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    Girl Masturbate And Get Licking


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    a girl on bed masturbate with a candle and get licking by a dog unfortunatly it is a really bad webcam quality and its not long

    Uploaded by Magpie84 · Rating: 2.3 (143 votes) · 71870 views


    This thin small breasted and hairless girl had my G-string pulled to the side in seconds . I remember keeping my pants on around my ankle's in case I had to abort my mission quickly, in fact my older sister had barged in one night when I was bottomless on the bed as Eric was lapping my little slit. I sat up, reached for the sheets and tried to act natural! But Eric was between my legs and I was naked below the waist. She glanced at me as she walked across the room, smiled, and grabbed her book and just left. We had no locks on our rooms and 7 kids so finding a spot for "Spot", wasn't easy. I liked the vid for the memory alone!

    lexxilynn33, posted

    poor quality of video

    thecritic, posted

    title is catchy not much else

    ms.nasty, posted

    Nothing special but can understand how good it is getting licked on your side x

    debs, posted

    Im in Canberra Australia up for everything lets play

    dirtydogcumboy, posted

    anyone women want to see a 16 year old bust a nut on cam add lovestounload@hotmail.com :]

    ilovetocum, posted

    Not a bad little video. She seems to be enjoying herself.

    pink_panther, posted

    nearly a slide show ok though

    Tyler, posted

    she┬┤s very awesome

    DARKEL1, posted

    iemand in belgie die dit doet ik zou dit ook wel eens willen uitproberen samen met een vrouw.ik word hier suppergeil van mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes

    kangeroe, posted

    Still good tho. Sexy looking girl.

    cyclopsdaman, posted

    i wonder how old that girl is, cuz the size of her legs and her pussy looks kinda young

    cocklover444, posted

    This time you guys hit it square: was a girl!!

    abl72lok, posted

    i like this one even though it has poor quality.. makes me wanna go f**k Porter :)

    kitten2, posted

    Poor Quality! not much action

    seeksK9lady, posted

    I agree that the stop and go of this clip kills my boner, and we didnt even get to see some doggy action.

    thegreenax, posted

    love the socks

    socklover77, posted

    It might have been a good clip before it was downloaded, but the stop & go replay and the sound bites are really poor. not worth my time.

    msinvet, posted

    nice but to dark

    suckbug, posted


    Tipsy123, posted


    ananimus2010, posted

    The content isn`t bad, and the girl is attractive enough, but the vid quality totally reeks.

    jayko, posted

    Ok, this movie is just OK for a first attempt. Low grade webcam. Dark and jerky pics and the action is almost out of camera range for much of the video. I give great credit to anyone who posts, but with cheap high quality digital cams and webcams available, this video needs a pass.

    tco12345, posted

    This video had a lot of potential, however the poor audio quality and choppy video quite jarringly detract from the content of a quite attractive woman receiving a fair bit of oral while she plays with herself. when you watch this, I recommend lowering the speaker volume as there is a lot of distorted high pitch noise. It's worth seeing at least once as the woman in the video is quite above average looking. If she does do any new videos, with a proper camera, they would be in my permanent favourites. Until such time comes to pass, this will have to serve as the best she has to offer.

    doughellisgod, posted
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