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    my dog eats my pussy.....more to come! ill upload a few of me drinking his cumshot. if there r any other girls that like doin stuff with their dogs email me! i feel weird doing it for guys but im ok with other girls. Im 22/f/canada

    Uploaded by primus18 · Rating: 4.3 (289 votes) · 51373 views


    Lovely I would love to see more of her being licked to orgasm.......

    Matelot1950, posted

    she looks exactly like this girl i know that lives in florida she probably changed her info to protect her real identity if this is u martha your secret is safe with me :)

    toby14, posted

    looks like a girl i know name martha lol :)

    toby14, posted

    very nice, good audio also.

    jayko, posted

    loved her moans....came very hard watching.

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    •Aluzky• Why this 27 second clip doesn't say "for free" ?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    i love when my golden licked me from behind, his tongue seems to really get my asshole nice and wet

    karrie, posted

    wish this was my cunt!

    teamsimple, posted

    looks like she is ready for a knoting

    vickie, posted

    gorgeous video. i would love to see more.

    jimmy77, posted


    kikoriko, posted

    Very nice - love her little passion song....

    ThisMan, posted

    Super hot!

    robdominator, posted


    kevinhernandez, posted

    good shit!

    amandastick, posted

    licking at it's best need's to be longer vid.'lol'

    bigdamo09, posted


    hellopopo, posted

    ich würde so gerne mal ein Hund oder Pferd ficken!! kann mir da vielleicht einer helfen? animal1910@hotmail.de

    sascha1910, posted


    mrsex11989, posted

    fuck you "primus 18" this is my fucking girl stacey...we dont know how you fucks got these vids but we are coming for you!

    longinthadong, posted

    I love this video. I often find myself visiting it again and again :)

    slimgumby, posted

    single female chicago Il.

    ponygirl28, posted

    single female england msg me pls;

    exiledgeordie94, posted

    single female from canada msg me ;)

    itsasecret88, posted

    hooray.. i love it! :)

    kitten2, posted

    very good!

    zell999, posted

    awsome please post more soon

    keiko, posted

    vind zalig als een vrouw zo gelikt word pfff krijg het er warm van mail mij aub kangeroe60@hotmail.com wil dit samen eens meemaken

    kangeroe, posted

    zoek iemand in belgie die dit doet en zou dit wel eens samen willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes en likjes en xxxjes

    kangeroe, posted

    good girl! just write me jmlf03@yahoo.fr kiss

    jmlf03, posted

    Wonderful clip beautiful*

    Freakypapi, posted

    Very nice babe. Ummmmmm...thanks!

    sweetk9girll, posted

    lol in the profile is she a man? whats that?^^

    phantom1991, posted

    Awesome,.. Love it

    denisebikini, posted

    awesomegirl.....email me lexi_beast@gmail.com im 18wf south africa...your hot baby lets swop doggy vids

    damonbeast, posted

    Awesome 26 seconds. Definetly not regretting them. Cant wait to see more

    Akiso, posted


    poesjeloesje, posted

    Kelly is that you babe :) hot hot hot :p

    lBeastl, posted

    great video! I'm a single female from USA. Hit me up sometime ;-)

    SuperMeMN, posted

    From what you could see of this woman I doubt she has any trouble getting licked, only wish this had been longer

    olderbi, posted

    Wish this was longer...

    jjohns, posted

    Great clip. Enjoyed hearing her moan. Looking forward to future posts.

    txwildone4fun, posted

    Hottest 26 seconds. ever.

    Spooginator, posted

    This is a great clip. I wouldn't feel weird about it, it seems that your dog enjoys it almost as much as you. I'd love to see more postings if you have them, maybe a bit longer if possible. Enjoy

    bdpat, posted

    i wish i can fuck you.. i would love love to fuck you all day if you like!!

    kalokohan, posted

    I like your glasses :)

    furrymcfur, posted

    Great vid.. and your sexy moan made me cum hard...

    ray_0007, posted

    very very hot plz post more

    pussypumper, posted

    great vid, really hot looking forward to more of the same.

    turtle01, posted

    you, are soooooo hot ;) i cant wait too see more =^.~=

    Xaven, posted

    so fucking hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...what, posted

    Lucky dog

    james2505, posted

    your moans please me.

    Rampage89, posted


    tiopicho, posted

    Love this upload! Looking forward to your upcoming vids! :D

    mekox, posted

    lovely babe...18 year old boy here!

    suppehans, posted

    Well darling that was great! Hope you'll let us watch again and thanks! ncwld.

    ncwildlife, posted

    hey great vid...so lucky! im in can also..ab..25/m and have m ger shep that likes 2 play also :)

    k9casey, posted

    nice video any more

    lolzlolz, posted

    Just LOVE the heavy breathing!!!!! Amazing!

    Womens, posted

    Now thats the real deal

    koolslayergirl, posted

    Nothing wrong with what your doing....Nothing wrong with being Canadian....Enjoy what your doing! Love to talk to you more.

    chester000_0, posted

    OMG love more please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oneeyesnake, posted

    heyy miss how are you am from canada to and it would be a pleasur to have a contacte with you am really interest to ur videos

    koloilolk, posted

    BRAVO...very well done, very cute girl and the sound is fantastic. keep up the good work and would love to see more postings from you.

    redfox40, posted

    I love hearing her moaning and breathing hard!

    sexyjenny16, posted

    Not a bad clip, has decent audio, at least.

    jayko, posted

    gr8 vid....some days I wish I were a dog...yummy!!!

    fredog51M, posted

    Vid is real but the account is just fake.Can fakers just stop it with all this "I show my fake self,would you girls send me an email with your private stuff?"It just DOESNT make sense !

    asserex, posted

    36yr swm 5'11 180 living 10 min from st. louis, mo will buy plane ticket and move you in today. Merry Xmas to us!!

    muttly74, posted

    watched this like 4 times..........cant wait to see more.

    ravage2k6, posted

    this is hotttt...............damn!!! dont be shy doin it for guys its coool.

    ravage2k6, posted

    Oh, and...might want to sort out your profile and fix your facts/lies. I mean, your profile says youre a guy and the videos review says youre a 22/f/canada. I'd hate to see sexfreak2 get all heartbroken over this. lol.

    plexxi, posted

    "I swear Iam in love with this girl....this is just theee hotest movie ever....Iam in california but will be moving to port angeles washington soon. Im 40 but don"t look it...I think Iam more than average good lookin....I wish we could meet, your the girl of my dreams...." oh boy, that's great. Anyway...nice vid. Glad I'm not the only Canadian around. =D

    plexxi, posted

    I swear Iam in love with this girl....this is just theee hotest movie ever....Iam in california but will be moving to port angeles washington soon. Im 40 but don"t look it...I think Iam more than average good lookin....I wish we could meet, your the girl of my dreams....

    sexfreak2, posted

    I like the movie very much, a little bit too short but sweet. The dog did a good job licking her pussy, and i loved the soft moans she was giving. Wish I could of seen more of her face cause it seem like she was having a lot of fun. All and all it was a nice short movie of a dog pleasing a girl from behind. And speaking of from behind i would of love seeing the dog fucking her from behind once he finish eating that sweet pussy.I like to see more of the girl and mans best friend.

    donray46, posted

    I really liked this movie, its obvious from the start the girl really loves the attention from her doggie lover. Her heavy breathing and moaning are a real turn on. She and her dog must be regular fuck buddies, as he knows exactly what he's doing with that tongue. Even though the movie is only short there are a couple of high points. 1 at about 12 seconds where he buries his tongue in her ass and she really responds to this, arching her back slighty, pushing back and opening herself up to give him better access. secondly at about 20 seconds she starts to thrust back and hump his tongue, while he has his muzzle buried deep in her pussy. Would like to see more movies by this girl, with her naked body shown. this one is short but well worth the time to watch it.

    yourmaster1963, posted
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