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    Wife Dildoing With Dog Dick And Cum


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    dildoing my wifes wet pussy with our dogs hard dick and he cums inside. hot dog dick in wifes pussy. dog sex penetration pussy beast

    Uploaded by fordranchero · Rating: 3.9 (255 votes) · 69348 views


    nice cum shot

    jrpa, posted

    am i hearing things / or is her pussy so tight around that cock that it POOPS WHEN HE PULLS OUT ?

    ballsblue, posted

    Eh. That's all I can say. The video was kinda crappy. There was like no action whatsoever. That's okay though, I'm sure there are plenty of people who will enjoy it.

    redtulips3, posted

    ive never seen any of the video.ridiculous.

    adolf2012, posted

    I'd love to cum in her after the dog loosened her for my big dick

    leopardesslover, posted

    Nice cum shot! Boy would i like to see more

    motte1, posted

    I just wish i could find a big hard dick like that to cum in my pussy...

    fackmegood0616, posted

    always good to see the creampie, for animal sex seeing the cum drip out of the girl is the money shot.

    tyranez, posted

    i would now lick that clean, great video

    doghunter69, posted

    tight male ass here. if ur a woman or a male message me lets fuck

    summitkid96, posted

    WHY do so many men use WOMEN'S Names?? Yike/spooky...

    ThisMan, posted

    Although it is just a quick clip ... It was incredibly well filmed. :)

    hotmissminx, posted

    Love the womans pussy being filled by her k9 lover spaying her insides with his cum

    mehoff, posted

    well shot.. beautiful angle and nice finish.. well done!

    Matt4u2, posted

    nice cumshot

    timber702, posted

    very juicy & nice tight fit mhhhhhh

    lilbeaver, posted

    Not much movement but nice drip at the end of the short shot.

    Susan38HH, posted

    very sexy wish i could see this in real life

    cop2125, posted

    mhhh yummy but as usual to damn short :(

    lilbeaver, posted

    I would love to eat well fucked pussy driping dog cum. Why is it never seen?

    skraeling23, posted

    The first 100% free animal sex website - www.DogSexHome.com

    alin_webcam25, posted

    very sexy

    freakynurse, posted

    er fickt sie und die Cum läuft aus

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    lucky pooch

    smokedankz, posted

    Mmmmmm...I'd eat that pussy out too!

    Freakypapi, posted


    myword, posted

    Very cool

    barnme25, posted

    How does a hot girl get so lucky to find a man thats cool with her fucking animals as well as his cock. Id love to be riding my man and have his dog cum up right behind me and slide his cock right into my pussy alonside my mans and just pound away feeling a human and dogs cum spraying in me at the same time would be heaven on earth.

    K9GangBang, posted

    so hot

    kkkkkklll, posted

    love creampies

    voodoo6child9, posted

    Nice. Just wish it was longer !

    petenw, posted

    Would lov to see more.

    daddysslut, posted

    Nice shot of the cum dripping out, it would have been nice to see a natural breeding.

    caninehoney, posted

    Thats awesome that her hubby kept his dick in her to keep the cum from running out of her pussy

    mehoff, posted

    great movies love the close up and the cum dripping out

    turboboy45, posted

    good closeup and dripout, even though a dil-dog clip, it's still hot------let's see the full version

    redmandog, posted

    Wow this is pretty hot, I want to be her :)

    Justinaford, posted

    intense!!!!!!!! i am in love..i would kill to see more!!!

    xanadu, posted

    would like to slip my dick in her after that

    mr.Chips, posted

    these are from muttley films

    madcyril, posted

    This video is so stunning hot, I already like that woman and I do not even know her, but I have respect for this woman, Because: how can a wife be so horny, that she wants her dog to cum in her! such a horny thought! I wish I was a witness of this spectacle.. this is one amazing horny woman with a nice tight pink pussy, no wonder that the dog came without a move ;-) what would the dog think, I think I know it, he thinks: I am such a lucky bastard, I am such a lucky bastard!

    Badhabbit12, posted

    Mmmm....I would love to put my young hard dick into her and mix my cum with his. I really loved how the dogs hard dick moved in and out slowly...I was just anticipating the load. I would have loved to have heard her moan with a little more pleasure. Still, the camera was at an optimum angle and I came fast when I saw the cum dribbeling down. I would love to see more of this woman. A Cumpilation would be great. The beautiful woman should consider sucking off her stud before he enters her. That is a great intro. Quality video all the same, Sexy!

    21andFun, posted

    First off, this movie was extremely hot. Basically gave me a boner right from the get go! in this video we get to see a hot woman with a rockin body and a perfectly shaped ass taking it from behind dildo style from a dog's hard and already knotted cock. I'm assuming the cameraman was the one working the dildo action, but he keeps a perfectly steady hand in this excellent clip. You get a perfect view as the angle is great to see the penetration and pull out, as well as the dog's massive load flowing from her perfectly shaved pussy. Beautiful vid!

    argonian, posted
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