• first time for this girl to get a taste of dog cock deep in pussy.she like it and will do more films with her dog

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    wooow come si fa amare lei con molto gusto

    poiritorno, posted

    wow nice

    naratna, posted

    it amazing she enjoying the dog cock in and out of her pussy.

    jokersam, posted

    would like to see her suck his cock too, to see the whole thing, poor lighting, but a good video

    miniequinelover, posted

    like to see tits and face.

    ralhper, posted


    knuffellinda, posted

    this clip isn`t TERRIBLE...its dark, and I`m not crazy about dil-dogging, butt her moans are sweet.

    jayko, posted

    Nice shaved pussy. Would like to see more when she is used to being mounted instead of just dildoing him.

    becauseican, posted


    dirk20200, posted

    Dildogging videos get poor reviews from me.

    sexyjenny16, posted

    It sounded if she was enjoying, I would have if the light was better. 10 from me

    westland, posted

    A pity it is only dildogging.

    Kymfur, posted

    Excellent viewing of a first timer especially the soft moaning and attractive pussy.... yum! I couldn't decide what I wanted more! Maybe I could have both! The only drawback I could see (maybe I should say couldn't see) was the poor lighting. I love an open air shot with plenty of light so I can see the finer details. But thats a problem with many of the amateur videos. I'm sure they;ll have plenty of practice to get it right. I hope to see more of these two.

    nance18302, posted

    hey any1 in belfast share some fun. m of f im bi-sub

    nrgnrg, posted

    hot guy 18 lookin for girl in FL who is interested in beastiality. pimpn_ska@yahoo.com

    lightnin01, posted

    like will be looking for moe

    svfc48, posted

    love the soft little moans and the doggy cock looks yummy gliding in and out. makes me wet

    titepussy4u02, posted

    Doggie-dildo, I hope she trains him to mount soon, looks like this could be a couple to watch in the future.

    becauseican, posted

    great video can't wait to see more

    tld1970, posted

    Love those little moans and murmurs of appreciation while she strokes this dogs long cock in and out of herself. If this really was her first time, sounds like there will be many more sessions of "hide the wiener" Great action but the sound is where it's at in this vid!!!

    kaaty, posted

    mmmmmmmmm oh yes

    lillyfrench, posted

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    The movie was a good angle for the action and loved listening to her enjoy being fucked.The dog was doing a good job but could not see alot of his cock going in and out of her cunt. The lighting was good and picture great but a bit choppy playing the movie. If you was wanting to see a small dog fuck a young woman this is the movie right up your ally.I would give 1 thumb up only for the one reason right in the middle it jumped forward way too much. A must see for those who love a good vocal fucking

    Ladyblaze, posted
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