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    Dog Fun Part 2


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    high quality viedo in part to now that she has it out time for a little mouth lovein she does a great job makeing the dog happy

    Uploaded by gonepostal · Rating: 3.6 (135 votes) · 51068 views


    Nice, very nice. Loved her tongue action, the way she licked around - if ever she wants to do that to a girl, I would gladly let her. Also really liked the way she used her finger and thumb to softly stroke him, the way she sucked and really got at his little doggy cock, building and going faster as he got harder. I am sure it ends with her taking his load - wish we could see her enjoy it.

    katierez, posted

    She sure got it going near the end. Very nice.

    ynnel, posted

    ne 1 in uk wanna chat?

    man29, posted

    Very nice she makes sucking his cock look so good!

    breeder09, posted

    bel modo di fare un film molto bene ripreso bei primipiani e sopratutto bella fotografia nitida e molto illuminata forse un po piccolo il cane

    poiritorno, posted

    one of the best doggy blowjob videos i've seen. Love the way she sucks him and his little cock stretches in her mouth. Would love to see more and watch him spurt his cum on her face.

    rushman34, posted

    Atta girl!

    sissyfluff, posted

    loved it way to suck some cock baby

    larryruckman, posted

    good quality and lighting

    gorobie, posted

    zoek iemand in belgie die dit doet en zou dit wel eens samen willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes en likjes en xxxjes

    kangeroe, posted

    Want to hook up with mature woman who plays with dogs

    reeferman53, posted

    qual é pior part I ou II???

    legislador1, posted

    To a TRUE dog Slut you can see she wanted his dog cum BAD! YOU GO GIRL!!!! Peggy

    MsPeg, posted

    she can use me

    manshu88, posted

    Its funny she can't even make him hard xD

    Hector89, posted

    Mmmmmm tasty

    Ktspire, posted

    Why cant I meet a girl like this?

    james2505, posted

    Would love to see the rest.

    rushman34, posted

    Totally hot!

    dirk20200, posted

    sooo hot....she can do me any time....many tnx for posting!

    fredog51M, posted

    Very well done on the lighting and the concetration on the woman to her task. By constantly letting the viewer see the way in which the dog was handled. The care in which the penis must be given during this process really came through. Wonwan should be happy about the way that her love for this aniaml shows. While it looked like she may have done something off camera. the views were very good. Camera angles of her tits and the dogs penis and her mouth were well done. Enjoyed very much. Feft that at times times you were right there with her helping in some way. One of the better views I have seen in the last few months of watching this type of film on the internet. Wish there were more like this available.

    hillbilly51, posted
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