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    Teen Dog Wank


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    nice hot teen wanks and gives her dog a nice little suck, i think she nearly get cought wich mnakes it that bit more hotter for me :) hope you like this video boys and girls

    Uploaded by aliero · Rating: 4.0 (271 votes) · 69754 views


    very nice!

    Prasak, posted

    fuck me... that made my cock so hard! what a wonderful little girl!

    johnkirby, posted

    can't wait till she lets a dog knot her, nice tits.

    fredpotts, posted

    its awsome...

    hari1314, posted


    Freakypapi, posted

    very beautiful girl nice boobs can do that for me anytime.

    ralhper, posted

    I just fuckin' came, white lava erupted out of my dick, that bitch was hot, sucking cock like that ^_^

    euparkeria, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm very nice

    james2505, posted

    Ok its abit false but why do something like this if you don't want to? though perhaps the dog wan't bothered either way? she is a nice girl perhaps she will get to like it more?

    mikiyrogers, posted

    love that girl lucky dog

    dewayne64, posted

    wow she is gorguss as hell and that is one lucky dog

    PingPong2727, posted

    My next life I'd like to be born as her puppy. God I LOVE that woman. I think I'll go crazy.... I like this clip soooooo much... Thank you for one of the biggest orgazms I've ever had. Keep posting please!

    Lemmefuckya, posted

    kept pixillating. lovely tits, but saw very little of them, and not a thing after she took the cock in her mouth

    hamilton2, posted

    muito bom...

    trypa, posted

    does any lady wish to watch mi an my dog have fun pm me seamen_of_d_c@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    looks great she looks like she is enjoying

    toeguy, posted

    Who the hell is getting beaten with a boat paddle in the background?

    CJuneau1, posted

    Cute girl. Love those fat little boobs. :)

    horsecumfreak, posted

    not bad looks like she needs a little more time.

    framhand, posted

    she is soooo hott i would love to have sex with her while she sucks the dogs dick

    kidrock69, posted


    zoobeastzoo, posted

    This sucks....she was forced to do this and was not into it at all. Even the little dog was not really enjoying this. Very forced.

    TZwolf, posted

    This was good... But it definitely would have been a lot better if, it weren't so blurry and pixelated. Also what the hell.. is she on a construction site? Other than those few problems it seemed good. Nice body, tits, definitely would like to see her pussy. The spitting was kind of a turn off. Sound was good except for the hammering. out of 10 i would give this a 6.5.

    havik82, posted

    I wanna see more of her.

    ruggedguy, posted

    Pretty awesome

    XTrustX, posted

    Is there any females in new York that are interested in animal sex please message me

    dogcumlicker69, posted

    She is hot and so is the dog. I remember when I was young and learning to love my dog.

    JessiMom, posted

    i wanna be that jerk

    carbofos, posted

    Would love too see this chick in a porno, because the body on her is bloody sexy

    Smash31, posted

    Plenty cute woman. Doesn't seem experienced, but that's a plus in some ways. Obviously she's aware of the camera, but one can imagine her being bored and just sorta drifting in to jerking and blowing her dog. Well, it could happen. So if she doesn't appear to be totally into K9, I like to pretend that she had no plan--it just worked out that way.

    porkfried, posted

    oh yes mmm

    lillyfrench, posted

    soo nice

    815378, posted

    Can I marry her? ......and the Dog too?

    brokenstraw, posted

    best ever!!!!

    warumdarumder, posted

    me calento muchisimo la gordita esta rebuena y mejor ke otras flacas

    durorotten, posted

    this is hot!

    Prasak, posted

    This looks like a girl in a pay site. Hot to watch her suck the dog, but she doesn't seem to like it much. In a way, I like that even better, since I like her being humiliated by the dog and her viewers . . . She should have to suck and swallow. What would always be hot would be a girl having to suck her pup, then having to suck a nice hard guy, back and forth. I always like seeing it when the girl not only gets banged by the dog, but by the dog's owner, too. Hot cummy sex like that is dino-mite! :)

    pullatrain, posted

    she dont like taste?

    binary7, posted

    This is just so very sexy, this young hot little girl jacking off this dog and then sucking his hard little cock made me beat off time and time again , sexy little hottie i would give you what you need.

    monsterlove10, posted

    This would be very good except that 90% of it is unwatchable because of a corrupted image.

    K9Emma, posted

    you are wonderful

    seldakor, posted

    good girl and sweet tits for such a youngun! Sounds like the parents have an idea what she's up to!

    laurajanus, posted

    god this is the kind of woman i need at home. the best

    jamieboxer, posted


    topshelfbabe, posted

    would like more of her she is fantastic

    ticker73, posted

    Great... now we just have to finish the job...Please put his dick into your pussy...Please!!! Thank you for posting, very hot!!! R.S.

    luismiguk1999, posted

    I thought it was very hot. Thank you!

    sweetk9girll, posted

    nice yumy

    vin30, posted

    wow, great video!

    justin11d2010, posted

    handyandy1989 @ live .co .uk add me will pay female for cam show

    th45tud, posted

    What the hell is going on behind the camera?

    ak47redneck, posted

    I love this Girl. She is going to go far.

    swsxswsx, posted

    I do like it! Its a bit different, but shes young, hot and meaty.

    jayko, posted

    lol why does this have a rating of 4 XD she is doing about everything wrong.

    ds2k9, posted

    omg ,, that is sooooooooooooo hot

    Trustin, posted

    I'd do her and the dog

    xbgold, posted

    Fucking videos, why is it they always get heavily pixelated, blurry and odd colored?

    delphinic, posted

    hot vid..loved it

    lisa_allen, posted

    It's ok at best.

    handyhank69s, posted

    Relatively large(to dog) pointer but not as big as dat gill and when she tuined him around I lold.But when she spit -oh that was disgusting!when you suck a dog you gatta swallow ,beach! Other then that it`s pretty cool movie..

    waffa, posted

    yea. there was nothing enjoyable about this

    petfan00929, posted

    Looks like to me she needs to find a bigger dog and really let us see her talents. Chubby girl, would like to see her thick ass knotted with a good sized lab or boxer, then put it on video. Obviously her first venture into K-9 love and wasn't sure how it would taste, did you expect sweet yogurt?

    becauseican, posted

    what would be nice is if someone could time it so that they aren't recording in the middle of construction. Otherwise, it's ok

    knottywayne, posted

    Where did you find her..she looks like a cam girl...ive been looking for a camgirl who will do this for a long time...any advice?

    hectoras007, posted

    yes it does...she didnt enjoy...poor doggy didnt either.. what a poor bullsh....

    fettezitzen, posted

    This looks a lot like animal cruelty.

    Bober, posted

    I love bitch, she know's what she doing!THIS is why I Love small dog for sucking! The same her TIT'S. I love to try that sweet pussy MMMMmmmm. Peggy

    MsPeg, posted

    great movie

    saaea, posted

    Great video. Pretty girl and seems to enjoy what she's doing. Except for the spitting.

    2be, posted

    loved this!! thanks

    markgonfishin, posted

    hot girl love those tits.

    fishlover, posted

    great video lovely girl with big tits. love the way she wanks him and picks him up to suck his cock and taste his spunk.

    stevej, posted

    This movie is really hot. It was obviously taken on a web cam by her and that makes even more erotic for me. She wanks the lapdog a bit and then sucks him off. She also leans over at one point to spit something out so I think that the dog must have cum in her mouth, that is a huge turn on for me. She also doesn't have a bad body. Ten out of Ten in my book. This movie is one of the best I have seen so far and I hope to see more of this quality. So Aliero I applaud you for this contribution and I hope you will keep them coming. Thank you very much for this one.

    mjver, posted
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