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    Golden Lick


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    My golden retriever licking my sweet pussy while I rub on it...I love the how big his tongue is, he licks it soo good. My first video hope you enjoy

    Uploaded by WayWeDoIt · Rating: 4.0 (182 votes) · 65795 views


    id love to join her and her dog id love to eat her sweet juicy pussy and ass befotre during and after she gets fucked uf any 1 is interested im open and extremly willing to do any thing with any 1 i have no limits im michaellj1972@yahoo

    michaellj1972, posted

    Lovely licking, and love it when she opens her pussy for him x

    debs, posted

    Jesus, that was a hot pussy. And a good licking dog, when he was licking. The woman looked hot too. I LOVE pregnant women. They look so o o good. And I loved the way, she was spreading her pussylips, so the dog could lick the inside of her lips too. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    i want to lick to .

    nepaline74, posted

    damn, i'd love to be licking that pussy, right along with the pooch... :p

    dwnmythroat, posted

    all these messages from the host of the clips are getting me exited.

    cluelessv1, posted

    Amazingly hot!!

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    Anyone Females out there want to see a teenage male Cum On Cam and Will show Themselves Add lovestounload@hotmail.com( face will not need to be shown Just body)

    ilovetocum, posted

    OoVoo is that hot! She has that pussy spread wide giving him total access to the sweet pussy!

    breeder09, posted

    awsomeeeeeeeeeeeee video wuawww love to see more of this awsome awsome vidfeo

    icemannpr, posted


    Lovelylei, posted

    True story: I was about 13 when the litter of puppies were at our house. I went to play with them and a few came up to my crotch and started licking, and licking and licking. They thought my clit was a nipple. They suckled and nursed on my pussy and I had so many orgasms in an hour. My first time too. They lapped up everything. Needless to say, I went to check on them daily after school :)

    clitorliscious, posted

    loving every second of her and her gorgeous, attentive pooch, on her huge, smooth, hot, pussy. awesome!

    browneyedog, posted

    awson I like lick you fuck the dog then switch.seeing your would have made it hotter.

    Dave60, posted

    Great Video, You look aweswome! would love to see your tits:-)

    bek, posted

    are you pregnant or just a fat old slut?

    lassie889, posted

    Wonderful dog!! He enjoys it. Would love to have a dog like that.

    nastynasty68, posted


    djdiamondz, posted

    Very nice.... :-) xxx

    malcommclaren, posted


    bahamut66, posted

    holykam@hotmail.com 30 male

    dangerman33, posted

    Awesome video, wish I was the dog!

    silverfox1751, posted

    wow i see what you mean how he likes you pussy i loved that movie

    cluelessv1, posted

    great video.pregnant women are nice to watch.

    digitallover, posted

    Thats hot.!

    bigone231, posted

    Really enjoyed watching how your dog enjoyed licking your pussy...would love to see more like more close up shots of his tongue on that clit of yours. Very good first video.

    Sondie, posted

    Very nice, sweetie! You look beautiful! Would love to have you post another vid. with the dog mounting you! What do you think??

    Bigeightincher, posted

    yup same video and longer but with tits out and some moaning would = total absolute winner in my book!

    lovebbw4life, posted

    well, we can only hope she is pregnant...and not fat.

    duderino321, posted

    Pregnant and getting licked. Very hot

    swsxswsx, posted

    i would love to lick and fuck all day that very beautiful pussy!!

    kalokohan, posted

    The hottest video ive seen on here!! Thanks for sharing and please post more! Show that beautiful belly of yours please!!

    jackazz500, posted

    hubcityhotrod59@yahoo.com Good job. Love the way he gets into it

    hubcityhotrod, posted

    Yes I am pregnant, thank you =)

    WayWeDoIt, posted

    give anything to be that dog what a great pussy

    fredpotts, posted

    Preggo for sure for those who don't know. i've seen fat on here and she is not one of them. nice vid but could have used some noice (audio).

    twinkle3, posted

    great vid. don't pay attention to the other comments

    tld1970, posted

    bitch are you FAT or just PREGGO?

    lickmyasshole, posted

    Is that a baby bump?

    Viking25, posted

    show your tits and bare belly...hope you have him fuck you!!

    needanimalinme, posted

    like the rest say...pregnant is the hottest thing ever...i really hope i can be lucky to get a women who will do animals for me and with me but to have them pregnant is the fantasy cum true....anyone can help im in virginia beach

    needanimalinme, posted

    LOVE this vid....more PLEASE!!! Beautiful pussy being serviced by an extremely talented/ready and willing,dog.Kudos to you,my dear! You are an absolute Goddess!

    BamBam807, posted

    I adore the way you feed him with your hot wet swollen pretty pink pregnant pussy as he spreads your pussy wide with his hot tongue! More please!

    dirk20200, posted

    I adore the way you feed your sweet wet swollen pretty pink pussy to him as he spreads and licks you good with his big hot tongue!

    dirk20200, posted

    Girl that is like the best thing i ever saw on this site.

    tomero, posted

    I love dogs on preggo chicks!

    jayko, posted

    This is great, have you ever tried french-kissing him?

    DogTongueSlut, posted

    that was lovely. that dog licked her so softly and gently. my kinda dog. if that was me i would want a good dog fuck afterwards. nice vid.

    shy90210, posted

    love it..it looks like your pregnant...cant wait till my wife is pregnant again soon and we'll get the dog to join in.

    jamesloverdog, posted

    Wow...she rocks...what a swollen looking pussy...looks like she is expecting which is hot...pregnant women are so horny and i dream of sucking leaking prego pussy...her lips are so swollen and hot pink...wish there was more noise...vocal grunts from her...noises or something would of been great....looks like this was not the first time she has messed with a hot dog....would of liked to seen that dog lick her more as she rubbed that swollen pussy...yummy...got hard watching it and hopefully she will do more huge swollen pussy that is attached to a kinky woman...always a plus in my book!

    dumbles58, posted

    Oh my gosh! So good!! I wish I heard more moaning from her though. The dog licked that pussy so good. It looked like it felt so amazing. Every stroke was so smooth and his huge tongue covered the entire pussy in one lick! He got the whole thing in his mouth with one lick. I wish he went deep in the pussy and I wanted to hear her moan with pleasure. This turned me on so much. He licked up all the pussy juice so good. Great movie! Wish it was longer and there was more moaning from her.

    pbcupcake88, posted

    I Love the way the sweet doggy tongue licks her pussy over and over while she spreads her legs so wide and opens her pussy up. Her pussy is so pink and wet. I am going to try it right now with my little dog GiGi ;) (True) When I was a kid I let my grandma's dog lick my pussy all the time. Whenever I found myself alone with her, down went my panties and my legs opened. She had a long snout, like the dog in the video, and would shove it up inside me. She was sooo good at licking! This video reminds me of that time and is a huge turn on.

    elvalle, posted
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