• a loop sequence, edited by me, the famous game hentai bestiality, which looks like a donkey licks and sucks the vagina is beautifully designed "baby" hentai

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    i'd love to see him stretch her pussy around his giant cock and breed her

    myschyfnmayhem, posted

    no video just download wheel goes round..round for five minutes, reeling poor results from great expectations.....

    bdag, posted

    this made me wet! but she could've stopped stretching out her arm after about 5 seconds... ;)

    fuckmedeeper, posted


    gmoney2, posted

    HOT N WET!

    GAYBEE, posted

    If she pulls her panties down herself and she bends over for the donkey to lick her, I wouldn't call her innocent. So, she's not so innocent as the title would have us believe. They're always trying to fuck us, so we come watch their clips. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    yosino animo, is what this is called, its the first of a 4 part series..its great quality and sound..the hottest anime i have ever seen lol. enjoy

    bigbadborders, posted

    Just watched this again for the third time - love seeing the way the donkey's tongue goes into her. Really incredibly hot.

    slavechild, posted

    This is awesome - made me so hot and wet - just wish there was sound 'cause I'm sure that girl was moaning like crazy !!

    slavechild, posted

    Hot, but needs audio.

    jayko, posted

    wish i was that donkey

    splinta, posted

    wonder why her panties are down if she is so dang innocent . more like she was ready & waiting for it . but very hot indeed.

    sexmaniac45, posted

    licking noise is missing

    wiesiek4435, posted

    I loved the wet tongue and saliva hanging off the mouth.. Had the sound been ON, I would've creamed in my panties.. Oh and the fuzz on the pussy needs to GO!

    caramelgrae, posted

    nagyon fasza film.végig állt a dákóm

    001ALADIN, posted

    licking noise is missing

    franckp4, posted

    I wish that was me.

    Peaches, posted

    good ffilms

    robixxl36, posted

    This is hot, but sound next time :D

    Huskie111, posted

    Uhmm... there is no volume... so its unrateable.

    jayko, posted

    it's got my vote! :)

    kitten2, posted

    Mmm, wish I had a donkey with a tongue like that ^_^

    lolnoob1337, posted

    i would love to play this game

    bibutterflik9, posted

    where's the file dl?

    shadowsteprr, posted

    theres a file dl for this flash it has sound and alot of juicy parts in it

    lmaoroflcake, posted

    eh no sound

    snuffles37, posted

    dude is there an uncensored version somewhere?

    shadowsteprr, posted

    this movie is pretty hot for an hentai show and love her face and man that donkey is goning to town he is drooling and everything. good show

    ilovedogs24, posted

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    The short loop from 100% bestiality computer game Yosino Animo part 01. The girl is licked by a donkey from behind. And she enjoy it. It is part of a three games series. A pack of 3 bestiality-related games made by Yosino. Animo 1 has 100% bestiality between a loli and a donkey. Animo 2 has 100% bestiality between 3 loli and 3 dogs. Animo 3 has 50% sex between some guy and a loli, and 50% bestiality with some wierd monster things ans the same loli. All three games are fully animated and voiced, and are of exceptional quality.

    marekR2, posted

    Just like most other movies, this movie is for watching 1 time only. If you watch it more than once, you're gonna see the flaws. And the more often you watch it, the more flaws you'll see. There shouldn't have been any sound. The sound is what gave all those loops away. Or maybe dense people don't see or hear them. I didn't see/hear them either, the first time, I saw the movie. Then I thought, the movie is hot, the movie is great, the movie is better than the short version, that I already had before seeing it here. And then I read the comments. And I counted the loops. 24. And I thought: Am I just as stupid or dense as all the others, that watch these movies? Because if you read the comments, you'd think them pretty stupid, yes. People can look intelligent, until they open their mouth and say something. I'd like to think, I'm not. That I'm still down to the ground. But every stupid person thinks that of himself. People (in general), who are stupid, don't know how stupid they are. Only other people notice that. animalpsycologist.

    ssexx, posted

    wasnt that good Why can't we be friends [4x] I seen ya, I seen ya, I seen ya 'round for a long long time I really, I really, I really remember when you drank my wine Why can't we be friends [4x] I seen ya, I seen ya, I seen ya walkin' down in Chinatown I called ya, I called ya, I called but you did not look around I pay my, I pay my, I pay my money to the welfare line I seen ya, I seen ya, I seen ya standing in it everytime Why can't we be friends [4x] The color, the color, the color of your skin don't matter to me As long as, as long as, long as we can live in harmony I kinda, I kinda, I kinda, like to be the president And I could, and I could, and I could show you how your money's spent Why can't we be friends [4x] Sometimes I don't speak right But did I know what I was talking about I know you're working for the CIA They wouldn't have you in the mafia Why can't we be friends [4x] [Repeat to fade]

    MIKE-NGS, posted

    This is a good video to me at least. It shows a beautiful girl being tounge fucked buy a donkey who seems to be enjoying it too.The video does seem to repeat but its still good. The girl in this seems to be a teen so it makes this video all the more intresting to watch. in my opinion, she is the best part of this whole video. You can see in some parts that their is steam coming from the mouth of the donkey, i think that part will really get people to enjoy this. You can also see the teen rotating her ass, so shes enjoying it too.

    m.fries, posted

    awesome video. I like the idea of how a girl is having sex with a donkey and the donkey is licking her pussy and she just takes it, also when the donkey is breathing his hot breath on her vagins and or ass. I hope you post more videos about girls being fucked by donkeys.Keep up the good work and i hope to see more of your videos man and bring on the hardcore sex the people demand and want to see. Keep us updated an never stop giving the people what they want for this is america and we are a free nation. bring on the porn

    dudes166, posted
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