• A horny girl takes advantage of a raptor and gets filled up by said raptor is the process. The raptor dosent seem to mind being taken advantage of at all in fact he enjoys it.

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    jurassic park woul've been better if this was in it ;D

    hornybigurl, posted

    I wouldn't mind sliding on to that cock after she's done. I love a big cock that fills me up

    ajowi, posted

    wow all i can say is wow that was hot plus she can take all it's seed and not spill a drop again wow

    inuyasha86, posted

    hot... re-viewing

    athinin, posted

    dam wish i was tht rapter XD

    dragon221, posted

    This was hot, the raptor didn't mind being dominated by a horny girl infact he enjoyed it!!

    jennyhock, posted

    Nice, and hot too.

    jokersam, posted


    Derkdador11, posted

    Loved this animation many thanks

    taztyr, posted

    JERASIC PUSSY! XD Ilove it! :D

    Emos86, posted

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    So...this chick goes right to business when she finds this incapacitated Raptor...she subdues his arms and standles him. Then she does her thing...I find the process to be very cool. She doesn't seem to care that she is Doing an Extinct animal! As they finish she climbs down and sits on the raptors chest. I believe there is a predicament because she has awakened the raptor and is unable to leave without serious.harm as as soon as she releases his arms she will be torn to bits...maybe he will be thankful and let her leave...I doubt it.

    49erz, posted

    this is a very good movie. i like the way the girl dick rides there raptor. it is very sexy, and is a huge turn on for people like me who love girls getting fucked by giant dicks. a couple of critisism's thoguh. first the movie is too short. it could of gone on much longer and still been fun. second the raptor could have atleast licked the girl. overall it was a good movie. i will probably occationally go back to it to get a good thrill. this is recommended for anime lovers and hentia fans alike, and is definatley of atleast some quality. i would have to give it between a 7,8, or 9 out of ten for a review.

    hellomang, posted
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