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    Mature Housewife Alone With Dog


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    This is pure amateur action of lonely housewife and her dog. Quality is not the best (vhs rip) but it is rare and hot amateur scene with good penetration shots and happy ending:) Enjoy!

    Uploaded by ellah · Rating: 3.4 (265 votes) · 46605 views


    love it,dirty bitch with a stray dog while husband and kids out...so hot my cock on fire..

    strays, posted

    Lovely and so sexy delightful...this is a true example of hot sex in the home and shows what happens when a hot sexy woman gets knotted....I really enjoyed this video and hope to see more like it!

    CherriesD, posted

    Wow, This milf just coming home from PTA meeting and unwinding. She doesn't stop to take her pretty dress off, just hikes it up and goes down on her stocking covered knees with her heels still on and calls the dog to mount her and what a mount. This couple has been together before. Next thing you know, even though she's holding her daily relief agent, he pulls her over trying to get his knot out before her husband comes home. How happy I would be to come home and find my wife being pulled around by a big old dog knot. Where are these women and how do I find one?

    watchindirty, posted

    good clip,wish the quailty was better,like to see a great dane or st bernard tied and knoted in the free section

    bigduck54, posted


    382359674, posted

    I really think that is a guy in drag... but the dog was having fun.

    arcticbowwow, posted

    my wife hits the door from work and cant gether pants off fast enuff for our dog .she does not know i record it so she is copleatly open and naughty. its fun to watch when she is gone

    brandon11007, posted

    I loved this one,this woman knows what she wants and gets down to business and the dog does too!.... her sex. Then she doesn't want to let him out of her!

    breeder09, posted


    henryv, posted

    that's me when i come home from work, and my pet is ready to go. I drop everything and give him what he wants.

    ebonypearl, posted

    Yes an Amateur film a little scratchie, but a quickie, both seem to know what they are doing

    keyboard1000, posted

    mikkilik21; yes the video clarity was poor and the noise interference was annoying,but fun seemed genuine both dog & woman.I bet they have a really good time when they really are alone.

    mikkilik21, posted

    poor qual. no zest from the woman. but at least it has sound.

    aminalcracker60, posted

    oh, cripes...this is poor....

    jayko, posted

    poor video quality and the camera flash and noise in background a turn off

    Nativeangel, posted

    Nothing worse then a sick fuck husband hanging around taking flash photos with a noisy camera !!!

    HotnSweaty, posted

    Great coupling. I would like to see this again with bright lights. What a happy couple. This must have done this often to be so relaxed.

    Joe03, posted

    this kinda stuff makes petsex look bad.. cameras buzzing, bolbs flashing.. alone.. not quite!! poor stuff all together.

    kitten2, posted

    good stuff; maybe a tag to the title, 'Picture Quality Poor' would be helpful.

    smithyagain, posted

    that IS knotting

    shenzhen, posted

    I NEVER WEAR underwear..... I a dog or BGF need's to LICK my redpussy or ass WHO am I to say NO? Peggy

    MsPeg, posted

    geiler fickhund

    bayerng, posted

    hard to see movie

    razlem2, posted

    good one but very cloudy to watch

    unmee45, posted

    This was very good, need more face shots for their reactions. The dog enjoyed , how about the woman?

    CHOPCHOP, posted

    older but still nice

    biggirl2011, posted

    would love to have my face in there eating that cum out of her pussy

    legaltender, posted

    Sehr realistisch, sehr natürlich. Genau, wie es sein soll.

    gentleg, posted

    I need a woman like that oldescratch1@hotmail.com MD/DC/VA area

    dirtyslag, posted

    Welll at least it has volume...not much emotion though.

    jayko, posted

    Exactly how it should be......NATURAL!

    bitchboy, posted

    very hot wish my dog did that

    bill2307, posted

    Nice work yummy mummy>

    hungry4it, posted

    Good vid but needs better lighting.

    Dave60, posted

    sie hat einen super lover

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    Thank you I love watching a woman and her pet make love as nature intended. Wow knot with a turn around you go boy good dog!!!!:)

    mehoff, posted

    would love to have been there when this clip was filmed! I would have joined in! If anyone has any clips they would share, message me!!!

    napeolin, posted

    poor quality. she won't leave the dog alone and let him fuck her.she keeps putting her hand back and holding the dogs cock. could have been a lot better than it was.

    jayshaw, posted

    this woman is unique becoz she lets the dog turn as per natural instinct. with that, she excells and beates other women on the site

    spring1234, posted

    I've watched this 5 times so far and each time it gets more erotic, great to see and makes me wish I could have been there to join in

    matlotmatlot1, posted

    sweet passionate moment.

    digitallover, posted

    would love too be present while something like this was been made

    badders, posted

    she is terrific and I immensely agree w/Jenny: this dog has been having his way with that luscious hot housewife for some time and they are both loving it...she must lust for his load at all times.....gr8 vid!

    fredog51M, posted

    lovely to watch a very natural love making between a willing experienced dog and his female lover, these two are well suited and have made love like this many times ,, xx thanks

    Jenny, posted

    I love how the movie looks like it was a hidden camera placed there by her husband/better half to catch her and the dog going at it. That's the best way to get a good movie when it's real and not a video shoot. This was good from start to finish and showed alot of action. Also the dog was good in this clip, all horned up and couldn't wait to ride her as soon as she got on her knees and not forced to have sex like alot of clips I see. The video resolution wasn't the best quality but could see it ok.

    cableguy66, posted

    nice fuck by dog she needs to lay down and let him come from front and she can hold her in her legs and lick his cock and kiss on lips too. and suck the cock and do till thoroat and have fun and invite other ladies and do it with both two girls can share one dog like i do with my neighbor dog daily it fuck some time longer and some time com quickly even before me then i have to let him lick my pussy and com multiple time I did it with bitch one time and she do the same way licking and like if i lick her pussy too.

    idfarooqui, posted

    Very very erotic. I love this type of film it is truly amateur, raw and sexy not a produced film but one where this sort of thing must happen often at home. The woman and the dog were certainly not first timers! To me the quality of the recording takes second place to the quality of the action! Lovely mature houswife and a good sex scene from beginning to end. Good knotting finishes off the film and of course a well satisfied lady (and dog!)too! Its really nice to see home videos depicting a mature lady which is getting something of a rarity these days. Where do all the K9 lovers go when they hit forty five years old?

    michaella_cd, posted
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