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    Anime Girl And Donkey


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    anime clip of girl and donkey, with sound and good animation, anime clip of girl and donkey, with sound and good animation, anime clip of girl and donkey, with sound and good animation, (for the 25 word minimum)

    Uploaded by vincemoon · Rating: 4.5 (55 votes) · 4293 views


    Such an awesome vid .......a sweetie pie who really enjoys playing with the donkey !

    Litka25, posted

    lovely movie!

    Prasak, posted

    very nice!! made me hard as a rock. 'good stuff'

    cyberx76, posted

    I like this type of animation. Video and sound is good. Don't care for the censor thing.

    beastnutone, posted

    This is really good. Let's see more.

    beastnutone, posted

    GR888888888888888888888T BUT UNFORTUNATELY CENSURED.

    hellshole, posted

    I love this clip for the reason being its longer than a few seconds (thank you) like Againando said "Perhaps the best of anime movies so far I have seen" .. I agree (for this site)... but whats up with the donkey's shlong?? for a better anime movie for this site it sure is kinda ... skinny... this is a cartoon! I dont expect it to be the size of a boat or anything, but wow..

    youngnhungry, posted

    i love dis

    joannasex, posted

    Cartoons are a waste of time... doesn't do anything for me

    msinvet, posted

    Perhaps the best of anime movies so far I have seen. First there is a story throughout the movie, a smooth sequence of happenings and secondly face expression of both the girl and the donkey is very delicate and full of nuance and finally there is a lesson that woman is always strong, look at an exhausted face of the donkey in the last scene!

    Againando, posted

    this is cool iiiii iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii klnnlknl uuu uu uy uy fuy f uy uy oufuf uu dsadsa dsad d ssda dsa dsa ds sad das d sa dsa dsa dsa d ds das d d saa ds ds ds dsa sad ds sa ds dsds ds fgsa dfkjfd i hsoih oi hfaidh odif hodhfioh fds dfh odf hdofih oha d hfid hod fhiofd haoidf hdfs fd so hdsfo fdsdhfdsio hsfo fsdhoisfa ho hoh oohiop hio ho hioh oi hoi hh oi hoh o hoihg f87 f8f87ff7 iuhgiu giugiou ggiu giu giug 7g 89 g89 g89g 8g8ugbu g igg iug iu g87g9g 9g98g 89 iuhisadu d fyheo fy9pe yg98rege g89re gw89 g9pfeg9pge9p gaf gfag98f a9pfg f89p gap9gf89pag fe9ag9pfe g89pe gfge 89f g89eag e9pge9p g9pa7eg9fe g9pfe pg 9fe8 g98fe g9fp gfea pgpf epfe ffff d ds f fds fa geg h ewa sh g gd gjdsjdf uh fd ouhfd uhds fu fa hufds iygfe jeh ea ief fpe iua ifeu fiue f ua selfe

    datthepro, posted
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