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    Blond Women Fucking Black Dog


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    a very georgeos blond women is sucking the black dog dick until the sperm of the dog is driping and after that the dog is mounting this beautiful bitch and come in her pussy

    Uploaded by salax · Rating: 3.9 (1257 votes) · 164041 views


    God that horrible nigger music.

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    blueyedcwby69, posted

    She can stroke me like she's doin the dog!

    tkk1959, posted

    alice did get very good dog fuck

    johndoe, posted

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    s10424786, posted

    Thanks for editing my post without my consent. I stand by what I origionally posted: POOR quality and a song about shaking your laughy flappy is a poor choice for a BBW. Poor taste all around.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    Hot action!

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    Music really does suck no wonder the dog had no interest

    analmania, posted

    Music sucks. And only about a minute of real action.

    tonacious_p, posted

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    Catm318, posted

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM mommy you have such a tight fertile pussy Oh yes good boy for filling my pussy mommy loves your cum load deep inside me ;)

    mehoff, posted

    music :-(

    mmpamal, posted

    That stupid ass music kinda ruins it for me.

    jayko, posted

    Thanks loved it ;) Good boy you inseminated your womans womb and she will definetly be having your pups ;p

    mehoff, posted

    Scintillating. Loved it. Thanks for posting.

    wayne4fontana, posted

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    glowstick25, posted

    21 female looking to have my first knot. Buffalo/Rochester area.

    katybear, posted

    love it. i would love to fuck her after hes done

    bestialitylove1, posted

    Oh yeah, very nice. Good quick fucking on her, and she loved it.

    junglejohn, posted

    damn soo sexyyy wow

    dogfucker4848, posted

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    S1mplelife, posted

    music is fucking shit

    madcyril, posted

    ha ha love it, anyone catch the dude at the end of the vid say 'i think he needs a cigarette' lol

    katie84, posted

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    samyalii, posted

    man this stud knew what he was doing :), after he was done with oral he bent her over and pounded her hard... love when you can hear the ass slaps from getting pounded by a dog, hottest thing ever

    bigcaboom1, posted

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    samyalii, posted

    lose the "music", if thats what its supposed to be.

    ewilson, posted

    Al je napunio, sve joj curi iz picke.

    Poplat, posted

    I'd beg for him any day! If you're in the NW breed me with your stud!

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    twsea72, posted

    I'd love to suck her pussy, the dogs cock and fuck her lovely pussy too! Love you!

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    I would love to lick that pussy clean!

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    this is a very good homemade vid. wow... everything about this clip is hot. one of the best mounting movies i've viewed here.

    browneyedog, posted

    was a good video, I know the feeling all to well. I have been breed hard like that before. Excited me just watching and thinking about my experiences.

    lori_wly, posted

    i can honestly say this may be the best bid on here

    S1mplelife, posted

    mmmmm nice thick girl-id be on her right after the dog;)

    booboom67, posted

    Ugh. Bigots.

    primalfemme, posted

    Ugh. Nigger music.

    bobsaggets, posted

    Wooow he drill tht pussy good,send him by me

    hungrypussy1, posted

    Would have been better with out seeing the leg of the person holding the cam

    Nikki18, posted

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    realmande, posted

    best video of a ACTUAL hot girl and a dog fuckin the hell out of her awesome video and audio. best video ive ever seen thank you so much. all of them are lucky bastards

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    BlackBiTop, posted

    its so hard to find a guy into this stuff :( and when u do ur so paranoied. lol its a loose loose

    LadyUndead, posted

    WOW the girl is awsome . Dog wasn't verry keen atfirst but he did give her a great fucking once she got hom up . Geat show

    houndog69, posted

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    bianca18, posted

    yes please.... ill watch and help out when needed mmmmmm

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    madcyril, posted

    Apparently, the hot women with good bodies who do this sort of thing know better than to be filmed doing it. The homely fatties on the other hand....

    knuckledragger, posted

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    hotrod167, posted

    looks like my ex claire walker, wish it was

    naugtywolf27, posted

    did anyone else laugh when they heard him say, "i think he needs a cigarette"? cause i laughed. hard.

    blahrandomname, posted

    id fuck u

    haloface, posted

    Sweet! Her pup had a nice tool! He filled her pussy full!

    harleypoor, posted

    camera angles suck.

    ExtremeJack, posted

    movie is so pixelated that only 1/9th of it is viewable. TOO BAD

    boa582, posted

    i love this woman!

    gradyman, posted

    she's gorgeous, and so is her hot pussy....nice dick too: got me real horny for some!

    fredog51M, posted

    Dat duh dat duh dat duh. Dah dat duh dat duh.

    ou81288, posted

    I love this woman! She kept letting him smell her finers then she gave him a handjob followed by some lovely oral. He then reciprocitated by mounting her knotting her beautiful pussy then filling her with sweet cum very lovely hot clip! Five stars *****

    breeder09, posted

    great vid ... get rid of the music..........

    chaucer, posted

    a very cute lab!

    marshavon, posted

    Very good..the moans do it.

    dave38, posted

    camra man needs to be a little more still with the camara

    slipere, posted

    This is a really good clip. Nice action, clear vid and good audio!

    jayko, posted

    This is one of the best movies i've seen! The girl is very sexy and gives the dog some foreplay before he gives her a good humping and knot with cum running down her beautiful shaved pussy! The shot where the knot cums out is great and you can tell she loved getting that big dog cock from the way she was moaning! The video and audio were good quality. Would love to see more of her and her k9 friend!This gave me a great errection

    raymono, posted

    Nice looking healthy blond giving good foreplay to the dog to arouse him. The dog then eagerly hops on her pretty back and fucks her pretty good. Her moans and screams lets us know that she feeling every inch of his cock as he pounds her profusiously.

    amani2011, posted

    This is one of my favourite girl. I would say: next to the other two, whe would be number 3 on my list. She too gets a good fucking from the dog, just like the other two. She too's got a beutiful hot body, that I'd like to make love to. @ L A T E R ! ! ! 2802 animalpsychologist 2.

    cleclego, posted

    I almost forgot this tune!

    k911, posted

    Awesome vid, just made me cum real hard

    gabriele40, posted

    The movie action is superb, she is beautiful, and loves her dig. The music, however, is pure utter crap, and ruins whole thing.

    audreylovesson, posted

    The guy has a good taste in music. He knows, what sounds good. The girl has a great body, great ass, great legs and great all the rest, especially her pussy. I want such a great body to love and to fuck all day and all night and to watch the dog fuck her. And I would teach the dog to stay on top of and inside her when he cums, so he can squirt her cunt full of his cum. She will like that, 'cause his cum is as hot as his dick, and it will warm her big belly. And when he finally comes out, his cum will all fall out of her cunt and puddle up between her knees. Every time, I see this clip, I get a hardon and I need to cum. This clip makes me so hot. L A T E R ! ! ! 0102 animalpsychologist 3.

    cleclego, posted

    mmm i want that in my tight pussy

    samsamsam00001, posted

    very nice, I love sucking dog, never been bred yet but I want to try

    tgirlwhore, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

    Good movie, but crappy background music. She does have a nice ass, and what looks like a sweet pussy. Wish I had been the dog.

    jdmeaux, posted

    always wish to find me a dog to fuck havent found one yet still looking :)

    alamogirl, posted

    girl you got some skills. I like.

    VOND3, posted

    this ky. boy got hard great vid

    harry4u45, posted

    Hot to see and hot to watch. My wife makes a lot of noise when she is being pounded too! She loves playing the part of the BITCH and being pumped full of doggy sperm!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    And again I see this very, very beautiful broad with her VERY, VERY beautiful body, That is a feast to my eyes. I love her legs, her butt, her arms, her belly, her tits and her face. She's just perfect to become the next mrs. I would love and fuck her all day and all night. And the dog would get his turn too. And I would teach her, how to keep the dog on top of her and inside her when he cums, so he can squirt her cunt full of his cum. And she would like that too, 'cause his cum is hot, like his dick, and it will warm her belly. @animalpsychologist11.

    cleclego, posted

    i love dog

    hseen_113, posted

    wonderful action and a loving fuck from both the woman and her dog. Sorry, I find it difficult to "deal with" the so-called music.

    audreylovesson, posted

    yea i like this kind fucking dog action.i could tell she like it too!

    motte1, posted

    muy buen video.realmente la mujer le gusta el nudo...

    julio235, posted

    yep another fantastic jerk off session. I love that hot fuck action at the end. watching that knot fill that fat pussy right up. AWESOME... thank you for sharing it. that was hot

    lvmydog, posted

    Don't listen to jardypop. He knows shit about music! The music is the best, I've ever heard in the background of an animalpornmovieclip. The broad is very, very beautiful, with a very, very beautiful body. It's a feast to my eyes, to just look at her. Those legs, that butt, those arms, that belly, those tits and that face. She's just perfect. I wish, it was my girlfriend and that I could love and fuck her all day and all of the night. And occasionally the dog could get a bone. The dog doesn't appreciate her anyway. He fucks her for 30 seconds and then withdraws, as soon as he starts cumming. The stupid dog doesn't know, that he then should stay inside her, because then it starts to feel good for him. And he can then squirt a whole of a lot inside her. His instinct tells him, that if he fucks a bitch, that her (small) cunt will keep his dick trapped inside it, so he can squirt all of his cum inside the bitch. But he doesn't know, that he's fucking a humancunt and that humancunts are bigger than dogcunts. And so humancunts don't keep his dick trapped inside them. Which is a disappointment to them and to him. Because he counts on his dick being trapped, when he dismounts the bitch. That's why he dismounts her, as soon as he's cumming. For then the cunt will feel good on his dick. That is why, if you keep a dog with his whole dick and knot trapped inside a woman, he will lie on her quietly and not try to get off, whereas if his knot is out, he will try to get off her. His pleasurefeelings (G-spot) are behind the knot. You don't believe me? Look at www.barnlove.com. There they have several dog masturbation movieclips. And then look at what he licks to masturbates. For the ones, who might think it: the dog cannot suck his own dick.

    cleclego, posted

    Its oh so easy to criticise camerawork in these vids. But everyone needs to remember these are amateurs, they are at home, usually in a small bedroom. And lets face it, the guy with the cam is probably as horny and excited as we are. He aint thinking too much about his leg being a bit in the way for a few seconds. Lets give him a break ffs. This vid is an excellent example of a pretty blonde girl who strokes and sucks her black Lab until he suddenly gets so horny he just mounts her in a second. And she gets straight on her hands and knees to let him enter her pussy. The Dog isnt thinking about putting on a show for an audience, he jackhammers her, causing her to let out a few involuntary moans and squeals. The guy tries to follow the rapid action as best he can. I hope these two make a habit of filming their scenes with the dog. Each will get better I'm sure. Well done. And quite frankly, who gives a fuck about the music, its just background. Deal with it.

    sirwide, posted

    Very sexy girl and dog, love it.

    jezola, posted

    This is HOT! Very pretty woman that really seems to enjoy a good dog fuck. A tad slow at first but that filled me with anticipation to see just what this girl next door was up to and that was a treat. No draged out blowjob or dildoging here, just a quick sure mount, lock, and soon juices flowed. This charming woman has done this before and as much as I like to see the look on the face of a locked up amature, this experience was great. I must speak of the "music?", real music is bad enough but damn. Otherwise the camera angles and lighting were very good when the camera man was out of the way and not turning cartwheels. Still I must thank him for a great movie.

    watchindirty, posted

    Id loved t suck that juicy pussy dry

    tbailey61, posted

    cute doggie sweet faced she could have french kissed him, cum lssted seconds out of 3 1/2 min video more action please

    chubbyladie, posted

    Video is great, but that music has to go...

    jardypop, posted

    nice hard fuck!

    einfachnurgeil, posted

    Already saw this clip twice before. Already wrote 2 comments. 2 and 13 days ago. For once I like the music in the background. Very often I heard music in the background of clips. I never liked them. But this 1, I like. Especially the rythm. And more than the music I like the woman. She is beautiful, as I wrote before. And I like the way, the dog fucked her. Jesus Christ, that was some fuck. And she's got a beautiful cunt, that I would LOVE to lick. She's beautiful with a beautiful body, that I've already talked about. And I stil think, the guy should've prevented the dog from dismounting her. He should've kept the dog inside her. Don't you think, dogs are stupid? He fucks her, he knots her, he cums and he gets off. And then he tries to mount her again (wrong end). Maybe he thinks: 'What have I done? I was in her. And it felt good. Now I'm not anymore. I should've stayed inside her. Let's get on her again!' NO, dogs are not stupid. Because DOGS CAN'T THINK!! Too bad I can't understand the lyrics of that song. Girl, take the ... or... shake your ... More I don't understand. Don't even know, who sings it. But it's good! I like it! Just to hear it, I started the clip time and time again. And watched it from 2.25 min, because she really made me horny. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    The only thing that would make this video better is if he would have kept the camera on the girl after the dog pulled his knot out. We could see her dripping open pussy other wise this is a well shot video would love to see more,pretty girl,lucky dog and boyfriend

    bigduck54, posted

    That was a good knot, kinda wish he would have stayed inside her longer pumping more of his cum deep in her pussy. made me nice an wet and wanting to see more.

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    Awsome vid after she sucks him a bit hes ready for pussy and he quickly nails and knots her wet pussy squirting her inside with his seed,I am as hard as hell dripping precum!

    breeder09, posted

    great vid made my pussy all wet and swollen,

    gabriele40, posted

    this makes me so hard....and i`m gay ^^ very hot doggy for sure XD

    gayboy88, posted

    Thank you , loved to see their love juices flowing out of her slit and her putting her head down to help his seed stay in her womb!

    mehoff, posted

    Good video nice lady good dog but loose the music and replace it with something other than rap just doesn't fit the scene sorry, other than that everything else was superior gotta love those faithful labs and their nice long dicks

    fidos_ladi, posted

    Jesus Christ, what a beautiful babe that is. Those legs, that butt, those arms, that belly, those tits and that face. Wow! But she didn't know exactly, what to do with the dog in the beginning. She rubbed her cunt to get him to lick her. But he didn't wanna. Then she played with his dick a little, tried to get it out, so she could lick or suck it. That was a fail too. She did manage to get him to fuck her though. That was good filming and showing how the dog mounted her and fucked her. That was interesting to see. Interesting and hot and horny. Why didn't he stop the dog from dismounting her? Not enough experience? I see, that 11 days ago I wrote something too. More about the reviewer than about that beauty in the clip. I talk about the broad not screaming NOT once. I read that somewhere. But it wasn't the reviewer that said it. He got just 1 flaw. His english is abominable. The review was pretty good as I said before. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    i cannot beleive what im seing beautiful girl lovely dog & im sitting here am i alone?

    bigale7, posted

    The music is better than heavy metal rock shit.

    jackbro1, posted

    Very lovely and a smart dog he likes his cock sucked first before he nails her and he knots her good,excellent clip.

    breeder09, posted

    good dog and he has a great cock fuck me any time

    damtrav, posted

    I've said this before. And I'll say it again. The webmasters must LOVE dumb asses. He wonders 'were' these women live. I wonder where he lives. Not in an english-speaking country? My mom always told me: Everything, that's worth doing, is worth doing right. Even writing english. I try to. But I don't know everything and I do make mistakes. But at least, I try. Reading this review, I don't think, he tried. Too excited? The review itself is not so bad. But the english is. I promised myself not to read the reviews anymore, so I could stop writing bad things. But I can't help myself. Some things ard stronger than I am. I only have to say 1 more thing. NOT once did she scream. She moaned lots. She moaned, when the dog entered her and while he pounded her. But she did NOT scream. And certainly NOT with joy. Only in his head. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Wow. All her cum. Nice

    hugek9fuck, posted

    shes cute, i didnt mind it at all.

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    bullnut, posted

    Bravo! She took his huge member in her vagina and he gave her a proper filling !!! Her pussy clamped tight to keep all of his hot seed in her womb like a good bitch! ;)

    mehoff, posted

    the dog said fk it, and started humping the shit outa her

    fcking, posted

    lookin for dog in Fl

    shangjii, posted

    Real good! But the dog didnt like the musik!!

    bertilbonde, posted

    girl shake dat laffy taffy..lol

    jacob8986, posted

    whats that fucki8n jungle music?

    teddybears, posted

    shitcan the horrible "music". I cant believe anyone would want to hear that crap.

    ewilson, posted

    black music.!

    Humboldt, posted

    good clip

    cockky, posted

    "whats with the irritating jungle fuckin music....." I'm fully agree with the opinion! crazy music to fuck!!!

    klever70, posted

    whats with the irritating jungle fuckin music.....

    teddybears, posted

    Wow with a cock like that pounding her pussy it's no wonder she was moaning so load! Bet her BF was jealous of him lmao!

    mehoff, posted

    Just HATE THAT CRAPPY RAP MUSIC, RAP MUSIC PERIOD, as it just ruins the mood! The chick is too big boned.

    jackf9, posted

    Now I know what they mean when they say,Blondes have more fun.

    bigandbeefy, posted

    too much of cameraman leg in the way. loved cum dripping out and her moaning.

    daymorris, posted

    •Aluzky• Why she didn't kiss him, he wanted a kiss. Still, very good video :D

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    She is really hot and really seemed to love the fuck. The camera work sucked though.

    BiJack55, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    Yeah, could have edited this one down quite a bit. Pratices makes perfect, keep up the work. Is it true all women crave blowing and fucking their pups in the ass and cunt?

    alifealife22, posted

    Sexy thanks for posting. What a turn on wish I could get my wife to want our dogs cock.

    jamieboxer, posted

    Once she finally got him hard & inside of her looks like she got his knot inside (lucky girl). Knot was small and didn't last long but still..... .....

    doplzcuminmeg, posted

    lucky bitch!

    timula, posted

    love the women bbws r gr8 would like 2 have seen tits,would luv 2 meet women who fuck dogs

    billsmith2134, posted

    Never noticed the music. This lady clearly knows what she likes and dog well trained. OK she may be large for some tastes but I thought she was brill

    knottedbaBY, posted

    Louzy camera work and not so much fucking!

    DanishMale, posted

    This video contained 2 of my least favorite things in the world...Fat chicks and rap music! Horrible camera work too. Dog pulls out and we get a wonderful shot of the door!

    peterperv23, posted

    Any women in the Phoenix, Arizona area into dogs or ponies and would like some male company, get a hold of me, this is hot!

    spoole, posted

    This is one of the best movies i've seen! The girl is very sexy and gives the dog some foreplay before he gives her a good humping and knot with cum running down her beautiful shaved pussy! The shot where the knot cums out is great and you can tell she loved getting that big dog cock from the way she was moaning! The video and audio were good quality. Would love to see more of her and her k9 friend!This gave me a great errection!

    bigdog49, posted

    the best thing about this clip comes @ 2:34 when the puppy finally takes care of business & the chubette moans with pleasure...aside from that, everything else about it is a waste of time...plus the music they're playing in the background REALLY sucks!

    deexx, posted

    he wanted pussy and he got it good!!

    cyberx76, posted

    he didn't want a blow-job he wanted to knot her.

    fredpotts, posted

    I agree she is hot, and that is one lucky dog. Any chunky woman want to get with me for a long turn relationship? I can provide many benefits.

    tinymut, posted

    she done it for me,i see some nice comments on here from most people but there is allways some people that have to be nasty,it dont matter what size they are i think there all sexy and we should all be thankfull that they have the bottle to be filmed.

    lookerlooking, posted

    "Georgeos" my ass, disgusting as all fuck when that ass points at the camera. Instant scroll down, comment, an gone. Jesus christ. I kinda puked.

    tiberious, posted

    got give an a for effort

    paula21, posted

    "Gorgeous blond woman"? She's a meatball.

    minnie, posted

    if i was this K9s bitch i would love his cock, suck his cock and take it in all my holes when he wanted me.

    slavetok9, posted

    Very nice,loved the way she gave him attention by jacking him off first then by sucking him(got his attention he wanted the pussy!)then he quickly mounted her knotted and pumped her willing pussy full of his hot seed!Loved her being vocal,great clip.

    breeder09, posted

    very hot woman loving it with her dog. I love the way she is relaxed and the way she manages that aden. Very natural job.

    odudu, posted

    Very HOT! She really knows how to drive this puppy nuts!

    jcrestron, posted

    wow loved it

    abb1, posted

    what music. who cares. the movie of her taking the knot was HOT

    ez_e, posted

    Worst music on the planet.

    ou81288, posted

    delicious curvy blond. made for love making!

    digitallover, posted

    gr8 ass love the cum runing down her pussy

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    Nice ONE!

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    something for everyone...a fairly attractive blonde.. some cock handling, a little bit of sucking, some hard fucking.. :-)

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    notice how bigs the dogs cock is at the end.HUGE! he just tore that pussy up. i have 2 horses and three dogs. message me if ya wanna talk

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    JONEES, posted

    That was hot.

    tinymut, posted

    this isnt human >.>

    RJXD, posted

    that was amazing im fingering my wet pussy faster and faster now

    SexyChristina, posted

    Clip pretty good need to improve camera work. Better control of camera and clip would have been very good

    rob69_2, posted

    Mmmmm I would love to have that dog fuck me and fill my pussy. Great video.

    xDearPrudencex, posted

    Good clip but music was horrible!

    DanishMale, posted

    Nice thanks for sharing :) She got him worked up and he really planted his seed in her womb as his cum overflow runs out of her vagina ;-)

    mehoff, posted


    pooppoopoop, posted

    Sweet! Beautiful job guys hope you do more. Thanks

    Chummer, posted

    what an awesome hot woman with her dog! the best thing is that the man didn't have to help, just her and her dog mating!! I loved it!!

    pacman6969, posted

    OMG that was fucking the best movie iv see in a long time

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    fredpotts, posted

    fuck you likkrman you coment about the video when you uploud one until then shut up you mounth fucking tutankamon

    salax, posted

    A whole lot of nothing for 2 1/2 minutes, then 40 seconds of good fucking with a knot.

    likkrman, posted

    A gorgeous curvy blonde, who is genuinely hungry for dog willy, and dog willy penetration. Really hot video, dog gets his way with her white vagina, and she takes it like a good milf. Music is bit distracting, but can add to the rhythmic strokes ;-) she looks like kinky klaire, an ex of mine which made this even more erotic for me. I wish we could have seen more of this woman face, or even more action. None the less I have no problem showing my joy for this video, it always makes my small 6 inch willy erect. In fact its one of my favourite vids, I have viewed it often when I need a video to finish me off, and make my small 6 inch willy ejaculate my sperm. Thanks for uploading this, 5 stars!

    naugtywolf27, posted

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