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    Dog Licks Pussy


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    wow, a nice short video of a girl getting her pussy licked by an enthusiast dog. what a lucky girl. i need my pussy liked like that, makes me wet to think about it

    Uploaded by GoldenCurly · Rating: 3.3 (55 votes) · 57741 views


    Having a dog lick you feels immence so wet

    tinahorny, posted

    Calgary, Canada, anyone? I'd love to have a cock, any cock, fill my wet, wanting pussy and ass! I've got the camcorder, lets make a video!

    tamlou, posted

    God I want a dog...my pussy is throbbing!

    newbeastieslut, posted

    `makes me fckn wet...thank god i have a dog ;) ...

    anisexluv, posted

    now that's a wonderful pussy eating dog!!!

    codwod, posted


    loveamizade, posted

    I got off to that multiple times! I loved how the dog kept licking her clit and forcing his long warm soft tongue deep inside her! My pussy is still throbbing!

    armymomma0403, posted

    anyone in MA with a dog that can do that email me escapeford12@hotmail.com

    escapeford12, posted

    oh god, love it,i am so fucking wet, masturbating .... wish i haave a pet :'( i would love to share with u some stuff and participate. so if ur a man or a woman in NYC, have a nice,kindly dog who likes eating juicy pussy, if u wanna have a nice threesome with ur dog, send me a message. wooo, just thinking about a dog licking my asshole while ur fingering or fucking my wet pussy ohhhh so imagine what u would have be done ! think about ! u mam, i will lick ur pussy befor ur dog,just to get it ready for a harder tange ... u buddy,u just open my legs to your dog-to lick my pussy deeply-as much as u can, let him make it wet. enjoy the noises that we both,ur dog and me would make, then just fuck me when ur ready... :)))) if u love ur dog but never did it, now, think about it, we are two, send me a message.

    dogynaw, posted

    Wooou! Damm good! It makes me feel what I felt with my pet!

    waluskas, posted

    girl here i love this if anyone wanna chat with me and maybe show me them havin some fun with theire doggies they are welcome to add me on soraaiu@hotmail.com

    soraaiu, posted

    wow, you must've enjoyed that...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    lookey55, posted

    It is a nice video. Its a very closeup video. The women gets so horny.Overall it is good video.

    kamariah, posted

    hi i am a man iv had a few experiences in beastiality if u bored an care to chat share past experiences well just add me seamen_of_d_c@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    nice very nice... k9inmine@gmail.com

    mickey303, posted


    gigigirl, posted

    sucks, it breaks up

    jayko, posted

    wtf 2 days before july was for free!!

    Tomer29, posted

    could someone please report pwillow...seems to be spam and his links don't work

    dirtdevil, posted

    looking for a girl in northeast ohio who enjoys this and wants to play, send me a message

    cleveboy, posted

    Very nice!

    dirk20200, posted

    what a good doggy! very nice..made my cunt dripping wet!

    fettezitzen, posted
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