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    Beautiful Woman And Horse


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    This is the first clip from a series of very rare clips. A horse try to fuck a beautiful woman from behind. In other videos the horse penetrate the woman. (I'm searching for video with pregnant women and animals, please help me.)

    Uploaded by beastonpregnant · Rating: 3.4 (294 votes) · 87744 views


    beautifully sexy hot;))

    CherriesD, posted

    This came from the original movie called Horsecore. Wonderful movie but no one can seem to find it in its entirety. This one at least had 10 more second than the original one I saw a long time ago. The entire movie has to be wonderful because the 2 minutes worth I saw was magnificent! Where did you find this section of the movie?

    ChicagoGirth, posted

    God i want that stallion cock in my male ass so bad!!!!

    horselover192, posted

    If he had entered her and it had volume, it would be good.

    jayko, posted

    pls add my skype name to you and lets talk!! i wait you pls be good girl! my skype name flowerd3

    rfcedx, posted

    want to see more...love that

    beastlover2222, posted

    my god that is the hottest shit ever wish it was my wife under that horse

    jamieboxer, posted

    want to see more

    kindle2730, posted

    inka 23lata moj emil tropikana210@wp.pl poznam mem z duzymi do gangbang hardcor

    inka23suczka, posted

    needed to be longer vid. would have loved to see it go in. too hot!!

    cyberx76, posted

    wish it went in

    ddawg99, posted

    I can imagine how that felt! That long hard horse dick inside her. IM SO WET!

    l2ockin, posted

    i love videos that have the horse actually mounting the woman

    jamesandjames2, posted

    lov seeing it beside her ass

    beastsexbill, posted

    shame it wasn't longer bet she loves that Horse 8 days ago PinkNinja wrote:

    dfpjs137, posted

    mmmmm,that made me sooooo wet,i want to try it

    SussieQT, posted

    Good vid wish it woulda been longer!

    banks5468, posted

    shame it wasn't longer bet she loves that Horse

    frankhotman, posted

    @Botswanaman The name SICK is too nice for them.

    PinkNinja, posted

    @botswanaman: and why are you on this webside???

    Dragonlove666, posted

    you guys are sick

    botswanaman, posted

    Nice to see her take it. My friend has 2 dogs and a pony she has fun with. I enjoy the dogs sometimes . I,m building up for her pony. Her husband and my boyfriend doesn,t know about our get together. I get wet just thinking about it.

    kojak, posted

    Wow.. very hot wish we could have seen full penetration though. Would love to try something like that.

    subgirl2use, posted

    Rare find. It kinda sucks since he having "trouble" LOL

    GiggityAlright, posted


    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    what a vid would have loved to see it go in and the realese after cumming, excellent,, I can wait with todays technology why vids are so dark and fuzzy.. Great job

    4lgdlvr, posted

    i would love to see u take that would make me come so much

    mrnice1978, posted

    is she teasing

    at0zee, posted

    I want this so bad!! im so wet i can barely stand it, please somebody message me im dying to talk with someone about this, my AIM is kaillen

    Kaillen, posted

    Good boy sink your meat missile in her pussy and give her what she needs boy!!!

    mehoff, posted

    its very intresting to wach this movie a horse having sex with woman and endure it and having pleasure, wow

    ashsanly, posted

    can't see she was fucked by the horse it stop at 00.09 sec.

    jokersam, posted

    SOOOO hot! Never fails to put me over the edge.

    ponyslave, posted

    arkadan güzel oluyo

    dell177, posted

    Would have loved to have seen penetration and pussy dripping with horse spunk never the less still turns me on to see a horse cock rubbing against a pussy.

    rambocash, posted

    Wow that was hardcore

    drakelator, posted

    My wife has been getting fucked by a miniature pony! His cock is about 10 inches long and he his a big flare on the head. Drives her crazy! She can take the whole thing, and loves all of the horse sperm that he pumps into her pussy! Very hot to watch!!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    nice short clip...

    simonfoxuk, posted


    Rain20, posted

    No penetration, but great anyway!

    DanishMale, posted

    ciao noi coppia con lei amante genere animal....gianni.doc@libero.it

    gianniemonica, posted

    really beautyfullll, shame that horsecore inst complete on the web :(

    maldiciao, posted

    This was great, just like it should be. Just wish it was a little longer.

    jardypop, posted

    iiiujhhhhhhhh lkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj piouyhiuyh ilghjgljkl lgljkhgjhgjhg fghfg hfg hfg hf gh fg hfghfghfgh fghfg hfg hfghfghfgh ghf gh fgh f gh fgh fg h fgh fg hf gh fg h gh fg h fgh fg hf gh fgh fgh fg hgh g esfd tg h d fg jd yhjndt yh d fgh d fghhhhhhhhhhhhhhdfgh dfghdfgh d fg h dfg h fgh dfg h fgh dfgh dfgh dfgh fg hfd gh dfgh df fg fg hdfg hf gh fgh fg hg hg hg hg h r t yu 6h y h 56y e5 6y r tg er th ty ey e rty et yh erty u ertyh

    johnnyplm, posted

    that was a really nice movie i love how she strokes his cock i just wish there was penatration then this movie would have been perfect the big cock fucking her pussy and then busting a nice load inside of her and if there was sound this would be nice i want to hear her moan so bad...the horse is so ready to fuck her like crazy and i just cant get over how long that horses cock was and it looks hard as a rock i want alot more videos like this only with penatration and cum but anyway this was one of the better videos ive watched and i hope that i could possibly see more in the near future

    crypticalCorn, posted

    This was an excellent clip. The woman has a nice ass and is quite good at guiding the horse back inside of her. Both parties were clearly enthusiastically participating in the activities. Love the way she rubs his giant horse cock. And the horse gave quite a performance as well! Really got into it (and who wouldn’t, with a beautiful woman like that?) and had quite the impressive cock he was working with. He gave her a great deep dicking. The only way this clip could have been better is if it had sound or if we had seen a cum shot!

    nygirlie1, posted

    A very good movie indeed. Would like for it to have been longer as well as better lighting. We could see what was going on, but it was a bit dark. Also could have moved a bit to get a slightly different angle as the horse was trying to get inside of her. Sound could have been better, we could hear some of what was being said, but if we could hear her encouraging the horse, or more. Also would have been really hot to hear if the horse was making any sounds as well. Some of them do and some don't.

    Dunchan69, posted
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