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    My Wife Slut


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    my slut wife one evening while she and I were playing now is the nost beloved dog and she had the wish to try him and I have taken

    Uploaded by VIVANCO · Rating: 3.6 (259 votes) · 79640 views


    What a excellent movies and so nice in the close up penetration shots.I love to see the dog cock go in with the knot in her pussy.as the dog pump in and out of her vagina.i think the vagina is very pretty young pussy.so she can't let the knot go in the pussy.

    jokersam, posted

    awesome movie, loved watching the dog cock go in and out, would liked to see the knot go in to her to see how it looked, now i want to fuck my dog. it should be great to feel it go in.

    easygirl21, posted

    very nice

    therealjill, posted

    Yummy if it had sound.

    HotMongler, posted

    She REALLY looks like she wants it all day

    mommmy, posted

    Great movie love the way he pounded that bitch's sloppy wet cunt

    drippingwetcunt, posted

    Good scene, lightings was very good, would like to see the dogs cock out of the pussy to see how muck dog juice was pumped into the pussy.

    Hardluck, posted

    excellent love scene,love to see more of this couple,maybe husband should have fucked her cum drenched arse aswell,,who know's.love it.

    tatts69, posted

    She really likes her dog!!

    rls22, posted

    i want to fuck a big cock dog any takers?

    smb110766, posted

    am a kay9 lover wish to cam with a chic while fuck my pet an she plays for me ,is that too much to ask seamen_of_d_c@hotmail.com plz no gay boys am str8

    rolrex, posted

    Very nice .. a crazy horny man looking for hot sex with a woman and lick her more than the dog do and make u have more and lot organs .. please add me on yahoo messsager of chat and meet up ... lawalmuis1@yahoo.com

    lawalmuis1, posted

    That was good I loved the deep pounding action.

    lovely166, posted

    A guy dildogging his wife/gf/fiance while she apparently lies there accommodating him isn't really "hot," is it?

    rovercums, posted

    very hot vid

    anubas69, posted

    That naughty,dirty,little wife slut! Nice.


    I love you KiraKiyomi.

    macten10, posted

    wow! makes me even wetter. would love to have a big thick doggy cock like this one fill my horny pussy up. think i could take it all but would surely strech me some

    rikatnitez, posted

    it would have indefinately been better if it wasn't artifacted to the point of nearly being unviewable.

    collylover, posted

    very nice

    icom, posted

    Want to meet a girl that's looking for a man that have sex with her and her dog...diazanthony73@yahoo.com hit me up

    crazyboy73, posted

    great movie .... loved the dog...needs sound

    ceepark, posted

    One of the best i've ever seen!! With sound it'd have been perfect.

    Robemus, posted

    Nice pussy view, love the big cock in her

    p0staci, posted

    ya know' i love this vid of me. too bad i have no clue who the guy is that is claiming to be my "husband". wonder what site did he rip this from? my fiance had it on like 3 or 4 different ones.

    KiraKiyomi, posted

    very hot , very sexy

    jen17kaynine, posted

    Nice pussy view, love the big cock in her

    jennagal25, posted

    So fucking hot to watch that huge cock fucking her hot wet cunt. Missionary drives me wild!!!

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    My jeans are still tight. thank you for the free vid.

    majerleags, posted

    i love it give me more

    stevesick, posted

    I admire both you and your wife for the display tha you put on. I also admire the beautiful cock on that dog. Most of the time the viewing was great, lighting allowed us to watch clearly as he pumped into her and a special thrill for me was the unobstructed view of her pretty asshole throughout the fucking. Thanks again. I would love to exchange further thoughts on the matter with anyone that might be interested. Roger livelygent4@gmail.com

    livelygent, posted


    chaosbas, posted

    i love it! You are lucky to have that slut in your life.

    peebeach, posted

    Dildogging videos get a "poor" rating from me.

    sexyjenny16, posted

    Pretty hot, love watching a dog fuck a chick missionary its somehow nastier

    poochi69, posted

    me ha encantado y excitado, lastima que no tenga sonido. que gran polla tiene ese perro, y ella desde luego se encuentra muy a gusto con ella dentro yo gritaria mucho mas ya que sería mi primera vez. I was delighted and excited, it hurts not having sound. that much is that dog cock, and she certainly is very comfortable with it inside I cry a lot more as it would be my first time.

    marlenediet, posted

    i want a dog to fuck my wet little pussy so bad. I wanna feel it's tounge flicking my clit so bad right now. im in need of a good fuck

    SuckMyClit1, posted

    very erotic

    ilovedogsex000, posted

    i always get wet from just wacthing it and hope someday i'll try with big dog lick n fuck my pussy

    perdana, posted

    yeah it been nice to see her take it all

    junior58, posted

    i get wet from just wacthing it i wonder what it will like to try it

    sexysweet, posted

    would love to see her take that big knot! nice big dog cock, too!would love to have that size or larger in me!

    amanda1966, posted

    schön in der missionarstellung vom einem geilen prachtvollen hundeschwanz durchgefickt*großartig genau meine vorstellung!!!KLASSE!!!

    viancaro, posted

    A very good video of dog cock going in and fucking her cunt. Would be great if the dog spunk could be seen dripping fom her hole.

    hopper40, posted

    good video, just wish there was sound.

    themedicin3man, posted

    What a good wife-slut to take that nice doggy cock so deep!

    jayko, posted

    Sweet! Husband helped the pup put the meat to his wife. Very nice.

    harleypoor, posted

    Great video...looks so erotic!!

    polarize, posted

    wow....this woman knew what was going on....intense...

    stud654321, posted

    freakhh99 her "ugly asshole" is from gaping :P

    Esiaen, posted

    the best wish it had sound though thanks so much

    georged117, posted

    Totally amazing!

    dirk20200, posted

    This video is just brutally awesome for the reasons that the female's pussy was extremely nice and looks tight for the dog . Another awesome part of the video was when she forced it into her pussy showing that she loves dog cock . That makes the video all more juicy and awesome [:

    mukurox, posted

    delicia so faltou o anal...naquele cuzao todo melado !!!

    legislador1, posted

    loved the dogs cum pouring over her ass. The dog was of a good size. I want to find a dog his size or larger. Want my pussy filled over and over.

    LdySaria, posted

    NICE VIDEO, would also be nicer if she was knotted... pussy is healthy

    boglee, posted

    nice pussy swallowing his hard cock while she gets a go filling!;)

    mehoff, posted

    what happened to a natural mount?

    St88man, posted

    she had a nice pussy, i would have liked to seen the knot go in her the dog had a great looking cock an big

    pickup2003, posted

    She has a really ugly asshole. Otherwise it's okay.

    freakhh99, posted

    Nice action! I love her ass too! I love to see her take there!!

    pacman6969, posted

    Excellent movie! Nice close up penetration shots. Couldn't get the sound to work, but that was the only drawback. It was well lit, camera angle was excellent as well. I would recommend a bit more length and possibly some oral action. It was very clear quality and you could see the wetness of her pussy as she pushed the dog's cock farther into her pussy. I give it a 4 out of 5 only for the lack of decent sound and the lack of a pull out or visible cumshot. I would very much like to see more videos with her in them. Good job on this submission! Keep em coming! No Pun intended.

    valictus, posted
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