• a big black dog licking hairy pussy of the owner. dog is licking pussy very gently, must have felt very good when he licked clit. he doesn't even care about the hair he is just licking it like he wants to.

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    stop moving the cam so much so annoying the sounds it makes

    peterbahle23232, posted

    loved the clit , i even rubbed mine while watching this vid , had the best orgasm

    KahdiKay, posted

    hot clit for that doggy :)

    love_mature88, posted

    I'm wet just from the sound-effects. .that must feel so good.

    cclay40, posted

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    1234gats, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted


    jerseyman1980, posted

    had promise, love the amateur aspect of a horny girl doing this for fun, not money. she's got an awesome clit and eager dog!

    browneyedog, posted


    BrittNi, posted

    i would love to suck her clit.

    marahya, posted

    Made me jackoff!

    dordktr1, posted

    great sound effects

    wheresjerry, posted

    can i hold the camcorder for you.loved the show

    bigbubba1967, posted

    SHIT! Very dark.

    registeredAgain, posted

    mmm im so wet

    itsasecret88, posted

    I love it ... it´s like my clit --- <3

    sunshine66, posted

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    Wow this is super hot, the Camera angel leaves some to be disiared, but overall the video is super hot. Look forward to seeing more from the uploader c; loving everything so far. the voices are a bit muffled, but thats fine, I can deal with that. I bit better on the Camera angel, place it higher up so we can see your pussy, would be amazing. And more light would also help, as I found this clip to be rathert dark and hard to see. other then the few minor, and rather un consiquental, problems I have stated so far, this video was still super hot c; n I happened to love it. I reccommend it for everyone who enjoys a good dog, and I hope yall agree with me

    lost2270, posted

    Big black dog licking fairly hairy pussy, she holds the camera while he licks. He seems distracted sometimes, and I'm not sure if she's honestly enjoying herself (she hardly ever moans). The camera movement keeps making sounds which is distracting. But atleast you get to hear the dog slurping on what seems to taste delicious. All in all I'd say this is worth watching especially since there is a very hot scene at the end where she opens up her lips to expose her beautiful plump clit while he licks it. I'd give this clip a 5 out of 10 only because I would have liked to hear more moaning and i'd like for it to have been longer so we could watch her cum, but still, it's a good clip!

    itsjustme90, posted
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