• A 3d video where a Tiger fucks a girl up against the wall with them both enjoying it! not much else to say really except enjoy!

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    Just for once it would be nice to see one of these anatomically correct otherwise it's just dildos.

    Ratty, posted

    I wish there was sound. Other than that so hot. Need to get laid now.

    juicebox101, posted

    Tigers ARE that BIG. If a tiger stands on his hind legs, he's taller than any man. But in real life, their dicks are not. They are smaller than people's. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    That lion is huge!

    trile, posted

    hot stuff

    jonr123, posted

    anytime a woman is lifted off the ground even an inch while being fucked it is so hot ... add to that when she is impaled like this and lifted off the ground her body gradually lowers itself further onto the cock of a tiger, a big tiger, it is so hot ... further ... oh my god that was so amazing, so arousing to watch as female ... wanting it so badly ... wanting to be that woman he is fucking

    signe33, posted

    the tiger is so big!

    rheaxu321, posted

    DAMN!! That was a BIG tiger! >.>'

    Emos86, posted

    totally awesome enjoyed it immensely could watch a full length movie about cats fucking women, that cat was well hung and determined to enjoy the woman even when he pushed her further down his cock he made sure she took it all!!

    jennyhock, posted

    nastygirlslut88@yahoo.com add this y fem for pleasure im horny ALWAYS c2c

    beastgirlsex, posted

    Actually, the video was made by a fellow going by the nick Drages.

    blackdawn, posted

    Its awsome, but its sad that the person who created this video is not known. Too bad they didn't make another version of this (besides the one on the bed) that actually had sound.

    Link99, posted


    kaleemmcintyre, posted

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    Simple animation of a tiger who gets a woman right where he wants her -- that is, right up against the wall with her legs spread wide apart! He does her like a wild beast, but standing on his hind legs so his huge, barbed kitty member can pleasure them both. (Obviously, the tiger's penis is not to real life scale if you are going to be picky about that, but the texture of the cat barbs is based on the real thing.) There's no sound; the animation is not the best, although it's smooth; and the tiger's overall body shape is kind of ugly and out of proportion, so those are the points off on this clip. And it's fairly short. Still worth watching, though, especially how he lifts her right off the ground with his enthusiastic pounding!

    1111dogsex1111, posted
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