• Gangbang with big centaurs. It seems that the blond babe know what shes doing. The big gray one is fucking her while she sucking the black one. Cute!

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    Omg if only!! Juat the thought od it makes me wet ;-)

    lilnekomimi, posted

    not my cup of tea.....thank you!!!!!!

    smi4181agg72, posted

    THANKS iamnotglen glen, found not yours but a 77minutes vid with ass fucking and cum shooting wolfmen with a ending of 12minutes fucking horseman. So HOT Thanks.

    aass2fuck, posted

    I loved the moans of pleasure-moving kept breaking up so did not get to see alot

    craveit, posted

    donde puedo ver pedofilia gratis diganme por favor,,,,,

    josetordo, posted

    I loved the Womans sound but hated the mens voices but overall SEXY Clip!!!

    ZacharyLK, posted

    wow did you see that

    bigcxc10, posted

    too real...now I want to have sum horse cum in me

    sweet3pet, posted

    Love the sound. Video made me wet

    BabyGirlx, posted

    Love the sound. Video made me wet

    BabyGirlx, posted

    Very nice video

    KittyKatMeow, posted

    like, she is loving it

    HSLC, posted

    I wish I was that girl... I'd cum so hard...<3

    rawrfuckme, posted

    Wow. I wonder how that felt.

    joegreen1, posted

    i wish i could get what she's gettin....WOW,very sexy,wish i was that slut,getting all that sexy dick!!!!!!!!

    beastluvr1987, posted

    Wow she being stretched in every hole awesome

    cunbed, posted

    oh, wow

    blizz-fizz, posted

    too bad some of these cartoon fucks are rated better (because they are better) than real women fucks! Good job guys.

    bluejacket614, posted

    wow very hot...would love to see more...

    jade3, posted

    Too bad real horses don't move that smooth inside...

    MellissaKnotted, posted

    fantastic had my pussy clenching as if I was being fucked by that huge cock!!

    jennyhock, posted

    aah, made my pussy drip!

    eagerbeaver, posted

    good story

    freda12345, posted

    Made my cunt nice and juicy mmmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    this is so hott

    luv2fuck4u, posted

    I like to see a centaur impregnates the girl.

    HyperA1985, posted

    hot and nasty,wish i was her

    horseloverfag, posted

    WOW.... Watching this animation made my pussy ache, if only it where real all my fantasies would come true. lol well that and I'd be completely full of cum ;-) very nice:-)

    lilnekomimi, posted

    WOW,very sexy,wish i was that slut,getting all that sexy dick,sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    yes very good

    boote7777777777, posted

    gosh i wish i could get what she's gettin

    frossteyfreezer, posted

    Omg i love pussy i want some

    bizzybee, posted

    Damn my pussy is WETTTT I wish that I could have summ of that...then yeah...would love the money shot!

    zk99y, posted

    oh man i would love to be her

    TLbeastly, posted

    Now how I wish I was in that animation, what more could a girl ask for mmmmmmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    Love this, especially the anal. Too bad no money shot.

    ponyslave, posted

    For full scene go to megaporn videos and search centaurs. 12 minutes of fucking horse dick.

    iamnotglenn, posted

    wow would of loved to see them cum!

    brittneyok, posted

    Mire la pelicula del centauro podría ser buena, sin embargo es imposible descargarla para verla.- Qué pasa qe nunca puedo descargar ningun video????

    TACOLOVE2000, posted

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    I really like this CGI mix. Having 3 hot, sexy and huge Menataurs doing you at the same time has got to be heaven. Loved the double penetration. I liked how there was sound from all of the characters and it was realisitic. Would have liked the movie clip to last longer. All 3 should have had their way with her. Maybe change positions a litlle. I really liked the realistic look of the penises and her vagina. I would have liked to see them finish, showing satisfaction reached by all. Overall, it was very satisfying, just need a liitle more. I would not have minded being her. That would be a fun date!!!

    shewolf710, posted

    This video is definately a must see! The graphics are amazing, which is always a bonus, to top this off the audio clips containing moans from the group are firstly great and secondly well timed with the video. This woman takes a pretty realistic lookingc horse penis while sucking on another and then takes one anally before a triple penetration shot. I've seen the full length video clip of this as well and I must say that it is definately one of the top videos to see if your an animal or fantasy lover. In this clip there's no cum shot which is a downside but in the full length video there is. The only thing I did wish sometimes was that they'd get a little rougher but that's just my personal preferance.

    bunigirl88, posted

    WOW What a flick this has to be the best animated video ever made.you can actually visualize sitting at the tavern watching this live. not since "WHOA THERE NEWT" HAS A CENTRON HAD SUCH AN impact this was amazing views of a women enjoying so much hard dick at one time each stiff throbbing cock was buried to the fullest and she never tried to back away from any of the 3. it will really get a stirring in your loins if you watch it to the end i particuarly enjoyed the way the big pricks start the penatration slowly ,tthen are sent home in a wild passionate manor. in this viewers opinion not one dry loin in the house after this one well done

    tryitall25, posted

    This is a really good CGI clip for several reasons. First, the woman's vagina has great detail and looks realistic and excited. She takes a realistic horse penis missionary to start while giving another a blow job. She then turns on her side very seductively and takes one in the anus while continuing the blow job. A third centaur joins the fun about half way through the clip for a triple penetration. What makes this really special is her realistic moaning throughout the clip. The only down side is that the action seems a little repetitive and there is no cum shot at the end.

    likeitlikeit, posted
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