film of her with the dog actually F her!

    rodeotexas, posted

    The dog couldn't be any less interested. you gotta hate this dildoing

    MasterRecruits, posted

    zero rate

    hermanmunster, posted

    Did she say "I can't believe your doing this?" Uhhhh! WTH! Shut up and get over it and get that Pitt to Fuck you!

    Pincegetit, posted

    mmm t would love to eat her pussy while nthat dog fucks her yummy lick his knot while its in her pussy an when he pulls out all that doggie cum fills my mouth mmmm love the taste of dog cum i would lick her pussy clean and his cock

    iloveitall, posted

    Of course you faggots want to bury this video as being of poor quality What would you rather see? Manufactured close-ups from some foreign underground beastiality company? With mostly ugly fat housewives panting for dramatic effect? This is a genuine U.S. girl filming this in solitude due to being horney as hell can't beat that

    jondc1700, posted

    very bad

    naidu202020, posted

    goei filmpje geil

    kangeroe, posted

    too bad the video would stop. audio continues.. then the video starts... out of sync.. the video quality is shit.. and was not that great. That being said. most of the clips on this sight aren't worth watching. Luckily this was in the free bonus area because, i would be pissed to have to pay to see a horrible clip

    havik82, posted


    LESEGO, posted

    excellent movie, i wish my name was deter, lexi was having fun,and why not.

    bulletshooter, posted

    One of the hottest videos I have seen. You girl are so hot. Keep posting videos.

    dragon1981ish, posted

    Lexi shouldn't worry so much! :-) She did the best thing ever! :-) If people judge her for this and negatively, I will judge them for her! :-) 10 points up for you Lexi! ;-)

    tercel, posted

    Lexi is HOT!! Like to see more closeups on the action.

    beastnutone, posted

    Sweet natural Lexi.Great movie.

    digitallover, posted


    dalmata, posted

    WoW what a hottie and she wants to be bredby her dog in the worst way what a smokin body ;)

    mehoff, posted

    love the kennel scene! too bad she didnt get it doggy style

    redmandog, posted

    Fuck, why did the sound cut out at the best part?! "Oh god I cant believe I'm doing----" OMG! She sounded like she might have started crying because of the guilt. You don't see that in porn everyday.

    Shywong, posted

    c2c add me if u will fuk k9 on cam nastygirlslut88@yahoo.com

    beastgirlsex, posted

    So hot!!!!! Please post more! Lots more!! xxx

    katewhore, posted

    really hot clip

    smurftwats, posted

    really hot clip

    smurftwats, posted

    QDJ :-)

    bamizm16, posted

    Great: "I can't believe I'm doing this"

    QDJ, posted

    yea!!!!!!!! fuck that pittbull hell yea thxs

    ilovepittbulls, posted

    great vid. definitely want to see some close ups. unique in pet sex scissors action.

    phantomlover007, posted

    good vid but she should have been more closer so we could see the action and that pit's cock ;D lexi is hot too

    Sexdoll666, posted

    bom video...faltou aproximar mais

    legislador1, posted

    Hi Lexi. Your dog is the exact type of dog I have fantasized about having sex with for years. You are a lucky girl....

    wantdogorgynow, posted

    I would love to fuck you with your dog. Great.

    asquith, posted

    lexi is hot .

    fishlover, posted

    I want to see so much more from this girl.

    mdacv, posted

    the hottest movie i have ever seen

    jjka, posted

    Maybe Lexi likes to fuck dogs but this pit needs more training. he is very unsure of himself and uncomfortable in what he is being asked to do. the only reason I liked this clip at all is because it looks like a kennel I use to work in a long time ago

    msinvet, posted

    Awesome movie

    elarring, posted

    too far ..

    asserex, posted

    this clip looks like it was filmed in a dog pound or something like it. the girl was very attractive which makes the clip 10x better. Dialogue was probably the best part, especially when she said i cant believe I'm doing this ha ha. it would have been nice to have a closer angle though and different position since the dog didn't seem very comfortable. i mean there's a reason they call it, "Doggy style" right? hopefully she makes more videos using some insight from the reviews. all in all, good video. cant wait to see more. please give me some credits lol!

    scooby36, posted

    Lexi fucks her dog, First of all Lexi is a very sexy girl, you can get a good front view as she walks towards the camera. Her breasts are very nice. And when she walks away from the camera, her ass is 'very easy on the eyes.' The lucky dog was good, looked like alittle resistance at the begining, but when his throbbing cock enters her body he quickly becomes content and wants too stay and let Lexi have her way with him. The movie was good quality. Clear picture through the whole movie. I could make out everything that was in view of the camera. The use of a cage was interesting. Certainly where the bed and the dog's things are located. Makes me wonder if she would sleep near the dog at all times. The sound in the movie was also great. I can hear everything that Lexi said. Even some whimpering from the dog as his sences went nuts from feeling Lexi's wonderful pussy fitting his cock like a glove.

    bluedestiny, posted

    This is an awsome movie. BEAUTIFUL babe, i love how she is fingering herself before the dog fucks her. and i also love the position she is in when she fucks the dog, and the dog really seems to be having fun,over all, great video, but i would love if they made anotherone, with a closeup view, and having the dog hump, her from the back, or even the front, if the girl is elivated, the the dogs cock reaches her pussy. if i was to rate to on a scale of 1-10? i would rate it a 10/10. please make more videos like this. :)

    pornisawsome, posted

    Lexi succeeds in fucking what has to be the luckiest pit bull on the planet. This is a must watch and if you read this rest of this review..you'll understand why...Lexi is an amazingly hot American girl, who has a perfect little body and gorgeous face. She has trouble getting her Pit Bull Deter to fuck her at first, (in fact he doesn't even seem aware Lexi is hot for him), but about half way through the video this dog and his mistress come together when Deter jumps on the bed and Lexi, demonstrating her athleticism, slides right under him and guides his cock home. As soon as the lucky dog's cock slips in her little honey pot she thrusts her hips up and Lexi starts the sexy talk again as she fucks her pit bull. I've never seen a chick fuck a dog this way, but it's hot and she really, really loves fucking this animal. Its pretty obvious this is her first time..especially when she exclaims, "Oh my God..I can't believe I'm doing this". It's also clear it won't be the last...you can hear she's getting off on fucking with this dog and she is genuinely turned on by being Deter's personal sex toy. These things are rare in these types of movies. Lexi is super hot and very enthusiastic and the way these two fuck one another is sexy and unique.

    elarring, posted
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