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    Girl Getting Fucked By Seal


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    Like the title says, a girl getting fucked by a seal. What more do you need to know. It`s an animated video and it also got sound.

    Uploaded by darksoulcashx · Rating: 3.7 (152 votes) · 66329 views


    Omg I want to be her and fuck that seals cock

    kountryqueen, posted

    Love that the sounds matched their movements and that they both appreared to get off.

    signe33, posted

    Haha Interesting.

    gherp, posted

    it amazing sex video.

    samsonsam123, posted

    this one is just too hot!

    laniweb, posted

    Spacpres... wish I was her. gettin VERY wet thinkin bout goin on a trip from KY to a place where I can try out a seal n see if he can get me preg...

    doplzcuminmeg, posted

    how can zoophilia be wrong if the animals love it, too?

    GiggityAlright, posted


    martin.brown, posted

    wonder if she'll like being pregnant lol

    Spacpres, posted

    the seal is very long penis for the girl.

    jokersam, posted

    not bad

    saporito79, posted

    i think it's KOOL!:)

    ayman.aly, posted

    This was a prity cool animation, but I agree with the other commentors it was short

    taztyr, posted

    great animation and sound. could have been longer! to comment/chat about these vids, go to pet-animal-lovers@groups.live.com

    hamilton2, posted


    VLADI137, posted

    It was a bit short, but I really like to HEAR the sounds too. So, thanks for the sound.

    PwnMe, posted

    Inter4seting...butt yes, too short.

    jayko, posted

    i think it's KOOL!:)

    kitten2, posted

    ithougt it was okeybut it was to short .

    gmg34, posted

    The video was very good but it needs a little bit more pizaz like make it where the people can see what is going on down there and show some cum coming out at the end and make it to where the is more choices of animals and let there be more than one person getting fucked in the video and make the animal noises more realisticI and the cumming more realistic and sound better ans the moans sound more younger and fresher but over all they are great animals sex video clips of poeple getting fucked by animals and other creatures and things like that but they are the best by far

    wilder4, posted
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