• watch when my girl is playing with our male dog. see how she puts the dogs cock in her pussy and enyojs it the whole time.

    Uploaded by centrinoduo · Rating: 2.9 (111 votes) · 82339 views


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    zalyndiah, posted

    Hi im 22 years old and love having sex with animals and guys. Message me for a sex chat ;)

    SexyChristina, posted

    there is nothing finer than a big dog fucking

    superdoc, posted

    good but short, dog should be allowed to mount and fuck her properly with his whole cock.

    miniequinelover, posted

    love it

    bluedandy, posted

    great video thanks for sharing

    peach65, posted


    peneingles, posted


    theman32, posted

    cool wish it was longer

    doglicker69, posted

    nice movie

    anubas69, posted

    good movie

    arunbaxi, posted

    let the boy mount her and properly breed her pussy and fill her as he should be allowed to bust a nut in her once in awile :)

    mehoff, posted

    Looks like that pussy was gouged out by BIGGER ones than that. She should have made doggie happy and took it in the ass.


    Love it babe I wud fuck u just as much as this dog. Keep it up

    dogfucker03, posted

    Dildogging isn't really pet sex, bring on the natural mount!!

    St88man, posted

    looks like a crack heads pussy.. very old and worn out

    muttly74, posted

    Dildogging gets a "poor" vote from me.

    sexyjenny16, posted

    This is a good start, but she needs to put the whole thing inside her pussy!! I'm sure both the dog, her boyfriend, her, AND the viewers will enjoy it a lot more that way.

    kaaty, posted

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