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    Slurping Fat Pussy


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    My doggy licks inside my puffy labia. He's so content between my legs, lapping away. I like to pet his head while he eats my slip. So sweet.

    Uploaded by bullsfan1981 · Rating: 4.0 (189 votes) · 56147 views


    I love when they stay rite on my fukhole

    cumdump14, posted

    would any1 like to c2c on Skype with me preferably a girl also even better if you have a dog :) and im only ok with a guy if they have a dog to. and I am a lilbit younger so I hope that dosnt bother you if any1 is interested please send me a message

    glowstick25, posted

    Nice licking, and a nice meaty pussy...I like it!

    junglejohn, posted

    this is a very hot video id love to be able to lick all his hot cum from her sweet juicy pussy and ass is there any ladies interested in having a sex slave ill do any and every thing i love it all and have no limits i love dogs and horses im at michaellj1972@yahoo

    michaellj1972, posted

    mmmmmm I love so much dog's tongue

    stuzzi56, posted

    Great clip. Nice pussy. thanks

    tan69, posted

    16 yr old girl, message me guys for some "chat" ;) xxx xxx xxx

    gewgirl, posted

    my dick got eaisly to 4 inches with this thick fat black pussy

    RolandE666, posted

    would be better with sound, some moaning and hearing that dogs tongue work

    oldmatey, posted

    Would have loved to have heard some sound. Still a great vid.

    Cawblen, posted

    i am bisexual male and dogs usely have know trouble with licking my pee pee but they seem to like licking me out better after my boy friend is in me they work both of us over at the same time and cleans us up when hes done is that how they do others

    babforever, posted

    hot as fuck

    annon7878, posted

    My pussy is wet too....good video....really nice pussy

    blahblahblah, posted

    i love licking vids, my favorite. and this has to be one of the best. the pooch just never stops, both the dog and woman are very lucky. i feel so too, having been able to watch. love how she strokes his head and plays with his ears, her pussy is so sexy, no wonder he can't get enough!thanks for sharing.

    browneyedog, posted

    My pussy is all wet.....love it

    lovknots, posted

    Perfect. Your pussy is so pretty and yummy. Love how you kept those legs spread. I'll Definatly come back to this one when I want my clit to throb hard.

    lionlicker, posted

    Very nice she has her legs spread wide to lick her beautiful cunt lipps very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    i rubbed my pussy the whole time i watched this.

    whowhatwhere74, posted

    sweet pussy...I want to lick it like that!!!

    sunshine67, posted

    You are the hottest girl on this site.....drop me a line sug!

    futtt, posted

    LOVE IT!!!

    spicything, posted

    Poor thing ignores the clit!! Why even bother!!

    brockf12, posted

    i really enjoyed that u are a very lucky lady to have a dog like that, well done on the video i wsh i was that doggie

    sherrylduke, posted

    i love this video !!

    whatnot21, posted

    Oh God yes! Spread that pussy wide open & let doggie get that big clit! Post more PLEEEEEZ!!

    littlemongeral, posted


    mefirst, posted

    luv it when puppy finds the hole and goes in

    blush1960, posted

    her pussy looked so clean... i love watching this... i know she was feeling so good. and wet..

    sexygirl209, posted

    Thats how my doggy and me spend a lpt of time Best way to relax Ive ever found

    jonniekay, posted


    roverover, posted


    layelle, posted

    Tasty looking pussy. I love having a log wet tongue in my pussy. I need to get another dog...

    s1zan, posted


    cambarus, posted


    maddiem897, posted

    wow amazing yes

    astrozier1, posted


    shintax, posted

    Love this video...very clear and looks like she's really enjoying it!!

    jackazz500, posted

    this is nice

    cluelessv1, posted

    good vedio, i wish instead dog to lick that nice pussy

    temmo205, posted

    i love this video. my dog licks me

    traceyturner, posted

    On this video i love every minute of it. I especially love when as the dog licks her, her pussy opens up after every stroke of her dog. Excellent video quality and especially that its longer then a minute in length. Thank you and please more of this.

    roverover, posted

    Wish she would have moaned more

    Doggylover27, posted

    Nice clip, volume would help immensely.

    jayko, posted

    i come every time

    rbrew17, posted

    yup reminds me of some nice times alone :)

    lovebbw4life, posted

    i love this video. my dog licks me after my husband has come inside me

    rbrew17, posted

    Really hot video. Camera is in a good position to see everything, and bright enough, too. You can tell the dog doesn't need anything to make him lick, he just loves it. But he does it so gently, you can tell these two are lovers, and that he licks her wet pussy often. She pets him and lets him know he's doing a good job, and it's nice when he stops for a bit so we get a good look at her well licked pussy lips, all puffy and wet. Then he's right back there, like anyone who loves wet pussy, licking and nuzzling her clit with his big pink tongue. This is a must see!

    elvalle, posted
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