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    Victoria Fucks A Bull


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    And another animated video. The bull fucks this nice girl and you can hear that he enjoys it very much. Not much else is there to say.

    Uploaded by darksoulcashx · Rating: 3.8 (119 votes) · 84517 views


    If only it could happen in real ,tht seal cock is awesome

    hungrypussy1, posted

    really hot

    kerstingirl, posted

    BIG ol bull awright...pretty short attention span tho....

    dogsoldier69, posted

    absolutely awesome

    jennyhock, posted

    it simple too naturally

    jokersam, posted

    Mmm, that was so hot

    kerstingirl, posted

    muy bueno

    arge122, posted

    MmM, love the bull sex!

    ponyslave, posted

    thats how we get minotaurs

    aswedd, posted

    dusty_g no you wouldn't, it would tear you up severely brings a new meaning to PAIN

    xbgold, posted

    omg that was fucking hotttttt....would love to be fucked by a real bull!!!!

    dusty_g, posted

    awsomely well done ^^

    Link99, posted


    ilovedogs24, posted

    That was very well done with sound and all ^^ very hot

    Jordon, posted

    It is something uncommon and intriguing. I have never come across any such things in real life. So i guess we can only watch animations of a bull with a woman. there are somethings that need to be noted. 1) proportions. 2) quality. 3) the bulls anatomy Apart from the above mentioned things i found it pretty exciting. For me, it was an experience. Never witnessed anything like it. i mean i have seen bulls mating with cows several times. The to and fro movement of the bull did coincide with moans from the lady being screwed. Another thing to point out is that the bulls sheath does not look anything like what it was in the animation, that is a negative point. it hangs a litlle downeards. Part from that it is just another depiction of animal sex.

    hard_only4u, posted
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