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    Alien Dog Cgi


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    CGI Alien dog super horny fucks a Cgi chick doggystyle,Hot action she dislikes it but later on starts to love it,watch comment and rate!

    Uploaded by Icendia · Rating: 3.1 (164 votes) · 35194 views


    Calgary, Canada, anyone? I'd love to have a cock, any cock, fill my wet, wanting pussy and ass! I've got the camcorder, lets make a video!

    tamlou, posted

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    GeilerHengstx3, posted

    This would be the absolute best animated monster fuck movie ever if only it had sound with it.

    mandawg, posted

    would be better if it played

    bitchhunting, posted

    Anyone else have problems watching this, sound cuts right at the beginning & pixelated so can't actually see too much of it???

    belfastbabe, posted

    Any one in Suffolk got a pet I can Fuck

    lookinside, posted

    Thanks for sharing

    xq2000, posted

    one steaming hot alien

    waffa, posted

    gd grph !!!!

    typhous, posted

    20 Male Florida Here Looking For Action Of Any Kind

    DemonDaze, posted


    Emos86, posted

    tight male ass here. if ur a woman or a male message me lets fuck

    summitkid96, posted

    pixleation fail

    Necromorph, posted

    This made me so wet

    innocentgirl181, posted

    Wow Even alein dogs love human female breeding!!!!;) She gets bred and filled with his steaming semen in her vagina!! Hot!!!!

    mehoff, posted

    Why does the sound cut out right after it starts?

    silverblade18, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    omg, i dont know what the hell that thing is...but ID F*CK IT! Damn it even helped her clean up a bit afterwards. mmm...

    AtumraeX, posted

    As nice as the quality was for this video I don’t think this video is that great. Sure a prison girl taking in a dog from behind is hot but being a repeated clip for 2 minutes does not make it a good video. I don’t know how this passed approval being so bland. Maybe if the full video clip was loaded into the premium for the full enjoyment of a girl being plowed by a huge dog might keep reviews like this from being posted. But this is the honest opinion for a video that seems flavorless. But as it seems that way I did enjoy this video to an extent and am hoping for more like it to be uploaded unless of course this is the only one then I suppose this won’t be getting any better or worse for that matter. Being an animated scene though I did find it typical being the whole alien thing raping a girl. Even if it was a dog it’s still the same, enjoyable yet repetitive but I am still looking forward to seeing clips of this type of animation for it was interesting as that. A thumbs up to the maker and looking forward to seeing more of this creation but in different taste because we’re always looking for something new.

    earlyeve2262, posted

    Mmmm... This really is a good one, starts off with the dog gently caressing her pussy with his long tounge, has a small scene, which explains why this horny alien dog is fucking her, but then it really gets going. The dog fucks her hard using both his dick, and his tail, doubling her pleasure, and probabley it's too. He's also licking her head with his giant tounge as he fucks. It ends with her fingering herself and the dog sometimes licks her pussy. great movie, definitley worth watching, it turned me on lots, and probabley will with you too. Kudos to the creator of this magnificent piece of beastiality!

    christmas2512, posted

    Pretty good video. Alien dog with a cock-tail. The audio didn't synch, but I wouldn't know enough Japanese to follow anyways. I would recommend this for a quick thrill, but in the end it is just CGI. The only other problem with this that I can immediatly think of is that when I am confronted with an alien dog with human teeth, and a girl chained to the ground, I need a little more context to get into it; follow that up with angle shots that confuse you on what is up and down, and the fact that the alien/dog is only in the middle of the video, and I would probably say, enjoy it as something even more different, but you wouldn't be missing much if you use your free video view on something else.

    dnastynast, posted

    lets just say i love hentai. i loved this clip, it was amazing. the white alien dog thing was really cool. the animation was amazing i got many boners and my wife had many cravings for sex after this. this was an awesome we love watching animal sex an we r planning to get a dog because of this clip and a few others. i recommemd this clip a would gladly give this video five stars out of five. u should make or post more vids like this and i would love it if you did more videos it is way to cool

    Wolfman62868, posted
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