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    The Great Outdoors


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    Woman getting licked by her dog in the wild Woman getting licked by her dog in the wild Woman getting licked by her dog in the wild Woman getting licked by her dog in the wild

    Uploaded by chicosteel · Rating: 3.0 (234 votes) · 75080 views


    Hey all.... I'm in Nz looking for others : ) flick me a message if you want to : ) masson.kerron@yahoo.com Or skype Sky25Walker

    NightBlastnz, posted

    Good boy, likkin endless - he knows what is good for girls/womans. Geiler Fotzenlecker, der weiss was Mädels und Frauen wollen.

    sadfuck, posted

    Any men in Chicago with big male dog? I want my first experience!

    conniechung, posted

    I would so very much love to suck her pussy too! Very lovely licking by the dog. Very nice! MMMM!

    DogHorseSukr, posted

    This version is hot but the longer version is hotter, this one cuts out the scene where she's peeing, then the dog comes into the picture to lick it all up.

    GSD777, posted

    what a shame. from the comments, this video sounds like it would extremely hot. unfortunately, it glitches for the majority of the vid.

    mu53, posted

    beautiful pussy for that good doggy

    love_mature88, posted

    Też bym chciała! I wish I could!

    clittiek9, posted

    thats awesome good to see i sit outside every morning having a coffee while my dog licks me also sometimes my neighbour even joins in and watches

    samantha69now, posted

    awesome pussy

    ivko123, posted

    Nice hot vid, love the sounds...makes a world of difference when compared to a vid without sound.

    freakyme66, posted

    very nice good to see pets playing outside

    k1eth, posted

    This is a lovely video and really horny, the only thing it lacks is the woman cumming, she is claerly enjoying it but we needed to see the climax.

    debs, posted

    I enjoyed this vieo so much, I felt compeled to write a review.... hope to get the chance to see more from the same couple.

    polarize, posted

    Teenage male willing to cum on cam ( females only please!) add lovestounload@hotmail.com

    ilovetocum, posted

    the hungry doggie sounds are great, but the video quality is abysmal

    delfine, posted

    Like that she is clean shaven and wearing the stockings. Wish we could have seen her face. Looks like she has a nice lower body.

    jackf9, posted


    captainkimmeh, posted

    FANTASTIC. The dog does a good job licking PUSSY. WOMAN IS THE ACCURACY TO EAT A FUND, opening her pussy lips, leaving the clitoris to the VISTA for the dog to lick it constantly. Without SPREADS HER PUSSY WITH NOTHING TO the dog lick it. WELL HAS TAUGHT HER PUSSY to lick.

    REDCOON, posted

    Awesome pussy licker. Really loved that pussy. Wish it was longer. Wish she just laid back and let him lick. She needs to lose the stupid stockings.

    Viking25, posted

    so fuckin hot

    tttttttttttthbg, posted

    Lucky lady

    2lvdogcock, posted

    lick that fuckin pussy you bitch! love rubbing my clit to this!!

    RedLove22, posted

    dont do ths is so bad sex wht humans

    anls1907, posted


    marengo56, posted

    just nice.

    jokersam, posted

    when the dog eat it like meat, you are dead

    hotman4006, posted

    seen this one on another website.. kinda nice

    kitten2, posted

    Yes that is a good one You can tell she & the dog do it often There is nothing better than a good pussy lick by a good doggy.

    hurk123, posted

    wow....absolut geil.... ich wünschte er würde meine nasse pussy lecken

    HotForYou78, posted

    very good vid, hot, horny, dirty woman with a sexy pussy needing sexual release and this eager dog is more than willing to please. doggie never quits licking for long once it starts. nice sound, realistic movie, amateur animal porn at it's be"A"st really!

    browneyedog, posted

    Absolutely splendid!

    dirk20200, posted

    why let a dog do it,id lick it better,then pound it like that little pussy hasnt been pounded before!!

    crambone, posted

    Actually quite a nice little video. The dog obviously likes the taste of this woman's very cute, small, pussy and gives her a nice thorough licking until it sounds like she's ready to cum. I think the most impressive thing about this video is, I'm guessing this lady to be middle aged, judging by her hands, but she certainly has a nice,tiny,little cunt for her age!! I've just watched it again and maybe she did just cum at the end of the video. Good for her, and good for us too!

    kaaty, posted

    MMM!i like this one,the lady has a lovely cunt and i would imagine is well used to this pet giving her a good time!just watch the way her clitoris pops in and out,she is very used to this licking!! wish it was me, i would love to lick that clit! Some people have said she doesnt come,well i beleive she does,turn your volume up and toward the end the doggie licks that clit and rubs with its nose,just listen to her moan,she loved it! Its a pity that the video isnt longer though.

    gwyn1946, posted

    on this video clip you have got quite a good view on a woman out in the open with the dog enjoying all it can eat. really good video shame about it being so short and her not climaxing :( but reminds me of when me and my dog would sit out back he'd lick me until i felt the need to take his cock in me. i highly recomend this to amateurs hours of fun! well hope you all enjoyed it and would like to see more videos of people trying it themself. outside , dog , licking , woman , outdoor , nature

    92bryy, posted
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