• Dog licking women pussy with his big toungue until she is crying about the pleasure that the dog is doing to her pussy. A good movie to watch

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    the way the little dogy licked her pussy made my pussy wet and fantasized the his whole snout was inside me and his tongue explored my pussy's walls.

    sybiloffdak9, posted

    Male (il tell age through message so i dont get in trouble^^) i love pussy and cock and just wana have fun, so look at my profile maybe message me <3

    young_one_65, posted

    boys dick was tiny

    iamcool191, posted

    Not very interesting. Dog wanted his bait more than he wanted the prize...

    Pleasemeplease, posted

    love playing with myself while watching this

    anglen11, posted

    Is this before or after the load she got from boyfriend?


    sweet mature.

    digitallover, posted

    I gotta show this to my wife.

    breeder09, posted

    lol sorry but that guys cock was small shit

    mmmamazing, posted

    she's old

    gabeluh07, posted

    Where is the "Kibbles & Bitts?" lol.. i hate it!!

    kitten2, posted

    Finally, a good looking girl who isn't fat! Also, she's in the perfect position. I love it when she praises the dog, saying "Good Boy". I want more!

    Viking25, posted

    pore dogg

    WETZZ, posted

    w├╝rde ich auch gerne lecken

    bayerng, posted

    omg that was so hot.. didnt even get to the end of the video before i came

    asha27, posted

    Isn't it funny how if a guy would lick a girls pussy like that the woman would say he sucked at doing it. Yet cause its a dog they moan and say how good it feels. I think that dog was more interested in the guy then that woman.

    jjohns, posted

    these people are idiots and this vid bugs me for some reason, i dont think they are really enjoying it, only making the vid to be making it, the moaning is so fake and the camera angles are crap! gaurantee they dont do this when the camera is not rolling.

    browneyedog, posted

    the three dogs i had lick me went right at it did not need anything to coax him just spread my legs and he was drawn to it oh man i got an orgasm so fast its a tease when they lick ur theigh.. just the eagerness of the warm, wet, smooth ,long toungue is enough to make me orgasmic =)

    terrizugzug, posted

    my puppy is lappin @ my clitty while i watch this over & over

    tweetypie, posted

    hi do u like beasty chat cam on cam an watch me fuck my bitch pitbull add me lets have fun seamen_of_d_c@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    Holy shit thats a nice vid

    johnjohnz, posted

    its always very sensual & a big turn on for a women. i like this one as it snot just licking.

    farasa, posted

    very nice video

    harddoggies, posted

    That was awesome. I loved how the guy was sooo turned on you heard his heavy breathing throught the clip. I know she can't wait until the dog stops needing the cream to lick her pussy. I started my dog out like that and right when it starts to feel good the dog stops cause there is no more cream. Mmmmmmmmmmm I think I might have to let me baby lick me now while I watch this clip over.

    dldoglover000, posted

    All buttered up and ready for banging.. Whos first?


    wow loving the sounds of the licking of the cunt ...

    granimals, posted

    Nice she's hot plus da dogs doing a great job. I wud fuck the dog plus fuck her just a good as da dog.

    dogfucker03, posted

    Decent video . At least its not some fat chick in this one . Makes a change.

    Tyler, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmseems very tasty

    lookey55, posted

    What a very tasty delight!

    dirk20200, posted

    great bi-dog, and of course, he had lusty meals on his plate....he must be fun at parties....yummmmy and many tnx for sharing

    fredog51M, posted

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