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    Dog Riding


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    This dogs owner takes his rock hard cock into her slippery wet pussy for a ride he wont forget about for many years to come.

    Uploaded by beastluver69 · Rating: 3.8 (132 votes) · 56458 views


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    ray8110, posted

    Omg when you see that knot slippin in that tight pussy.. that made me so fucking wet.

    WayWeDoIt, posted

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    1234gats, posted

    great video, i want a girl like that to fuck

    joseluvigu, posted

    Thanks was very hot seeing her take his whole cock and the knot in her pussy =)

    mehoff, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    that was too short

    dsx6, posted

    make them longer. dis z gud

    dsx6, posted

    fantastic. wish it took longer

    chiperoni2, posted

    good vid

    246748ajacs, posted


    hellshole, posted

    Awesome.. I really want to get into this.. Where do you find a woman like that!?

    spungy88, posted

    hmmmmmmmmm. that was so nice. brilliant picture. would love that dog to stick its knot inside my sweet wet pussy. hot stuffffffffffffffff.

    shy90210, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

    Absolutely wonderful! Pure perfection!

    dirk20200, posted

    i wanna lick her butthole

    bobbylight81, posted

    This is a hungry sweet pussy.Like the way her lips swalow the knot on a time. Im a 30yo beautyful sexdup female, looking for man who owns dog(s), and wants to train me into this,I love to feel dominated, and wish to find me a Master with his beast.I live in EU, and this is my contact k9hun@yah0o.c-om wish you all a long inspired session here ;)

    k9hun, posted

    Very nice pussy and it appears she almost pops the knot into herself on one of her downstrokes! Hope to see more of this couple, perhaps with the doggy taking a more active part, some missionary would be awesome!! Thanks for a lovely vid!

    kaaty, posted

    Awe, So soft and sweet. Can you ride me too?


    Awesome dude

    haulin, posted

    very nice,I'M very hot hmmmmmm

    ebrusch, posted

    I like the way she tries to squeeze in the knot

    msinvet, posted

    if anybody wants to talk message me im 16, male and horny

    Achilles7750, posted

    Sweet! Mamma gave her pup a nice ride!

    harleypoor, posted

    I like her moans and the sweet view of her anus as her wet little pussy half envelops his swollen knot..

    jayko, posted

    Sweeet!!! This is the movie that you hope to find. You can see and hear that this young lady enjoys what she getting and knows how to get more of it. Watching her wet hot pussy sliding on that big dog cock is very exciting, then watching her slide her wet pink pussy lips over and around his knot is what you want to see in a "doggie" film. You can see that this lady and her pet have spent many pleasurable hours perfecting their play time and each enjoys it very much. I'm sure her helping hand found the whole show very "up lifting" as I did. I would really enjoy seeing much more of this couple.

    bronco888, posted

    Great video :) Nice view and the girl really sounds like she is having fun with it!

    AnythingOnce, posted

    so hot,i wet

    djb123, posted

    i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it ! i like it !

    MusiccFreaxx, posted

    good video of a girl fucking a dog. nice penetration view and good sound. she takes the dog's cock in her pussy as the other person in the video holds the cock in position. she has a nice pussy that seems to love dog cock. it may be a little better of a video if it were a whole body view and shots of her face so we could see how much she really does enjoy a dog cock in her pussy. overall it was a good video that is very arousing if this is your kind of thing. even if it's not your kind of thing, it is definitely worth a watch.

    il1984, posted
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