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    Girl And Dog


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    girl who likes to get licked by a dog and even suck its dick. almost get fucked by him. the rest see for yaself and have fun

    Uploaded by robbiebb · Rating: 3.9 (43 votes) · 6356 views


    Sorry sexy girl but is not good video

    corazondleon263, posted

    She is mean... Of course the dog don't want her. AND she has obviously never had sex with a dog.

    BigBiLarry, posted

    du bist so blöd du dumme votze

    mikko1, posted

    wonderful to watch sad the cam was not forcust on the subject most of the movie

    fredhen, posted

    sweet sexy baby!

    Prasak, posted

    what does she expect the dog has no balls, yup he's neutered, shoe does have one hot little body. would love to suck on her tits and cunt myself. then introduce her to my dog and let him have his way with her

    zacster57, posted

    This is cute and sexy; uninhibited to a fault; with liberal use of her Amendment I rights: a young nonplussed high-schooler or more just ready to experiment; with bright and joyous "WaHoo"ing jumping right into the once hidden "adult-conspiracy"...Really refreshing! When we, like she seems to forget (not 'restricted' in her mind) all the 'pure', controlling bullshit Religion imposes on society trying to control our activities and money all these centuries, (or "yeah, go-ahead and think of it to heighten the "naughty" feeling") we can then be in 'fun' with no guilt, like her... Loved this.

    abl72lok, posted
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