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    Girl Fucks A Dog Outside


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    good looking girl out in the woods. she fucks the dog on blanket. there is full audio on this movie. the second half of the movie is mostly the girl blowing the dog.

    Uploaded by zeratual · Rating: 3.5 (771 votes) · 115690 views


    This would be a great vid if the recording quality wasn't so poor to the point of barely watchable. If this is the best this site has to offer on the bonus page, it doesn't make me think it's worth the money to join.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    a genanu so einen aktiven rüden habe ichwelche Dame mal möchte gern melden

    hundefan, posted

    dog very hotttt

    qhuma4321, posted

    90% of the time couldn't see a damn thing that was happening. This might have been a hot video, but who knows??

    coffinconceived, posted

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    lasvegased777, posted

    could not see a think do to the disstorsion

    foultemper13, posted

    quiero un perro asi...mmmmmmmmm

    Maduradeseosa, posted

    Ild love to watch a woman doing this

    gemini69er, posted

    I love getting my pussy pounded by my dog :3

    kiplup, posted


    Daz1234, posted

    Someone take me in the woods like this and let me fuck their dog!!! Hit me up!

    SuckK9Cock, posted

    im 23 male from Berlin looking for young female and animel too fuck

    Geni456, posted

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    cold12345, posted

    dog just loves being having the cock sucked. look it all the cum dripping... female bitch can never give oral like this.

    trancebaker, posted

    that was absolutely sexy

    hefadog77, posted

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    BlackBiTop, posted

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    reaper93, posted

    Wow this girl knows what she wants an go's for it mmm

    ramrodo69, posted

    synd hunden knullade ine henne!

    animalka_66, posted

    3:21 *Someone on the plane* Omg, is she sucking her dog? Hope she posts it on petsex.com! :D

    thebiggesthorse, posted

    ya, very lovely movie!

    Prasak, posted

    Very nice good looking woman after he fuks her she sucks his huge cock and she gave him some awsome oral!

    breeder09, posted

    Abeautiful lady I'd love to fuck too ,just a taste of that cum soaked pussy would almost make me her slave.

    1billy4unow, posted

    poor graphics, the pixels messes up alot

    hyperkilly, posted

    if anyone live in melbourne fl. and has a well endowed dog or pony and would not mind letting me have some fun with them please message me. ps i wouldn't mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    nice big cock for this lovely woman - wish I could watch them together for real - mmmmmmmmm that would be nice

    rikk469, posted

    Or the title could also have been: 'woman fucks the publick.' L A T E R ! ! ! 1102 animalpsychologist 5.

    cleclego, posted

    I have never done this. would love too! add me to your messenger lookingjuliet@yahoo.com

    nastyshit77, posted

    eichfach top film und geiler rüde

    wirsuchen, posted

    this movie is so hot makeme get in horney

    kikoriko, posted

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    yummy1245, posted

    This was lame! That doggy was ready to go and she would not let him in! Bend over like a good bitch and let him take you! My wife does with a chocolate lab and it is fun to watch! Pumps a lot of hot doggy sperm into her too!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    Great Video

    maxgator, posted

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    tgvrfc1, posted

    schon was ausgefallenes. Ob ich es auch machen würde, weiß ich nicht, bin sicher zu jung, wenn ich mal Erfahrung habe, könnte sein..

    Mausekind, posted

    She never intended to let the dog fuck her. She knew, by leaning backwards so much, the dog wouldn't be able to get his dick in, so she was safe. And putting a dick in your mouth is NOT sucking. She did just that. The title is all wrong. Should've been: Woman plays a dog outside. L A T E R ! ! ! 29 animalpsychologist 1.

    cleclego, posted

    really hot!!!!!!

    goldmeadow, posted

    cool movie

    itsme1234, posted

    oscarthegrouch, Good solucion. Thought about it. Never done it. It's not that the dog doesn't want to stay inside, 'cause he does, it's that he counts on her cunt holding him inside her. What he doesn't account for, is she not being a dog. She is human and her cunt does NOT hold on to his cock, like a dog's cunt would. Her cunt is built to let big babies out. A dog's cunt could NEVER let such big babies out. Only little puppies. And a dog's cunt has strong lips. Stronger than a woman's. So, for a dog it is easy, to hold the knot inside. For a woman it is not. I once read a story of a man fucking a shedog. He said her lips were so strong, that after he cummed, she clamped her lips around his cock, pressing all the blood in his cock, so that it swoll up and he then couldn't pull his dick out, since her clamping cuntlips held his swollen dick inside her. To me he was full of shit. There are enough men in here, that fuck bitches, they can tell you about that. And about the movie, it wasn't him not being able to get his dick in. It was her not letting him get his dick in. And she didn't know enough about dogs by holding his dick like that, licking, sucking it, not swallowing. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    shame you could not that cock in her it would have be so hot too see it all the way in..

    phila856nj, posted

    why can't dogs stay inside. i've seen movies where the couple ties the dogs legs to her thighs. this way he can't break free. that's hot!

    oscarthegrouch, posted

    excellent movie. I love how toward the end, he's so eager he doesn't even penetrate her and still humps the small of her back. Hottest part to me...further proof that even if it doesn't go in, it can still be sexy.

    fmalovr420, posted

    I am wanting this badly. Loved it! I am also looking in FL.

    mammal50, posted

    Lookin for dog in Fl

    shangjii, posted

    excellent video

    opaone, posted

    really good stuff

    hugedogfuck, posted

    This dog does not want to smell or lick this pussy he just wants to nail it(maybe he already got a good scent of it).At the end she gives him some real nice head on his huge swollen cock very nice.

    breeder09, posted

    its was nice 2 see her sucking him hope she got all his yummy cum in her mouth

    pinkcunt, posted

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    virginpussy, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    a good suck and fuck

    MEXICO_MAN, posted


    bluedestiny, posted

    This is GOOD. Would have been better if the FAA had grounded the jets.

    ThisMan, posted

    me and my dog are watching now playing with his long cock

    mydogeatsme69, posted

    Dam jets, otherwise not bad there were some good shots ,I've added it to my favorites a little more fucking next time. Thanks

    mcnesby, posted

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    moot111, posted

    it fantastic amazing she enjoy with the dog and happy with the dog fucking all around her.

    samsonsam123, posted

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    dean420, posted

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    summitkid96, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    i have to agree

    nexx51, posted

    well...maybe my standards are a bit high, but in my opinion, when I hear the buzzing & clicking of a polaroid camera in the background, it tells me that the gal is anything but enjoying the situation. the images within may be interesting, but I can't endorse this clip. (and, no, this is not the gal on the phone)

    deexx, posted

    This video is glitchy... or is it just me?

    andi950, posted

    avere un zoccola simile sarebbe bellissimo

    roby1456, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    that pup way to aggressive! think she was a bit scared to let him in.

    cyberx76, posted

    carino ma poco visibile (qualita video)

    torelba, posted

    I think the dog is part rabbit!

    rodeotexas, posted

    tach auch--habe 2 nette geile rüden- die schon einige erfahrung haben- suchen nette damen die sich gern vergnüngen möchten.

    hundefan, posted

    hallo so einen geilen hund suchen wir auch meine frau läst sich super gern bespringen also wer einen aktiven hund hat bitte melden

    wirsuchen, posted

    He has huge cock. I wish I could get him iside. the female must have really enjoyed having full of him insied. good movie. it makes me feel to fuck a dog

    geomare, posted

    •Aluzky says• Wrist bands on the doggy is not natural. Bitches should take it the real way, with dew claws piercing your hips >:)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Very very nice!He smells her sweet hairy pussy and immediately puts his huge cock to work in her pumping her ever so nicely filling her aching vagina.After he swells she wastes no time sucking his swollen cum spewing cock very hot I loved it.

    breeder09, posted


    zerhatul1, posted

    i believe i have seen these two before.. isn't she the girl talking on the phone while her white dog was boning her? i like that one mostly, but i think this one is okay as well! :)

    kitten2, posted

    This is a great video.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    I came.

    sillylover, posted

    these arent glitched to you?

    Graffanino, posted

    Sweet! Chick had skills! Pup had huge tool. Maybe he could fill her up nex time!

    harleypoor, posted

    good film nice dog and one big cock.

    smint123, posted

    Damn! That's one horny pup! He gonna take that pussy!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    that big beautiful, hot hard cock, needs to cum inside her tight little pussy! Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn I like this video! :)

    south2, posted

    i would have liked a close up for im not sure if he was actually inside her just humping her back or something.

    c89631139, posted

    This one should be renamed "Dog Wants To Fuck A Girl Outside!"

    kitten2, posted

    Great video but I woulg like to see more of him fucking her cunt.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    my shepherd does it better

    Shepherd789, posted

    damn that was so fuckin hot

    jewcharlie, posted

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    swampdonk, posted

    damn! thats a good looking woman! :)

    south2, posted

    I wana fuck and suck her lovely hot pussy so bad I cain't see straight!!! :)

    south2, posted

    funfuckintastic! sexy, pretty young lady! lucky big dick dog! thanks for sharing! please make more! :)

    south2, posted

    OH! You mean "Girl Fucks Dog Outside"-her pussy! That would be called Girl AIR-Fucks the Dog Outside!! Also, famously known, (developed by South American girls) as "The Slime-Back Skidder" so he doesn't get-in to Stick'er! AND! This is all under the heading, "Girl Cock-Teases Dog Outside". What fucking bullshit! This and the Japanese 'Dill-Dog' Movies. If Puppy isn't stuffed-in 'til she squeals, it ain't REAL!

    abl72lok, posted

    I liked this - Loved how eager the pup was and obviously the girl was really into it. At one point there is a glimpse of a fresh scratch near her breast....she was in such pleasure I'm sure there was no pain. I also liked the brief glimpse of her jacking him....YES (smile)

    ThisMan, posted

    dog humped her back???? she had a nice pussy and dog was well endowed...would like more

    pornperv, posted

    Thanks for the clip he knew what he wanted before she was ready !!!!!!;) She atleast got some penatration beforf she blows him!!

    mehoff, posted

    theres not even any real penetration...rubbish

    dhjekfhke, posted

    schöner Film

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    hubcityhotrod59@yahoo.com Nicework on this one. pre sound quality (sounds like it was shot at the end of a runway)

    hubcityhotrod, posted

    good but spoiled by some idiot blowing and whistling down mirophone .special effect not needed let them get on with it and enjoy.

    hellshole, posted

    ja das ist ja mal ein geiler hund genau das richtige

    wirsuchen, posted

    That dog is so eager. I'd love to have him dominate me the way he did her.

    Decemberist, posted

    vind dit wel geil

    kangeroe, posted

    old... old...old

    jjj7411, posted

    How I would love to be there with that girl.

    PhilOxon, posted

    pas mal du tout!!!le chien aime d'enculer cette salope...

    ketty88, posted

    beautiful girl nice tits would love to help her get what she want .the dogs cock well in her. uk ralhper

    ralhper, posted

    sounds like shes near the airport!

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    imaks, posted

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    angelcross8, posted

    sweet natural beauty made for love.great classic.

    digitallover, posted

    Movie is ok sound is very bad

    oldrandy1, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

    Very good sex movies!Girl is beautiful.

    wsyjdgr, posted

    this was a very hot clip.watching that beautiful dog cock sliding in and out of that wet pussy will turn you inmeddiatly.i got hard in the first two seconds of the clip.iwould have loved to been there to lick that dog cum off of her pussy and any where els it landed on her body. i know the clip not show the dog cumming,but sliding in and out of a pussy like that with that hard cock he can not hold out to much longer.the only one gettingfucked with aniting was the woman with the very wet pussy getting pumped by that wonderful dog cock.i bet she was on cloud nine.im horny i like this clip

    kikoriko, posted

    though the camera quality was grainy and the background noise a little irritating the camera angle was great for the blow job but never really showed the dog inside the girl, i am sure that it was but never seen it, as a flm clip i did think that the video was good, the girl cute and does deserve a better than average rating, should invest really in a better camera inside where the lighting and film quality would be much better. with the better lighting and camera all could be seen so much better, myself i really enjoy videos like this and would like see many more from this girl,

    guitarist4722, posted

    This video is a pleaser! The girl was attractive and well built, and both the girl and the dog were extremely horny. You can tell these two have enjoyed each other’s company before. As soon as the dog saw that naked pussy he was ready to go, trying to get his dick everywhere and anywhere he could. Finally the girl bent over and let the dog get his reward. Unfortunately for the girl, this ended much too soon, for her to get anything out of it, so she gets beneath the dog to get a little more action. Finally, she sucks his dick until it seemed his nuts would fall off!

    john24255, posted

    Awsome just fantasticly F--king awsome . Posiable the best short vedeo I have ever seen . The girl is gorgious and obviously loves her dog ( and it obviously is her dog ) The dog loves her as well , he realy knows his busnes . Definately not the first time they had had sex . He likes fucking her and couldn't waite to get started , but it was obvious to me he wasn't about to finish in her because she had sucked him befor and that was what he realy wanted . It was also obvious that she loves sucking him ( posably more than she enjoys him f--king her ) All in all I am very impressed . I would love to see a longer vedeo of them togather . They are bouth awsome and doubley awsome togather

    houndog69, posted

    so there is nothing fake or put on about this film. you'll find a great cam angle, good light, some audio. (plus the sound of the wind) all legit. you'll love it. true that the 2nd half is mostly the girl giving head to the dog but she makes a brilliant show of this. she does a great job. it really gives you the feeling that she likes it, has done this many times before AND, most important for me? that she loves it. there is no dildog or forcing of any kind. only one dog, and one woman- in nature right where they belong. i give full points to this movie. i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

    cpast1, posted
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