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    Little Dog Licking My Wife's Pussy


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    I cannot fuck my wife when Lolipop, our little daschhund is present. He feels her pussy's smell and start licking her crazily. And my fucking wife behaves like a bitch and reaches her orgasm with dog's lick. I don't care because after that I fuck her wet and licked pussy like a monster dog. My wife is a fucking wife and bitch.

    Uploaded by fuckingwife · Rating: 4.0 (252 votes) · 287361 views


    Looking for something like this in MN, USA... Message me if you are real and have a hungry puppy... or your hungry :-)

    prettykitty84, posted

    our weiner dog does that to my wife too. anyone up for some phone sex and maybe to share some experiences message me back if you are interested

    wally908, posted

    What a lucky lady!

    jjt1966, posted

    Your wife has man hands

    areiella, posted

    lluv da pussy

    EmilyAshland, posted

    fantastic video.....

    Sondie, posted

    juicy young pussy that needs a good fucking and experimenting would love to find a master too make me do anything and everything he wantted mmmmm

    bbob3000, posted

    I love the way he gets deep up in that pussy and clean it out! He needs to get some of that ass

    kekeko, posted

    Oh I want a dog!

    stalliongirl, posted

    Ohhhh this film makes me think of all the times I enjoyed the language of my dog for hours .... that nostalgia ....

    stuzzi56, posted

    It was cool.

    ruserious2, posted

    God I really want my hard clot to be licked

    Jo1416, posted


    notde, posted

    I think your wife enjoyed that little snout and long tongue in her pussy!

    breeder09, posted

    new to site really enjoying freebeez

    k1eth, posted

    got to be the best licking movie around!!!! even the hubby is encouraging them all. wonder how many times she orgassumed ?? he's really going to town eating her out.. does he fuck this well also?? love to see many more movies. kisses to her and thank you sir.....

    1robert, posted

    got your wife seems to be enjoying her self. i couldnt help but to stick a finger in my wet pussy and finger myself. The sound of the dog lickin her pussy i wish i was there to spread my legs for your god too. maybe even let your wife tase my pussy and me taste hers. we could have a 4 some if the dog was included :)

    pussylickin1192, posted

    More please!! More!

    littlemongeral, posted


    rittinghausen, posted

    wow!!!! now I had an explosive climax just watching that!!! She and the dog seem to both be enjoying themselves!!!

    iliketobkicked, posted

    This dog is awesome licker, her pussy must be very wet as he cant get enough. we need to hear her really appreciate him and cum to a climax, I would cum no problem with that tongue in my pussy, I am so wet from watching it.

    debs, posted

    love it mmmmmmmmm

    badhog, posted

    She must have one tasty vagina that little guy can't get enough of that sweet hairy pussy!

    breeder09, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    me 2 kaytee211

    iwannadoginme, posted

    pls add my skype name to you and lets talk!! i wait you pls be good girl! my skype name flowerd3

    rfcedx, posted

    Great..new to the site have to get caught up on vids..love this

    gwv, posted

    i was rubbing my clit well watching this , its soo hot

    kaytee211, posted

    Loved the slurping and when doggy starts to slide deep into her pussy with his tongue and she starts to moan, oh man my cock is dripping, precum, need to give it a good tug now!

    Bigguy007, posted


    GREYHOUND, posted

    awesome! if any of use wants a privete chat over msn on cams! dog licking ect. message me(:

    tammymcm, posted


    LADYJ71, posted

    I like the fact that it's home-made... which makes it arousing in an authentic way. But that womam looks too old for me! Yucky...

    Dermann1976, posted

    VERY NICE !!!!loved it !!!!she feels what is really happenning to her !!!

    eddymancheno, posted

    They can nibble a bit as well as lick, can't they. Loved the way he pushes his nose in as far as he can: that must have felt real good.

    pats69, posted

    can i get a husband like him sharing & undestending wowwwwww get eating like that and then fuckkkkkk please please i want a husaband like himmmmm

    laputakass, posted

    Mmmmmmmmmm that little doggie loved her lovely cunt, looked so niceand juicy, betyou love watching and feeling your cock get hard ready for giving her a good fucking after

    bitch29, posted


    joantes, posted

    a very lucky lady!!! she has a very good doggy too!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    Any chance of borrowing the little guy myself, could do with a damn good licking

    koolslayergirl, posted

    God Damn! That is one hot little dog! That woman is so lucky to have her pussy eaten so deeply like that! I am so horny now, I gotta fuck myself, cuz no man or dog is around! Come to think of it, with a dog like that, who needs a man?

    labola612, posted

    For an older/larger woman this gal's got a very attractive and snug looking pussy. Appreciate the small vocal sounds she's making while masturbating herself as the dog licks her pink, would love to hear he cum though, well, perhaps next clip, O.K?

    kaaty, posted

    soo horny had to go get a very large dildo out n fuck my hole rotten ...what a pleasure that dog brings x i want some of that x

    lainemary, posted

    Damn he went at that pussy like a man dying of thirst. This was sooo hotttt. Mmmmmmmmmmm My pussy is wett now.

    dldoglover000, posted

    Really the dog is licking her clit and her pussy, In the beginning she complains about dog's teeth but later the horny pussy overwhelms the bite's ache. It is fantastic. And my wife did enjoyed it.

    fuckingwife, posted

    looks like he's sucking her clit

    pussycat1977, posted

    This is absolutely one of favorites! Beautiful, sexy, erotic, loving, kinky, and so very pleasurable!

    dirk20200, posted

    i luv the way his long snout rubs against her clit, also luv all the sloppy lappin noises. made my clitty twitch

    tweetypie, posted

    Sweet! Little fella did a nice job!

    harleypoor, posted

    Very interesting . Going to see if my wife will let our dog lick her pussy . Maybe she will even let our dog fuck her if she gets good and horny . I would love to see her getting fucked by our dog and I'm sure the dog would enjoy it also. I would love to see our dog shooting his big load of cum all over my wife's ass. We have sometimes talked about letting the dog lick her pussy or fuck her but we have never tried it. If I can get a few drinks in her and get her feeling good , she will try anything. She is hot and sexy and loves trying new things

    koolkid411, posted

    That video was awesome, really turned me on and makes me remember when I had my dog. She loved to lick the PB out of my pussy. She took care of me when my husband wouldnt. Makes me want to run out and get another dog...sure would make a great substitute for those lonely nights.I would take that dog on a walk anytime.If you should Ever need a dog sitter let me know.I would be more than happy to take care of him, although I think he would be the one taking care of me. I thought I was the only one who enjoyed this but I see I am not..

    redsoxlover, posted
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