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    Dolphin Tailhole Vore


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    A girl get sucked into the ass of this dolphin This is prety cool to see XD the dolphin enjoy she lol i hope you will like it

    Uploaded by bobococo · Rating: 2.0 (231 votes) · 27981 views


    That was 2 mints and 35 seconds of my life I want back!!!!!

    kountryqueen, posted

    This bullshit man.

    limetriumph, posted


    sakke23, posted

    tahts not a fuckin girl you godamn mong!!!

    DoubleDude, posted

    Vore is weird.

    Inero, posted

    Calgary, Canada, anyone? I'd love to have a cock, any cock, fill my wet, wanting pussy and ass! I've got the camcorder, lets make a video!

    tamlou, posted

    It is just as bad as someone getting their head stuck up an elephant's ass!

    tsmith5143, posted

    Absolutely dumb !

    Litka25, posted

    hmmm what can i say cgi very basic,what was it all about.if the person who made the clip want,s to make animation films, needs to get a better computer ,go back to school and learn how to make them.

    PLURG, posted

    I don't get it.

    sonnymarie, posted

    this was an odd cgi but kool

    inuyasha86, posted

    uhhh idk about this no sound and what is this clip supposed to be.. bodying???

    AlenRusso1976, posted

    I really think, that this is a fucked-up movieclip. Why would anyone wanna make a movieclip about this? Artistic freedom? Oh please, it's so very fucking stupid. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    horselover192, why don't you think, before you say something? Why would you wanna disappear into a dolphins ass. If that would happen, you would suffacate and die. There is no air in the dolphin's bowels. The only gases in there would be metane gases. And they stink like hell. I hope, that fucker died in there. And that the dolphin pushed its cadaver out. It was just a sexless body anyway. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Wish i would dissapeer inside a dolphins ass:)

    horselover192, posted

    lol this was weird

    cuteepiee1, posted

    cgi is good vid is messed up the vore was great and hot well kinda

    inuyasha86, posted

    Interesting concept having a giant animal take a fully grown human body into its massive cunt. Deadly, but shows the extreem size difference. I suppose someone could disappear into a huge whale.

    hardflare, posted


    wulf123, posted

    •Aluzky• Vore is funny, and this is not bestiality XD

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    What is the point ? I've just wasted 2 1/2 miutes of my life watching this rubbish

    leucistic, posted

    This is stupid.

    lollypoppy7623, posted

    maybe next time the dolphin gets to bone the girl or he goes up her ass! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    not more to ad

    graft, posted

    Okay.. wtf did i just watch?

    havik82, posted

    oke the girl .... she is dead now lol

    doggiestijlo, posted

    weird is it not

    jackthelad67, posted

    was für ein scheiss

    FickMichHart, posted

    it a birth of human from dolphin in revers!!

    swiftknife, posted

    omg! i have to know, does she ever get out? lol!

    horsecumcurious, posted


    TIMBIRICHE, posted

    different but lame

    colt101, posted

    You know.. I dont think this is my thing

    autumnvixen, posted

    Summed up, this video is about a person being slowly pulled into a dolphin, then the feet slowly emerge and slide in and out of the dolphin ever so slightly (pretty sexy!). At the end, the feet disappear again and you're left with the dolphin completely satisfied. The over-all graphics are amazing; the dolphin has individual teeth, spots, wrinkles. Also, every time the dolphin's body contracts (tail moves down), the human gets pulled in a little more. However, the human has no gender. The human is missing boobs, penis/pussy, and hair so it’s hard to distinguish a gender. Most of the clip is only of the feet though. Also, there is no environment, or water, which gives it a lack of depth. No sound also makes it a little less pleasant. Also, there is no "money shot." However, it is a 2:35 clip, making it one of the longer animated clips I've seen.

    s2a0r1a0h, posted
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