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    A short clip with a wolf fucking a girl 3D animation, wolf, I'm not sure what more to say, watch it to find out?

    Uploaded by Shinji_01 · Rating: 2.8 (115 votes) · 52444 views


    A short clip with a wolf fucking a girl 3D animation. It's a short clip alright. And it would've been even shorter, hadn't they looped it. It has at least 3 loops, not counting the first, every loop at about 7 to 8 sec. Not bad the animation. The girl looks very good. The lycanthrope does too. HAPPY NEW YEAR! animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted


    ws3thyu, posted

    More of a WolfMAN...but this is some excellent work!

    dogweener, posted

    Its hotttt

    doggita, posted

    Its hotttt

    doggita, posted

    it is amazing .and hot.

    jokersam, posted


    creaturefeature, posted

    um ok wow

    keekeec6, posted


    latinkitty, posted

    so so i guess! ?

    kitten2, posted

    why most the movie not play? why this please maintanit this

    mona54, posted

    really good video, shows good gra^hics and well played out, i really wander what game this is from, ive watched two other shorts films, one withe a dark elf and werewolf and one with a redhead elf and werewold on a church alter. i would love to see more of these videos especially from this game or maybe a better game" it would also be really fun to play this game, if anyones know please let me know that it is. anyways over all a good video, a bit to short and no sound kinda sucks but i liked it

    man964, posted
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