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    All Fours


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    woman on all fours with white and brown dog being filmed by her boyfriend woman on all fours with white and brown dog being filmed by her boyfriend

    Uploaded by btwisted · Rating: 3.0 (623 votes) · 121977 views


    want that to be me some day

    dogiestylewoman, posted

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    joelovesbeasts, posted

    attractive and sexy lady. blowjobs are missing but ok

    rberger, posted

    I want next!!

    kountryqueen, posted

    Now this is how breeding should be between a woman and her lover ;p

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    I'd love to see this sexy bitch on a daily basis and make it a glorious 4some.

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    That hound with wonderful markings has the sexiest babe ever to ride.

    1billy4unow, posted

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    Beautful woman nude with her dog breeding her for all he's worth and cleaning her up afterwards =)

    mehoff, posted

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    cute girl, cute dog, nice action, not great qualty and no sound

    lickmykitten, posted

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    animalfucker23, posted

    amazing vid

    anubas69, posted

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    ray8110, posted

    action to slow seems dog not excited

    wallsvince, posted

    Nice to see a girl play with her best friend ^^ shame of the quality though.

    Dastardly-Dawg, posted

    it amazing to see the stuper dog don't know how do fuck the women and her husband want to see her get fucked by the dog.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Wanna Check this with my Dog...stay tuned

    strangemonster, posted

    superbe !! encore ...

    cool_zxcvbnm, posted

    very nice, I love dog cock

    tgirlwhore, posted

    Not bad. Should have had more close-up.

    tpzmoo52, posted

    joelin i live in va but we can skype in a few hours

    ibreakgates, posted

    any one close to sf ca? I can take quality video for you and your pet

    joelin, posted

    it is okay movie but would have like a few closeups of dog in her pussy and such to make sure he actually did mount her and get it in I think maybe he just mounted her and rubbed it on her pussy and sound would have been nice to see if she was feeling anything or not but was good movie as far as it went.........

    skinwalker, posted

    she should get her Ass lower -wink

    lilbeaver, posted

    flip over so we can see your ass better

    saramh22, posted

    Ein braves Frauchen!

    alter2, posted

    i want sumthn like this ttcandi@yahoo.com

    tlvedogie, posted

    not bad for what it is, thin girl no tit,big dog must weigh as much as her. sound would have been nice, but there was a lot of action.

    mcnesby, posted

    •Aluzky• Looks like the recording of a recording of a recording, that is probably why it has bad quality and no sound.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    worth watching could have been better.

    cyberx76, posted

    hot, but i would have liked a close up

    r1de, posted

    nice but unfortunatly no sound

    divatszeret22, posted

    sound wouldve been nice, hot bod tho.

    knotwizard, posted

    Looked like the dog was in her ass, which was fine with me!

    moose225, posted

    very nice

    anubas69, posted

    super movie

    nagyfarku, posted


    dontknow2, posted

    nice dog, nice woman just can't come together.

    fredpotts, posted

    Not bad. Better video quality and a better shot of the woman would have made a better movie.

    red-rider, posted

    This would be much better with sound & better camera angles

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    I agree, quit trying if you don't want it

    tinhorn63, posted

    nice looking woman and very sexy movie. Please get the sound fixed.

    kojak, posted

    waste of time watching this..any trained person would know to open your damn legs for the dog and quit distracting him........ give it up to him or quit making vids..jezzzzzzzzz..

    slipandslide, posted

    I wish i can have fun like that .

    sweetthing, posted

    great job mr. and ms. bic get some sound for us next time

    rmilner, posted


    thomanson, posted

    any welsh women wanna meet for fun

    doggy696969, posted

    Uh, I didn`t get any volume out of it.. you know my rules!!!

    jayko, posted

    I happen to know this woman and folks, let me tell you if ou dont like this then you dont like thesight of a very genuine and very experienced dog lover, with ratheIr a hot body, doing what comes naturally! Personally, I love it!

    dogsrgreat, posted

    Thank you ! Such a beautiful woman with her dog. Good boy !!! Not giving up getting some of her hot pussy boy!!!! He deserves a T bone for giving her his bone! LOL

    mehoff, posted

    this Mrs.bic and duke film by her hubby. stolen vid

    brian39, posted

    Hallo, erstmal sorry, bekomme mein Profil nicht hin, bin Girl, kein Mann. Also die beiden hier hatten ja saugeile Idee, aber glaube es klappte nicht so recht was sie vorhatten. Gibts echt so Paare oder Familien, die was mit Tieren machen??

    kidpussy, posted


    LADYJ71, posted

    annoying or not.. hot body that would get so much cock in it

    jay995, posted

    this woman is annoying because she distracts the dog

    spring1234, posted

    On the whole not a bad clip....the girl was very attractive and eager for her stud and once he got going the dog was into it as well. Would have liked a few more camera angles and and close up of him knotting her but I guess you cant have everything.Camera started getting a little jerky at the end but it really did not detract from the overall quality of the clip. Like an earlier reviewer stated sound would have been a huge plus. Would like to see more of this girl maybe some sucking and her taking his knot.

    strgzr1958, posted

    it's a little slow, starts out with a bit of licking then the dog attempts to mount, then more licking. if you like licking then this is the one for you but i like a bit more action. but the thing is she really puts a meaning to the word all fours lol love the clip it is nice for the licking would love to see more and would love to have more action in there. i give it a 7 out of ten for the licking and not much action...lots of tounge and not many close ups either. but room for some improvement but i still like it.

    troolol, posted

    Sehr tolles Video! Es hätte etwas länger sein können, aber es ist ausgeprochen anregend! Eine sehr attraktive, schlanke, blonde Frau, die offenbar Erfahrung im Umgang mit Tieren hat, lässt sich von einem Hund besteigen ... Und endlich mal wieder ein Clip, bei dem man auch das Gesicht der Frau erkennt. Wenn gleich der eigentliche Akt so gut wie nicht zu sehen ist, ist es ausnehmend erregend dem Schauspiel zu zusehen. Schade nur, dass die Qualität etwas zu wünschen lässt. Aber da es sich hierbei um ein typisches Amateurvideo handelt, sollte man keine Profiqualität erwarten und dass nachsehen. Insgesammt sehr sehenswert. Ich würde mir viel mehr dieser Sorte hier wünschen!

    apolli62, posted

    i would say it is defianantly worth watching. The girl looks hot and sexy and ready for it in the begining, the position she used was the best i think so nice position, it keeps you wanting to watching as you can see the sex clearly. The Dog licking was a real turn on, and the lady guided the dog to do the naughty deed really exciting, defiantly one of my favourite part of the movie . the movie could have been longer it would have been perfect but as i said still totally worth watching! thumbs up for this one! hope i find more like this!

    nawtypeg, posted

    This is one of the better dog on girl videos I have seen. It has an attractive girl, performing male, reasonable quality and duration. Don't be deceived by the reluctant stud, he does mount her eventually. Like most dogs, he just needs a little warming up. He slips his tongue between her cheeks and laps at her wet pussy and asshole. The girl is obviously eager and she waves her ass back and forth trying to get him on top of her. Penetration is normally rare, but this time he eventually gets on top and pounds it in to her fast and hard, before blowing his doggy load inside her. Only down side is the quality and the absence of sound.

    nathanbuttsex, posted
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