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    my wife letting our dog eat her ass while u take pics nd listin to her moan nd groan she loves anal nd her dog so why not do both

    Uploaded by babyboy1990 · Rating: 3.0 (322 votes) · 102088 views


    this is what i do with stray dogs pull down my knickers so they can lick at my pussy and shit hole

    judasfanny, posted

    really vary nic want talk to you plz add my skype yahoo shevdcock_man plz let me your id

    sexyman_1960, posted

    Damn, spread that ass and let us take a look!

    junglejohn, posted

    Stupid dog he didnt do a thing to her.

    jferr3, posted

    i wanna eat her ass

    sexaddict6969, posted

    Hot but to fast. take off her clothes and let the dog fuck her

    BiJack55, posted

    Slow the film down and let the dog fuck her too. And take her clothes off se we can see her hot body

    BiJack55, posted

    love it...I want too be there too...;)

    lassi42, posted

    May be sister???

    djorion, posted

    Take the panties off and keep the fat guy out!

    doggonedizzy, posted

    Lets see some more of this..

    banditga, posted

    The movie runs at double the speed

    speedlik, posted

    suche perverse paare wie diese zum abficken von rueden gern bi, aeltere pervers und abartig

    Benny66, posted

    Wow!pretty wife,love to see more and longer.

    uatsiaj, posted

    hey Patty40 the link is wrong....

    Brughel, posted

    ...To be continued?...

    Donnatto, posted

    Ah.. I guess its not terrible.... barely worth watching though...

    jayko, posted

    My wife has done anal with a dog also. She ended the session with the dog fucking her in her asshole and cumming inside of her! Very hot to watch!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    very nice! love to see more!!

    cnymannn, posted

    That has got to feel sooo wonderful!

    mommmy, posted

    ja ja, die geilheit und neugier,ihr müßt erstmal ihm dazu locken und belohnen mit butternuat,meine leckt mich grade..

    ebrusch, posted

    hot vid if it showed what as advertised . but i believe they are siblings who are into experimenting .nontheless a very cute chubby girl should be quite a hot chick to have a neverboring sexlife with. ooooweeee shed be an awesome wife. shes an eagerbeaver thats for sure. seems she has been into this for a longtime.which she has us all thinking and even more excited by just one clip or two ive seen of her. wish it showed the full session.and aclose up of the tongue action she was recieving . her facial expression s showed her enthusiasm and how she enjoys special attention on or off camera. she is having a great time which is the biggest thrill she gave us all i think thanx for the show hon.she trminds me of an ex by he physical apearance

    ilikenEmullvrs, posted

    loved this clip. It showed the cpl enjoying some good fun with their dog. she loved how the puppy was licking her spread pussy lips...and her eyes even rolled back in her head at times. the second clip of her getting her ass licked was nice too...she spread so wide so she could get all of that long tongue in her ass. Great job. After she was getting her pussy licked he decided to take advange of her hungy lusty mood and put his cock in her mouth. Just wish at the end he would have grunted and moaned and shoot his load in her hungry mouth. She thanked the dog at the end which was funny. Im sure the dog wanted to thank her too but did know how to say it. She must get licked a lot by this dog. It seemed this was not the first time the dog had been asked to lick her swollen clit and tongue her deep in her beautiful full pink pussy.

    trickydus1, posted

    The camera speed is sped up. It's much faster than real time, so the clip has more than 0:36 of actual action. The clip itself is good and the wife is very attractive. Unfortunately the little pup seems a bit unsure at times and doesn't seem that interested. She clearly enjoy sit though and actively encourages the pup to lick her arsehole. The male also does his job in getting the pup interested. It would have been a bit better if the dog was more enthusiastic rather than confused; perhaps, then, the clip would be a bit longer too. Still it's a very good clip overall.

    kojak488, posted
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