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    Snake Charming 2


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    and yet another one with me and the snake again sorry they are only 30 sec clips but its all my camera lets me take at a time :(

    Uploaded by hot4asexykitn · Rating: 3.3 (135 votes) · 45999 views


    would any1 like to cam with me on Skype with me preferably a girl also even better if you have a dog :) and im only ok with a guy if they have a dog to. and I am a lilbit younger so I hope that dosnt bother you if any1 is interested please send me a message

    glowstick25, posted

    i have one question what happens when it bite if it is going head first lol

    highwaysex, posted

    fuck these other dudes. v v v hit me up you kinky lil vixen id love to expirence this personally like skyping nd ill show u my big ol young trouser cock and whatev ud like to see in exchange to watch u pleasure urself while i watch haha dont be frigten by my boldness im 21 YOUNG DUMB AND FULL OF CUM haha. 71/2 inchs mma fighter so im an athletic lean built .. but yea message me and we can figure howi can prove ill be more fun then al these lames below x p. - cum get this

    ale20, posted

    pls email me some videos at bbwqueen01@yahoo.com. Im new to this and exploring because im tired of humans

    bbwqueen01, posted

    Calgary, Canada, anyone? I'd love to have a cock, any cock, fill my wet, wanting pussy and ass! I've got the camcorder, lets make a video!

    tamlou, posted

    super sexy.. would love to have a playdate with you and your snake ;)

    animall0ver, posted

    That was so.sexy. I can't stop fingering myself.

    sonnymarie, posted

    no..not a lucky snake..my god you all need reported. you obviously know nothing about snakes, inserting it into your vagina like that is most uncomfortable being that you are pushing back its coat scales, which is painful to them. That is a ball python, poor docile things are so handle friendly..too handle friendly..hope it grows up and shows you pain.

    sexsnakes, posted


    knight512, posted

    i put a snake up your ass horse and it spit to lol

    damtrav, posted

    Would give anything to have a snake to put up my ass bet it would feel so good having them scales slip in!!!

    horselover192, posted


    WISHICOULD, posted

    Such a beautiful pussy!

    jhuyette99, posted

    Luscious and so sexy with the anal diddling. More please! I can only imagine how good that must feel going in and out of you, and the cool scales as the snake slithers across your clit. I am officially jealous. :)

    knotinmybkyd, posted

    super hot. My dick got rock hard. lucky snake. more PLEASE!!!

    rocketman122, posted

    Hehe, really hot. And the asshole fingering made it even hotter for me. :D

    ClawMacKain, posted

    Awesome vid!

    jjj7411, posted

    is this boo?........ :)

    thekidduntold, posted

    is this boo?........

    thekidduntold, posted

    dispite the short clip length explained by the poster. it is a good clip along with the others she had posted my only suggestion is get a different camera because that is just leading you on to want more and more. its really just a tease. all that aside i do believe the idea of putting a live snake deep inside you is rathererotic. i hope to seem more like this at a longer length an with better lighting. it is really frustrating when you cant get a good view of what is going on. hope to see many more like this good job

    macalpin1, posted

    It was pretty nice to the snake being pushed into her small warm vagina and it was so exciting to see the snake slither its way out not knowing what was going on , i wish i could do the same with my gecko.But god the feel of the scales inside of you must have felt wonderful as it rubed on the wet lovely walls.I really wish i could see a lot more of this as the snake was beautiful and was so tamed to do this with its owner.if only their was some way to erect the snake granted if it was a male

    HottDawgy, posted
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