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    Coop Filling Pussy With Cum


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    Video of Cooper with his hard cock and knot pumping the doggie seed in her for a bit before she later squat to let it pour out in a glass. Please do not repost my vids. Hope everyone enjoys. He so enjoyed shooting this, he gets better every time.

    Uploaded by frankieisawhore · Rating: 3.1 (260 votes) · 90553 views


    Good boy! Good boy! That's it make some puppies boy;) Give her that puppy seed =0

    mehoff, posted


    wolfie420, posted

    Good boy, Coop....fill that horny bitch.

    jayko, posted

    contrary to what everyone is sayin i like his voice

    NeedsIT69, posted

    The guy talking makes this movie shit.

    sexyjenny16, posted

    Need better lighting! There's no need for the extra talking-just the sounds of the two enjoying the moment is enough!

    rgrijalva, posted

    Hi I'm looking to try this out am a female new to this but really want to try it out and by the way I would like big dicks only please massage me if u can help me out

    fuckmeraw23, posted

    Hi I'm looking to try this out am a female new to this but really want to try it out and by the way I would like big dicks only please massage me if u can help me out

    fuckmeraw23, posted

    get some lights

    St88man, posted

    this video is ruin by the cameraman talking..less talk and better filming

    Odd_Thomas, posted

    Good sound.. good potential... however too dark .. missed a great oppportunity..

    Matt4u2, posted

    sexy big hips n ass lov her belly

    beastsexbill, posted

    awesome happy doggy like to hear more from the lady

    junglebunny, posted

    Thank you!! Good boy empying your hot sperm into her anxious pussy;)

    mehoff, posted

    I dont know about this video. Its pretty nasty. That womans vagina looks colosal.

    jesus20, posted

    I love seeing a woman knotted with her pet lover and allowing him to release his seed into their beautiful vagina and fill her womb full of his sperm;)

    mehoff, posted

    I love this clip. listening to him talk about coop still shooting his nit in her. make s me cum everytime jut thinking about cooper in my pussy.

    otterman33, posted

    goooooood booooy!!!! breed that bitch!! she's your bitch now!!! breed her good and fill her womb with your seed !!!!;)

    mehoff, posted

    la chica esta a cuatro patas y el perro la monta por detras, no lo hace el perro solo sino que le ayudan personas, lo mejor es que el perro sea quien lleve la iniciativa y se la folle el solo para que parezca una perra en celo las chicas suelen ser gorditas o rellenitas este parece ser una de ellas, lo mejor es que el perro se corra dentro de ella y la llene de semen blanco que le chorrea por las piernas y se le sale por el coño, para que sea mejor la chica debe de gemir como una perrita en celo y con sonido real que no este doblado es como mas mola, la chica de be de estar sola es perro chica y nada mas.

    a888888, posted

    The little bit we saw of the girls body looked quite intriguing, she looks young, nice clear skin, good legs and most of all---she wants that dog cock in her!!! Too bad the photographer wasn't up to snuff---although he tries to cover his obvious inadequecies with a lot of verbal shtick. Bring the girl back again she's lovely and most willing.

    kaaty, posted

    Too dark, get at least a table lamp. it had some good chances bu the camera man had his head up his ass.!

    St88man, posted

    Love to see that KNOT slipping out and a load of cum spewing out of that girls pussy! It was a little dark and hard to see everything, so some extra lighting would be better, but it is still sexy to watch him just holding that cock in her little pussy while he is cumming inside of her. I would love to see more action, but it was a nice little ass to be watching. I would rather listen to her moaning too, you can't hear any of the girls voice. Maybe if he was giving some commentary like "Ya boy, fuck that little PUSSY!" and if there was some more visible cock banging her, I would definitely recommend it more.

    bentweenie, posted
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