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    Teen With Dog


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    Teen after college, gets quite horny and considers to video herself doing her dog. Slowly enters the dogs penis and starts riding it from a missionary position.

    Uploaded by guruge · Rating: 3.2 (203 votes) · 76060 views


    I love the missionary position. Very exciting.

    wayne4fontana, posted

    Yes i adore a girl taking up the missionary position with a canine.Nice video thanks for sharing.

    wayne4fontana, posted

    love to see a girl take a dog misionary

    houndog69, posted

    She is beautiful:)

    Bigjohn232323, posted

    And one more thing. She has even chosen a farmer education, and is right now working on a farm whit cattle and pigs......

    Dk-Animallover, posted

    I once knew a dad, with a naughty daughter.....! She was only living with him in weekends, so she was there a lot when I visited, also normally i weekends. At 11 she was sitting beside me in the couch, and suddenly she stroke their dog's belly fast and short, and then said to me: "Then it already fires the canon!! At 13 she took the dog with her into her room.. and and locked the door! (They had both a male and a female dog) 20min later or so, the dog came out, 2 min later the daughter came out going to the toilet for a wile.... The dad did'nt have a clue.. I 'tested' him! -lol- At 14 she and her cuisine (15) told me, that the cuisine's dog had been cheating on the cuisine! He had licked her friend's pussy, who was staying the night, so that it had woke her friend up.... Girls are BAD! ;o))) I couldn't do a shit about it, have never even commented any of her things, but whit a "ok..?!" Even though my cock grew it self so stiff so fast, so many times. But her dad was my friend...! Now she is 18. And her dad is no longer my friend. AND she looks AMAZING. A small little chick, small ferm tits, and an ass so tight... I think about contacting her every day now... But can I trust her(?) What would you do?? Females are very welcome to comment.. (My self are 37, and pretty good looking. I could easily go for 25...)

    Dk-Animallover, posted

    Sweet !

    pee69er, posted

    was hot but also made me laugh lol to cute

    love_mature88, posted

    dude i think i know her

    snowraider8, posted


    jensen8, posted

    That girl was in complete control. she fucked the dog instead of the dog fucking her. Lots of passion too.

    LAWRENCELLC, posted

    so sexy so hot i would put it on you girl

    buzz159, posted

    www.dogsexhome.com free homemade movies

    alin_webcam25, posted

    love this kind of so real clip

    flam34u, posted

    not much to see

    fran7070, posted

    sup14@hotmail.de bramisimo

    spus, posted

    i always wondered what women do behind locked doors...lol 29 male easy on the eyes ladies usa only please!!!

    greensooner, posted

    Ich will mehr davon, wer kann helfen? rdols@gmx.de

    MuffinsEA, posted

    only the greatest if you ever need to use a person like that look me up.

    jamieboxer, posted

    wow that is bueatifull i loved that

    cluelessv1, posted

    omg you are so sexi, i would fuck u any time

    wertas1234, posted

    this move is so hat and she is so sexy tour me on good girl kisssssssssskisssssssss

    usa26, posted

    love this kind of so real clip

    shetrebor, posted

    that needs some work

    kool99, posted

    well still looks fun

    jordorocket, posted

    welll, even so, a dogs sheath feels good too

    GermanHalo, posted

    can't give an honest answer I didn't see anything cause it was too dark, bad camera work.

    fredpotts, posted

    You can't see any penetration, the girl seems to be dry humping the dog in missionary position. The dog is just standing there. Not so hot. Would love to see the real thing with this girl, though.

    pullatrain, posted

    Echt Hammer geiles Video !!! Sind zwar hin unh wieder mal paar alte hässlich frauen dabei aber, Sie sieht Geil aus, und würde gerne nochmal in voll version sehen !!! Teens zeigt mal was ihr so drauf oder da runter habt... Wenn ihr wollt könnt ihr auch gerne mal paar Bilder oder Videos an mich senden! Echt geil würde auch mal gerne leute hier kennen lernen weil mich der artige sex experinente sehr inerresieren. Wenn ihr lust drauf habt meldet euch, kann man ja eigene erfahrungen aus tauschen. Und viel leicht auch mal zusammen etwas unter nehmen! Darf auch ruhig ein männlicher person melden! Gruß

    jenshamann1984, posted

    Beautiful girl , beautiful dog, love how she works the dog instead of the dog workin her, found this video tremendously enjoying am looking forward to watchin this regularily, the kind of video i really enjoy watchin while Im at home alone and in need of some good arousal, wish I could find a girl like that to take home and have some fun with me and my dogs , would love to see those skills in action, again beautiful vid and I highly recommend watching it . damn its hard to come up with 100 words sometimes you just need to go on and on til u hit the right amount.

    fuckme42069, posted

    I saw this and thought that it was good. but i would like to see some penetration and also hear the girl moan a lot more cause that would have been a real turn on. that would have turned me on more. I would have also so liked to have seen some pussy licking would have been nice. It would be nice to see more videos from this use cause her and the dog looked like they had a great bond between each other and I think that they would make more great videos together. I hope to see more from this user.

    thepre10der, posted

    This girl is so beautiful, and it’s amazing that she would get horny enough to fuck a dog. Out of all the animals she chooses a husky, which by the way is an awesome animal, to get her fuck on. This woman should consider making another video of her and the same dog; they problem share a strong bond, and show a lot more for the people to see. Me personally, I would love to see allot of penetration and also hear this girl moan. This would make it a lot more exciting, not that it already isn't; it turned me on, but this should be done for everyone to view.

    cyco, posted
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