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    Uploaded by bowert · Rating: 1.9 (139 votes) · 101863 views


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    that was shit, way to short. I wasted a free video view for that. so not worth it

    underdog217, posted

    asains always cryin when haveing sex

    Kurosaki122, posted

    more effort!

    babymaker65, posted

    not varry intresting .ask her to back off with the camara. thinks

    slipere, posted


    Timoha_63, posted

    short n sweet....lol

    hellboy2442, posted

    i want a dog to fuck me up my ass

    cchevy52, posted

    Nice!!!! NOT!!!

    Keira15, posted

    clips never load ?

    thor2487, posted

    NO, comment............. poor

    Jenny, posted

    i like mirrows,good

    dballie, posted

    Thats waste of a good penis. Im a 30yo beautyful sexdup female, looking for man who owns dog(s), and wants to train me into this,I love to feel dominated, and wish to find me a Master with his beast.I live in EU, and this is my contact k9hun@yah0o.c-om wish you all a long inspired session here ;)

    k9hun, posted

    What the fuck??? This must be a bad joke. Poor!

    DanishMale, posted

    GEE's What was that? Someone picking there nose or taking a crap?


    Rated poor for dildogging.

    sexyjenny16, posted

    too short not really worth the time to see

    msinvet, posted

    dil-doging what a waste

    St88man, posted

    good licking

    soulriver123, posted

    This funna as shit..even tho it is blurred. That dumb jap bitch barely had it in her cunt, why is she complaining?

    jayko, posted


    hbjst, posted

    maybe its not blurred maybe japanese have blocky pussys :D

    wuffy, posted


    sedat109, posted

    Too short and why do the Japanese always blur out the action

    akptarmigan, posted

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    Hm. Well, this movie is pretty short, but if anything, pretty good for it's time. Seeing as this was just the girl mainly moaning and just taking the cock, there wasn't much that I myself like that much. The censorship shows that was professionally made, I myself prefer the more amature made ones, but then again, the professionals are a bit more experienced at times. And it would've been nice to see what led up to what we saw in the short clip. Being so, if it were a bit longer and the dog was more involved with the girl, I think it would've deserved a higher rating.

    LoveTheBitches, posted
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