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    Phone Fuck


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    Girl talks on phone as her dog mounts and fucks her repeatedly. She talks as if not a care in the world. She has green hair and cant get enough.

    Uploaded by meatdiet4u · Rating: 3.8 (253 votes) · 59955 views


    I wish I could meet a woman like this one day and see this in real life. I find this very intriguing, sexual, and quite passionate. I love woman like this.

    dudescrazy71, posted

    what a sexy girl with the dog fucking so nature like this,she let the dog fuck her dog style and knot her pussy like dog style knot from behind than pull out of vagina.that is nature fucking.i think she was the dog wife.

    samsonsam123, posted

    amazing she just let the dog do the fucking and like the dog style.they knotted with the dog style and tied together just like dogs doing all the time. it was so nature to see such good sex with the dog.it so good to meet her and watch her fucking with the dog if she like me fuck too.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Good movieclip. Good tie. Whether she holds him or not. That's how it needs to be done. The dog's got to stay inside her and squirt inside her instead of out there. Then when he pulls out, the cum can fall out. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    brilliant, loved the tie

    xdata, posted

    Very beautiful tie.. also very gentle an didnt try an pull away.. Love it =)

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    c'est vrai que c'est tres excitant. tu l'as deja fais lodie?

    marc7, posted

    je revoie cette vidéé parceque j'ai envie de faire comme elle et surtout restéé coléé avec le chien

    a_lodie, posted

    j'aime quand il reste colé

    a_lodie, posted

    c'est tres bien fait

    a_lodie, posted

    u r sick

    mariaclaranavia, posted

    Cool. Not a bad one, the quality leaves something to desire, but still a good one. I like that the woman came in this one... a lot. I would love to finish her off with my cock in her asshole.

    curious200, posted

    wooo knot, huge cum, can icum in her pussy too

    kurwamuch1, posted

    Id like to see her take my cock to finish her off

    beenknotted, posted

    I loved that she could squirt out alot of cum.

    hairy, posted

    All I can say is wow!

    funcouple1998, posted

    knott that pussy!! very hot.

    cyberx76, posted


    1spear, posted

    Gero U ARE A FUCKING IDIOT !!!!! now U get the FUCK OFF!! AND GET A LIFE U TROLL!!

    slipandslide, posted

    Ape, Afro-Saxon, Coon, Chink, Gook, Greasers, Heeb, Jigaboo, Kike, Nigger, Porch monkey, Spade, Tar baby, Wop... Now GTFO Nigga!

    Gero1234, posted

    omg i so wanna drink that slop outa her well fucked juicy twat

    jerk69, posted

    Yes a loverly sequence oh so hot and yes love to see more of this sort of film just make it so real thx

    junglebunny, posted

    Love to see the whole thing up close.

    sissyfluff, posted

    I love to see a women take the knot and the dog turns on her as he ties butt to butt as hes breeding her.Would have loved to have watched him fuck her also,Like my wife when she took her dogs,And was tied for a good 45 minutes most of the times,And butt to butt also.

    godoggo, posted

    fantastic doggy cream pie at the end.

    ivana416, posted

    very hot very sexy! thanks for sharing. :)

    south2, posted

    I liked the fact that she let her dog turn around while he was knotted inside her and watching all that cum she pushed out was HOT

    cuddles2puddles, posted

    Wow!!! Love the shot of his cock locked inside her vagina as he pumps his seed into her womb;) Whatching the cum spill from her used and abused pussy lips was soo hott!!!!! ;)Wished I could have seen them breeding together to the blessed event when they tied! ;) hottt

    bridgecock69, posted

    Wow!!! Love the shot of his cock locked inside her vagina as he pumps his seed into her womb;) Whatching the cum spill from her used and abused pussy lips was soo hott!!!!! ;)Wished I could have seen them breeding together to the blessed event when they tied! ;)

    mehoff, posted

    Wow watch all that cum spill out at the end :D poor bitch is gaping after that pussy got wrecked by his knot.. good girl~

    fleagle90, posted

    everybody,s writing about it.not that good but who ever was filming got the knotting,that was gooood .8out of 10 for me .let,s see more but longer hopfuly soon.

    hellshole, posted

    I love Porter's knotting with me.. it makes our mating worthwhile.. so fulfilled.. im his!

    kitten2, posted

    looks like fuckin'lood coming out her twat.

    rossdun, posted

    I have the full uncut video, and "NO, SHE ISN'T TALKING ON A PHONE"! She's holding the dogs cock in her with her left hand & holding herseld up with her right hand. Although the full length original vid has no audio, it's still very good. Ldog492.

    Ldog492, posted

    Yes, it is a nice cum drip...buty I want to HEAR it!

    jayko, posted

    i had to take dog like that and was fuckin hottttt

    bootedskinhead, posted

    definitely a good hookup, lots of cum when they seperate,it is nice to see that there are horny girls in the mood for good dog fucking.

    randyoster, posted

    very poor videos so better videos please downloaded

    bunnyplaybunny, posted

    Okay, I don't see a phone, but the knotting and streaming cum were hot. I agree it needs sound.

    PwnMe, posted

    reminds me of me

    Jenny, posted

    This sucks! No audio!

    jayko, posted

    yes seeing that makes me want to lick her clean

    ldsjlt, posted

    I LOVE THIS! All women should allow the dogs' instinct in turning around during knotting.

    spring1234, posted

    Heres just a thought ;) redo the clip with SOUND since its Phone sex, I would of loved to hear her do what you say she does for the descrip. Other then that awsome vid, but still I say redo another scene like this :)WITH SOUND!! ^^

    Link99, posted

    Sexy dog... wolf? sexy anyways, :D

    k9cock, posted

    Awesome that's was a great clip dog and lady got stuck I what to see more it needed sound to be a great pic do they have more shows on here would love to see them wish I could find a lady that was in to doggy sex I really enjoy this site the dog knooted very nice she was enjoying it and the hubby wish I could see it in person she had a nice body could have joined in dog should have mounted her again so we could see but over all it was a great pic I watched it more than once and may watch it again awesome

    johnbrowngy, posted

    Such a perfect tie.. seeing this really makes me miss my male :'( He was a wlf hybred an he tied almost every time he mounted... thats one of the best things about wolves (even hybreds) its in their nature that when they mate, their goal is to make their knot swells big enough to tie/lock himself to his female.. as you can see in this vid, it was this males goal. He mounted her beautifully, doing his job perfectly. he hit his mark with ease. He obviously pleased the women cuz she didnt squirm or wiggle about in discomfort, which means (an you can clearly see it) he is very gentle an passionate with her, has some great angles an shots. what would have made this vid 100% perfect, is if there was sound and a little better quality of camera but all in all, an extremely good vid. to watch an i would recommend this vid to anyone who is curious about the art an nature of knotting and tying. Such a beautiful thing to see an even more beautiful to be a part of... this vid really made my day (although it did make me miss my male) an i hope others get the chance to experience this as well.. =)

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    Now this was great most videos are not nature this was. they knotted. She let the dog do his thing. the angle was pretty good just no sound.I would love to see more from this poster. As I said love the way her and the dog tied up together. would also like to see a closer veiw of the knotting. most dog sex video seem fake, I watch a friend do her dog and they tied for about than minutes and she could barely afterwards so the fact he was stuck did it for me. I would like to meet her and watch it live.

    exchange1, posted
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